Prayer Project Sept. 25-Oct. 5

TURNAROUND DECREES! With two prophetic chapters focused on storms past and future. To order CLICK HERE.



TUESDAY 7PM OCT. 4 SPECIAL HOME GROUP as Yom Kippur officially begins.

Prayer Service, Gettysburg Address Monument, Gettysburg PA

Prayer Service, Fort McHenry, Baltimore MD

Woodlawn Christian Fellowship with Pastor Michelle Perrera, Robert & Annette Stagmer. All welcome. Meeting will be live streamed. Woodlawn Christian Fellowship, 6426 Kriel Street, Gwynn Oak MD. 

DEAR FRIENDS,YOM KIPPUR 2022 IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT IN YEARS. You are being summoned to keep watch like Gideon’s army. Even as you drink in the blessing of the season, keep your spirit alert and your eyes on the horizon to mitigate challenges. 

As with you, we are engaging in Teshuvah and seeking the Lord for a better verdict than our actions alone deserve. For us personally and especially for our nation. I am asking that two “forerunner pathways” for this new era be sealed in the Most High’s book of life. A new birth of freedom, and the preservation of America’s sovereignty under God.

That said, if you are in the area please join us Wednesday October 5 in Gettysburg and Fort McHenry as we present to the Lord our united pleas. Details are above. No King but Jesus!

Jolene and I are grateful for all who are praying and assisting with relief for Florida’s recovery after Hurricane Ian’s devastating landfall. Probably like you, we spent much of yesterday watching video reports and praying. Remember one of the disciplines of Teshuvah in the Days of Awe is giving. Jolene and I encourage you to make a generous donation towards Florida’s recovery.

As horrific as the landfall was, the loss of life and property would have been exponentially greater if Ian had followed its original trajectory and struck Tampa/St. Pete. Metro Tampa alone is home to 3.2 million people, approximately three times the population of southwest Florida. The storm’s original trajectory would have also devastated one of America’s most strategic military bases, the US Central Command or CENTCOM.

CHARLESTON SC IS THE ONLY PLACE on our tour where I felt to directly declare that a hurricane would not make a direct hit. The word caught fire, and gathered intercessors spent a good 10 minutes declaring and praying. It was therefore terrifying to see Ian re-form as a hurricane, with a projected path that would hit Charleston directly. 

That said, I’ve been texting this morning with Charleston, SC leader Judy Jackson. Cooler air has now shifted Hurricane Ian northward. There is now NO THREAT of a storm surge against the historic Southern city. We need to pray immediately for Myrtle Beach, as well as both North and South Carolina. 

Prophetic Warning—The Shofar is Sounding
As you know, Jolene and I received a strong warning from the Lord about coming storms. In mid-August I heard the Lord say, “Storms are coming. The storms cannot be averted but can be turned, to ‘blow America’ in the right direction.” We were compelled to engage in a “Turn the Storm Tour” state to state from Jacksonville FL to New Hampshire, then Boston, NYC and Philadelphia to trumpet this warning. 

As we wrote Wednesday, we believe Hurricane Ian is the primary physical storm the Lord was warning about. We believe the storm  is also an initial confirmation of the broader warning the Lord has called us to clearly convey at this time. Four categories of storms were identified—natural storms such as Hurricane Ian, a crisis involving tainted fentanyl, a potential surprise terrorist and/or military strike, and a potential storm over the upcoming 2022 elections. 

It is no coincidence that TODAY Russian president Vladimir Putin officially declared the annexation of major portions of the Ukraine. It has been described as the largest “land grab” since World War II. And he has re-iterated nuclear threats against all seeking to defend the land Russia is claiming.  

Prophetically, it’s no coincidence that Ian formed into a hurricane on Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year also marks the Feast of Trumpets. The trumpet has been very clearly sounding its dire warning. MORE STORMS ARE AHEAD. 

To me prophetically, Hurricane Ian is a prototype of challenges ahead. By no means will we fully avert coming challenges. But Ian has taught us that the storms can dissipate, and they can turn. 

With this at heart, as we move towards Yom Kippur, lets continue to pray for the states being affected by Hurricane Ian. Lets keep vigilance. NO KING BUT JESUS…