SPECIAL PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! MATT LOCKETT JOINS. Sunday eve, 9pm EST. Pivotal moment for Pres. Trump, for America, for LIFE. Lamplighter family, I also feel to present the revised Divorce Decree from Baal corporately with you tonight—from Washington to Washington! Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.


ESTHER FAST BEGINS TONIGHT! Sundown Sunday through sundown Monday, then sundown Thursday through sundown Friday. Joining a global community praying for Rick and Patricia Ridings’ daughter Esther, who is overcoming in a tremendous fight against cancer. LIFE! We will also be fasting and praying for the window of LIFE in America to fully open as President Trump makes his Supreme Court pick tomorrow. 

With Jon & Jolene Hamill and Martin & Cindy Frankena
Foxchase Golf Course Banquet Hall, 300 Stevens Road, Stevens (Lancaster) PA.
Registration: $65 (including $15 catered lunch on Saturday)
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FIRST—PLEASE NOTE a special Lamplighter call tonight at 9pm EST. Just heard that Matt Lockett of JHOP DC will join for a portion of the call!

Tomorrow President Trump is announcing his pivotal choice for the next Supreme Court Justice. Tonight we would like to pray for our President, as well as present to the Lord corporately the upgraded Divorce Decree from Baal as the Lamplighter family. Join us as we contend to see God’s window of LIFE fully open! 

Thank you all for the incredible feedback we’re received on the upgraded Divorce Decree from Baal. So many of you expressed an immediate witness. And you grasped the weight of importance from God’s heart on the emphasis of embracing LIFE.

Minnesota intercessor Lori Perz really encouraged us: “The depth and scope of this post and decree (Father God’s heart!) is so vast. Entirely foundational. So hopeful! Thank you, Jon, once again for prophetically scribing. THANK YOU YESHUA!” 

The upgraded Divorce Decree was spontaneously prayed at many places across the nation yesterday, from the great nation of Texas and from Washington to Washington. A few even prayed at abortion clinics. We are so grateful as we move towards Monday, when President Trump announces one of the most pivotal decisions of his presidency. His choice for the Supreme Court seat. Please keep the press in prayer!

Full Circle Nashville
Amazingly, the Decree was also prayed through onsite in Nashville TN—on the 11th anniversary of the Call Nashville, when the move to divorce Baal was introduced by Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, and James Goll.

Kim Driver, a dear friend from Nashville who leads HAPN statewide and regionally, texted us: “Powerful presence while reading your post, heavy conviction-direction to FINISH this assignment.” 

We soon discovered she led a team of high level intercessors onsite yesterday at the Tennessee Statehouse in Nashville, to present the Lord with this revised verdict! 

Kim wrote, “We decreed Divorce from Baal revised with 3 generations. Supreme Court Turnaround, Roe v Wade. Each child decreed and used the gavel. Praise God!!!! Judgement in favor of the saints.” 

Again this was on the 11th anniversary of the Call, the 7th anniversary of our covenant restoration, and even the 222nd anniversary of Tennessee Statehood! Amazing. Could God be any more clear that He’s granting this Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict right now.

In a full circle moment, Kim and the prayer team then took a WEDDING BAND and buried it on the grounds. Declaring the sevening of Tennessee fully to Jesus Christ! And declaring that the circle of God’s covenant trumps, triumphs over, and prevails against the circle of Baal.

An historic, full circle moment for Nashville. Thank you Kim. You cannot make this up.

I thank God for each of you who possess eyes to see and a heart to stand for turnaround at this incredible precipice of history. A limited window has opened for LIFE, just as the Lord promised for 2018. L’Chaim!

Esther Fast—A Global Cry for LIFE
Jolene and I are of the conviction this window of LIFE is far greater than we understand. For months now Jolene and I have been praying for our dear friends Rick and Patti Ridings and especially their daughter Esther, who is receiving treatment for cancer. While at Succat Hallel over the 70th anniversary, the Lord spoke to me about prayer covering from Acts 12. I was honored to minister, sharing on how night and day prayer was made by the saints until apostolic breakthrough was manifested on earth as in heaven. 

I’m sure many others received the same word for them as well during this time. Then an amazing thing happened. 24-7 prayer has taken on a whole new meaning as a small prayer chain spontaneously turned into a global, unceasing, night and day cry for Esther’s life! 

We have already seen two dramatic breakthroughs where her life seemed to hang in the balance, only to make a dramatic TURNAROUND. 

Today Rick shared on a word he received from friends to ask for a few days of global fasting as well. From sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow and sundown April 12 through sundown April 13, a GLOBAL ESTHER FAST is being mobilized. We invite you to join in!

I’m not going to say much on this. But clearly it’s not a coincidence that this global fast is being called tonight, just as we have reached an unprecedented pivot point for LIFE in our land. 

So lets join together tonight for a special Lamplighter call. And lets join a global community of high-level intercessors and leaders. A MIDNIGHT CRY FOR LIFE is now globally at hand.

No King but Jesus…