ISRAEL ELECTION PRAYER CALL! 9pm Sunday evening. Elections are Tuesday April 9. Lets cover tomorrow with a special call. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

CALL REPLAY—LAUNCHING THRESHOLDS OF GLORY PRAYER PROJECT! Such a powerful call last Wednesday night. Conference replay number: (641) 715-3598 access code 552-690.

BORDER CRISIS CALL NEXT WEDNESDAY! Jon will be in El Paso for special meetings and border tour. Hosting call from border. Lets press in for border turnaround amidst the unfolding crisis.

JERUSALEM PRAYER BREAKFAST! April 11-12, San Antonio TX with Knesset members, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, Negiel Bigpond, Lance Wallnau, many more. Don’t miss this legacy moment for America! Info and registration

Welcome to the threshold month of Nisan—a month which hosts Passover, and also Israel’s contentious elections. Not a coincidence tradition holds this is the month when the kings go to war! This morning I strongly sensed we needed to launch into Nisan with a special prayer call focused on Israel’s elections. It is so important for Israel to receive our support in prayer, from Washington to Washington.

Border Turnaround
So lets connect tomorrow night. Also please make plans to join us this coming Friday at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in San Antonio! It promises to be incredible. Note that next Wednesday’s call will be hosted from El Paso, the city at the epicenter of a border crisis described by DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen as a “category 5 disaster.” As mentioned before, I do feel President Trump’s honoring of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights has opened a window for turnaround. Come on threshold watchmen. Time to pray!

DC Protection
I also want to open up to you about a sudden, subjective sense of foreboding Jolene and I both sensed over Washington DC this Thursday and Friday. Jolene told me it felt like the calm before a storm—similar to what she felt here on the morning of September 11, 2001. Note that she almost never references her own 9-11 experience. So I really took notice.

My own impression was a warning of some kind of foreign attack by people who hate Israel and America. Thursday night I couldn’t sleep. So I mentioned our sense of foreboding to a few friends for prayer. It did not subside. In fact, Jolene woke up Friday with this same sense intensified. Other friends in government reported similar, intense feelings of anxiety over these same two days. Neither would describe themselves as inherently prophetic. Something is going on, and the Lord is alerting many to it. 

This morning I put on my watch, only to discover it was 9:11 am! Might not be a big deal. Except that Jolene’s comments were still at the forefront of my mind and heart. Not to mention that this watch was given to me as we entered the new year with the mandate to KEEP WATCH. 

When I settled in to pray, the Spirit of God spoke clearly to me to host a call tomorrow night. So lets connect and pray—for Israel’s elections, DC protection, and border turnaround.

Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene