ONE VOICE PRAYER CALL—TUESDAY NOON! 12pm ET. Praying for State of the Union Address as well as revival in America. Information below! 

CALL WEDNESDAY—9PM ET! Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

REVIVAL GLORY! 2-22 to 2-23, 2020, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. More information coming. Save the Date!

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STATE OF THE UNION 2020. President Trump will give perhaps the most important speech of his life this Tuesday evening—before a divided Congress expected to acquit him from impeachment the very next day. 

It’s not a coincidence that thousands of intercessors from across the nation, empowered with 2020 vision, are connecting together just beforehand to pray. Please join us at noon Tuesday, February 4 for our scheduled monthly One Voice Prayer Movement conference call, hosted by Paula White. Key leaders will be with us to share and pray. 

Pray for President Trump at State of the Union
Most importantly we will engage Heaven together, this time with a significant focus on prayer for President Trump and the State of the Union Address. Lets pray for President Trump and his writers to capture the heart of God and the essence of the American spirit to embrace this new era for our nation. Pray for strength, poise, and anointing for President Trump. Pray for the safety of all attending. Pray for the Secret Service and the Capitol Hill Police, tasked with ensuring this safety. 

And pray for expedited acquittal for President Trump the following day. Please also plan now to join our Lamplighter call Wednesday evening!

Pray for National Revival—It is Time!
Another significant prayer focus is the release of revival in our nation. Even last night’s Super Bowl game bears witness that IT IS NOW TIME! It is extraordinary that renown Kansas City prophet Bob Jones prophesied in 1983 that when the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl it will be a sign from the Lord that revival is now at hand. Bob graduated to eternity in 2014 without ever seeing the KC win, or the revival he prophesied. 

But on 02-02-20, after being defrauded the year before by a referee call, the Kansas City Chiefs won. In a game that literally mirrored the against-all-odds turnaround which has become a uniting characteristic for victories in this hour. 

Lamplighter family—don’t forget the substance of this revival. When Bob prophesied this Super Bowl victory by the  Kansas City Chiefs in 1983, he also prophesied to Mike Bickle, then 27, to start a 24-7 prayer movement in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David to forerun this revival in prayer. 

And he prophesied defining characteristics of this revival. That it would combine the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts in what we have come to call God’s freedom movement!

Beloved it is no coincidence we crossed the threshold into 2020 in literal revival during our Revolution gathering at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. Lets thank God that revival in government and revival in the nation are simultaneous as the governmental glory of God moves through the gates of our nation. The Glory Train is here! Thrones are shaking as God unveils His unshakeable Throne. Jesus is watching over His covenant people to revive us! 

And as I write, the sound of a train horn is reverberating through Pentagon City. Can’t make this up…

Please mobilize your friends to join the call as well. And plan to join the call early as the call lines are limited to only five thousand. Joining by webcast is fantastic now that we have updated equipment. And it is unlimited. Instructions are below:

Call Instructions—One Voice Prayer Movement
Tuesday February 4, 12:00pm ET 

1. Dial 712-775-7430, with no code necessary. 

2. If first line is full dial 712-775-7431 enter code 2452#

3. High quality webcasting is now available. To join the call via webcast: visit the One Voice Prayer Movement website and follow the instructions.

4. To receive regular prayer alerts for the White House via email, sign up at

About One Voice Prayer Movement (OVPM)
Perhaps because of the urgency we all sense, for the first time ever prayer networks across the nation are collaborating together for One Voice. We are believing God for a massive prayer army to emerge, strengthened by our diversity, resounding together His victory, and securing our nation’s future!

You are a vital part of this team. Please join us Tuesday. Invite your friends. Together lets make history!

The One Voice Prayer Movement Team

Paula White-Cain, Pastor to President Trump
Todd Lamphere, Chief of Staff, Paula White
Dave Kubal, Director, Intercessors for America
Jon & Jolene Hamill, Directors, Lamplighter Ministries