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Three weeks ago, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational company of 110 made a journey from Rome to Jerusalem. Thank you all for covering us so diligently Each participant was given unique assignments from the Lord, but all of us together carried an overarching covenant dream. We lit our lamps and went out to meet the Bridegroom. And we saw His lampstand restored in Zion, over Tabernacles.

It is my belief that our nation and world shifted as a result. 

Please join us tonight as we begin to share this extraordinary journey which brought together such a diverse group in a united cause. I want to take just a little time to begin this exploration right now. Below are four small stories out of hundreds which could be told. Over the next week or so we hope to share more.

Restoring the Lampstand of God’s Covenant
First, some background. A year ago, Jolene and I joined James Nesbit, Ed Watts and Jamie Fitt for a journey retracing the steps of King David as he restored the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. We felt that the Lord was bringing a new move of restoration according to His covenant in both Jerusalem and America. 

Nine months later, it was extraordinary to see President Trump defy the strongholds of global diplomacy and honor Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

This year our team felt to stand together for God’s lampstand to be restored from Rome to Jerusalem. Most of you know that during the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the Temple menorah was taken by the Romans as plunder. Hundreds of thousands of Jewish people were slaughtered. Tens of thousands were enslaved. The Temple was destroyed. 

And as the Arch of Titus commemorates, the menorah lit by Judah Maccabee was taken captive. Standing at this Arch a year ago, the Lord spoke to me that He is now restoring His lampstand from Rome to Jerusalem. What this ultimately means remains to be fully seen. But our charge was clear—to light our lamps and go out to meet Him on a journey which would bear witness to His covenant restoration.


By God’s grace, we carried the lampstand from the Arch of Titus to the Western Wall. Up to the very last moment it looked like we would not be able to access the amazing overlook at Aish HaTorah, as the yeshiva was closed for the holiday. But a man named Yehuda, son of the founder of Aish, opened the door and welcomed us. We as a company of 110 presented the menorah to HaShem, bearing witness to the restoration of His lampstand on Zion’s hill. We then entrusted the lampstand, representing the menorah lit by Yehuda Maccabee to reconsecrate the Temple to HaShem, to this pioneer named Yehuda. 

Lampstand restored from Rome to Jerusalem. 

Kavanaugh & Abortion—Travail, Verdict, Earthquake
The Lord showed us His desire to disengage His lampstand from the roots of Roman paganism, and to reconnect His menorah with the covenant roots of our faith. This focus took many forms. Including a “Capitol Turnaround Project” to sever the ungodly roots between Rome and Washington DC, all 50 states, and many nations. 

By timing only God Himself can grant, this project was carried out in Rome on the very day the Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began. We all knew the unprecedented resistance wasn’t over Kavanaugh as much as it was over the continuance of abortion in our land. It was literally as though we were in travail for this from the moment our tour began. Relentlessly seeking judgement in favor of the saints against the forces determined to perpetuate abortion in America and globally. 

Not coincidentally, Capitoline Hill in ancient Rome was built upon an altar to Saturn, a demonic principality who demanded child sacrifice or abortion as part of worship. It is hard to imagine the implications of this. So let me say it another way. Rome, the prototype of governmental capitols across America and the globe, was founded by invoking demonic powers to rule on its thrones through the unjust bloodshed of abortion. 

A vav pegged God’s verdict into the very soil of Capitoline Hill. Covenant with death and hell annulled. Judgement rendered in favor of the saints! 

Interestingly, the day afterwards the reverberations were tangibly felt. An earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale actually rocked southern Italy. Isaiah 4:4 comes to mind. 

When the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and purged the bloodshed of Jerusalem from her midst by the spirit of burning and a spirit of judgement; then the Lord will create over the whole area of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke; and the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a (bridal) canopy” (Isaiah 4:4-5). 

A week later we found ourselves by Naboth’s Vineyard in Jezreel, Israel. Archeologists at Tel Jezreel have actually unearthed both Jezebel’s palace and a nearby winepress. This was where Queen Jezebel was thrown down in response to Elijah’s decree. The Lord had summoned us there to receive His verdict against Jezebel in this hour, over the unrelenting accusations tied to both occult targeting and fake news. 

You guys remember… God forbid that we should give Jezebel the inheritance of our forefathers!

What an honor to share there on Naboth and the vineyard of prophetic destiny! We then entered into high praise as only PTOD can bring. All of the sudden, Ed Watts saw the gavel come down from Heaven. I almost burst. With the verdict on my mobile phone, I decreed in Jezreel the very verdict you all were praying through at home. Loud as we were, you probably heard us from home!

Amazingly, just hours after we prayed onsite, the Senate voted Kavanaugh into office. Can’t make this stuff up. 

Best Wine for Last
In the midst of this procession, we were ultimately asked by the Lord to bear witness to a movement which defines the return of Messiah to the earth. To be enthroned on the Temple Mount we were overlooking when we presented the lampstand, and establish His rulership there after a spiritual revolution in which an antichrist spirit holding the nations captive is fully overcome. 

And the same midnight cry which signals this revolution is also a summons to a wedding. Most of you know that our book “Midnight Cry” is focused on the overarching precepts of this journey. The virgins awaken in the midnight hour, light their lamps, and go out to meet the Bridegroom. The voice of the Lord is being released in this hour to awaken His bride once again, igniting our hearts with fresh passion for Jesus and provision for the journey ahead. We are going to meet the Bridegroom. Ultimately in a destination wedding in Jerusalem, Israel, under His bridal canopy! 

It was amazing how our movement experienced this. Journeying together in a disengagement from Roman paganism on Capitoline Hill. Making the journey from the Titus Arch to the Western Wall. Seeking God’s own hand in marriage in Zion. And then even experiencing a “wedding reception” on the Mount of Blessing—complete with band, bridal canopy, and the best wine saved for last! Jamie Fitt, James Nesbit and the PTOD team did a phenomenal job throughout. But that night was over the moon. 

And the best wine was indeed saved for last—not just in theory, but in truth. The ministry HaYovel, located on the Mount of Blessing, has dedicated itself to harvesting the grapes of area vineyards to make wines that are winning all kinds of national and international awards. The hills were once alive with vineyards. Then for thousands of years barrenness took over. The replanting of these vineyards, the harvesting of grapes to make wines of international fame, is all part of God’s prophetic fulfillment. 

Best wine for last.

And spontaneously, by orchestration of the Lord alone, a line dance formed which brought everyone under His bridal canopy. 

“In that day I will raise up the fallen tabernacle of David… Also I will restore the captivity of My people Israel, and they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them; they will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, and make gardens and eat their fruit. I will also plant them on their land, and they will not again be rooted out from their land which I have given them,” says the Lord your God” (Amos 9:11, 14-15).

The Midnight Cry
Remember, the midnight cry is a summons to a wedding. Let me close with a story which will sum all this up. Our friend Rania Sayyed came from Nazareth to Jerusalem to address our group at Rick and Patricia Ridings’ prayer center Succat Hallel. Rania is the director of an incredible house of prayer in Nazareth, welcoming 24-7 the same Holy Spirit Presence which overshadowed Miriam or Mary in her hometown two thousand years ago. 

Rania came with a message to us. Five years beforehand, she had experienced a visitation from the Lord. He spoke to her in 2013 that 2018 would be the year of the Midnight Cry. His language to her precisely. She later saw her self making a journey to Jerusalem as the final speaker at a conference. And she was told to shout “Wake up!” To awaken Israel and ultimately the Bride. 

Like her predecessor Miriam, Rania made a journey from Nazareth to deliver what the Lord had seeded into her spirit. The words she brought entered the entire room into travail. It’s hard to put it into words. All I can say is that a movement was birthed that night, which will in due season change the face of the world. 

A midnight cry. Behold the Bridegroom. He’s coming. Rise up to meet Him!

Lamplighter family, thank you again for running with us in this amazing journey. You prayed for us, covered us, and sowed into the miracles we were privileged to see birthed before our eyes. Please know that this baby is His, and in Him it is yours as well. We truly made this journey together. NO KING BUT JESUS!