PRAYER CALL TODAY, NOVEMBER 24! 2:00-2:30 pm EST onsite at Ft. Matanzas with Jon & Jolene, with Sara Ballenger of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners joining from Washington DC. Conference call number: 530-881-1400 access code 903-586. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Lamplighter family,
We seem to specialize in last-minute opportunities. Today we will be onsite at Ft. Matanzas, Florida, driving in the final tent peg for this Bridal Canopy. Many of you know this is where the Huguenots were martyred. Their leader Jean Ribault died chanting Psalm 132, begging God that this land be a dwelling place for His glory.

No covenant by our founders more clearly or passionately conveys this desire for God to tabernacle with us. It is literally the covenant cry of the Bridal Canopy–of the Tabernacle of David. Psalm 132 shares David’s heart and covenant to build the Tabernacle of David–a dwelling place for the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, God’s chosen capital for Israel and ultimately the nations. Just like God is remembering the cry of David, He is remembering the sacrificial cry of the Huguenots and saints through the ages for this land to be crowned by His glory.

It is only fitting, by the orchestrations of God, that the final tent peg of this Bridal Canopy be here in Ft. Matanzas. And Lamplighter Family, you have not only helped us carry out this sacred charge, you have embraced it as your own. It is our honor to invite you to join us for this special event. Lets complete the charge, and peg in this Bridal Canopy!