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SPIRIT OF ELIJAH PROJECT—Purim to Passover 2023. Lets focus on Jesus and receive communion daily. Lets contend for God’s covenant promise to be fully released!

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A MIDNIGHT HOUR REVIVAL, with a release of the Spirit of Elijah nationally, is at hand. We’ve been praying into this reality intensely since December 2022 in Israel. On December 9th, one day before our corporate prophetic action picking up the “mantle of Elijah” by the Jordan River, Jolene saw a vision of a grandfather clock at precisely 10 minutes to midnight. The fact that the Lord gave her this vision at Tel Megiddo or Armageddon added tremendous weight to the vision.

Holy Spirit is so deliberate in His direction! He is painting a clear picture for us all. The midnight hour is the backdrop for the release of the Spirit of Elijah. A midnight hour revival. As you will read below, Cindy Jacobs gave an extraordinary prophetic word on a recent Turnaround Tuesday broadcast about exactly this. Such good news! 

Spirit of Elijah Project—Purim to Passover
Note that Jolene and I, along with Ed Watts, James Nesbit and Jamie fitt, are leading a “Spirit of Elijah Tour” next month in Israel. We begin just a few days after Passover. Please pray. We believe it will be a demarcation point for this new movement. 

And with this I felt tonight to begin a “Spirit of Elijah Project” from Purim through Passover. Lets press in to Jesus. Lets focus on the promise of God to restore hearts to Him, and to each other (Malachi 4:6). Lets declare the word of the Lord given by Cindy that the release of the Spirit of Elijah marks the next phase of revival in the land. 

And through the end of Passover on April 13, lets come daily to the Table of the Lord for communion. The Lord might put more on your hearts as well—fasting and extended intercession, etc—but communion and prayer is the core call I am asking each of you to give yourselves to on a daily basis. 

Midnight Hour Revival
That said, I actually received the phrase “Midnight Hour Revival” from the Lord a few weeks ago in California, while preparing for a special Turnaround Tuesday broadcast with Mike and Cindy Jacobs. Not long afterwards we had the privilege of watching the “Jesus Revolution” movie with Mike and Cindy. It was a blast. I kept thinking, “who gets to do this!!!”

Before our broadcast we did not plan or even talk about the content, simply because we wanted the true, unbiased word of the Lord to come forth from Mike and Cindy. And I knew that even if our amazing guests went an entirely different direction, I could at least release the word at the beginning. Which I often do.

But to my surprise, an incredible prophetic word about the Spirit of Elijah was exactly what Cindy brought forth. The content is such good news! Thank you Dava Santos for transcribing 🙂 Below is a core portion for you to review now and throughout the project. May the content genuinely frame our future together, and the future of Israel and America!

Release of the Spirit of Elijah—Cindy Jacobs Prophecy
Turnaround Tuesday

I’m sensing that this Spirit of Elijah that is getting released into this whole revival movement that we have right now which of course would be incredible miracles, signs and wonders, the power of God getting released, is what’s getting ready to happen through this network and through what you all have been doing. Adam and Chris and others who have been on the streaming for Turnaround Tuesday. 

Let me prophesy…And the Lord says, “Do I not need the Spirit of Elijah to bring everything to a new level says the Lord? Do I not need to begin to release incredible miracles and haven’t I promised for a long time that there would come a season where there would be outstanding creative miracles?” And the Lord would say, “I am getting ready to release mantles all across the United States and the world,” says the Lord. And some of you have said “How long, oh Lord? It seems we have prayed for miracles. We have seen a little bit of miracles but we have not seen what we feel You have promised us even in the Word”. The Lord says, “Get ready, get ready. Get ready to ride and get ready and know that I am indeed pouring out My Spirit.” Even as this revival broke out in Kentucky at Asbury, the Lord says, “So you’re going to see phase 2,” says the Lord. “You’re going to see the Spirit of Elijah coming where I am getting ready to release upon regions, incredible miracles…such miracles that it’s even going to get the media’s attention.”

Even like the move of God we saw at Asbury. Now Texas A&M is getting hit. I was up at Bethel in Redding and it’s getting to Pasadena like it did in the 90’s and we are seeing the Holy Spirit breakout. But the Lord says, “Now is the time for the next phase where I am going to show My glory. I’m going to reveal My glory says the Lord and there are My glorious ones who have given messages about glory that are getting ready to manifest this. There are those who have been waiting on the sidelines. There are those who have been believing for this for what you haven’t seen.” But the Lord says, “Now you’re going to see what you have believed for.” Amen.

Cindy continues…We are going to see the marriage of the two sides of coin of the signs of the great commandment. The Matthew 28 with Mark 16. And so what we’ve seen in the past is we’ve seen the Mark 16 with Aimee Semple McPherson and all of these great revivalists. We’ve seen that happen but we’ve never had it married with the Great Commandment. So,We’ve been winning souls, but we are now going to win Nations,” says the Lord. There is a marrying of Revival and Reformation that’s going to bring the Awakening. But the Lord says, Awaken to what. Awaken to the restoration of all things. Awaken to nation changing. So, the Lord says, “I am raising up Nation changers in your midst. I am raising up those who are going to shoot into society. And the Lord says I’m going to shoot them with such power. They are going to be unashamed believers. They are going to be unashamedly miracles workers. They are going to move in such power and such might. “For I’m releasing,” says the Lord, the spirit of power and might. You are going to see what I can do when I marry power and might together in a generation,” says the Lord. 

And the Lord says, “The power and might is going to be so extraordinary governmentally. It’s going to be so extraordinary and it’s not going to be isolated to a movement. It’s going to move across the Nation and the Nations,” says the Lord!