Turnaround Tuesday Tomorrow!

Gideon Reclamation Project Jan. 1-21

TURNAROUND TUESDAY TOMORROW! Please pray for your sons and daughters. HAPN leader, family counselor and author Joy Chickinowski joins, along with Chris Mitchell Jr, Adam Schindler, Jon & Jolene. Broadcast 1pm at Turnaroundtuesday.com, YouTube, and Facebook.

AUDIO MP3—RECLAIMING THE SPEAKERSHIP! Spontaneous release of revelation and breakthrough during Wednesday night prayer call. The gavel fell!  Link:https://fccdl.in/n7luxF1S0B

THE BATTLE WAS WON IN THE 15TH ROUND. Narrowly avoiding a late-night brawl on January 6, and finally securing enough votes amidst 222 deeply divided Republicans, Kevin McCarthy was sworn in early Saturday morning as the 55th Speaker of the House of Representatives. In a moment we’re going to share a WILD backstory. So grateful for your prayers!

But first—our combined ministries congratulate Kevin McCarthy on gaining the Speakership. And we commit to keeping Speaker McCarthy and the House of Representatives continually before God’s Throne towards the daunting pursuit of restoring our constitutional republic from the gross injustices, violations of power, and totalitarian infringements that have pushed us to the precipice. Here is a prophetic prayer on my heart for you. May you repair the broken lampstand of this “city on a hill and light to the nations” so our Nation’s governance may genuinely shine again!

Securing the Seat—the Backstory
As we have shared throughout this project, God’s timing is everything. Tick tock to the holy clock! Here is a brief update for you on how the word of the Lord, combined with your prayers and those of multitudes, impacted the process of securing the speakership. As mentioned, the backstory is wild.

On Wednesday evening my conversational inquiry before the Throne was unexpectedly met with the word of the Lord. Much of the seeming chaos surrounding the speakership debate was due to open doors within the seat of authority being contended for. Dethroning the spirit of Jezebel was vital to both securing the seat in the immediate, and securing successful rulership longterm where the goals for which the American people elected this governing body could be attained and not sabotaged.

Here’s the backstory. On Friday January 6, thanks largely to my friend Brian, congressional Republicans actually received a copy of the “Dethroning Jezebel” prayer—and acted on it. The petitions and decrees were actually prayed through on the House floor, just after 11:30 am! 

Brian shared with me the news about their prayer meeting late Friday afternoon. He even sent along a screenshot from the Fox News broadcast as it occurred (see above). Amazingly, I was in prayer with friends on Capitol Hill at this very time, engaging in a prophetic act releasing the “turnaround mantle.” The time stamp for this picture is 11:23 am!

Apparently these praying leaders believed Kevin McCarthy was the right choice, but with the understanding the goals set before them by the American people must not be compromised. They got their answer. Astonishingly, on Thursday and Friday, what looked to be sabotage in the beginning largely turned. Early Saturday morning a literal midnight turnaround took place. Kevin McCarthy won the speakership. 

Why This Outcome is So Good
I believe the best-case scenario was actually attained. Why? To gain the seat, Rep. McCarthy had to agree to stringent conditions ensuring the referenced objectives will actually have a pathway to be attained in this session. 

Alternatively, if Freedom Caucus members had actually defeated Rep. McCarthy in favor of another candidate for speakership, they would have then been forced to spend literally ALL of their newly-gained political capital making deals with a reluctant majority— simply to elect their speaker. Very little political capital would have been left over to empower the goals they were elected to achieve. In the end the goals they were standing for would have instead been buried. And those termed “establishment Republicans” would have actually gained the upper hand.

As it stands, there is now a healthy balance of power that ensures both accountability and a pathway to gain the restoration intended by the American people. There is no doubt your intercession helped to bring resolution to this crisis. 

Best of all, with your representational authority joined with the representational authority of Congressional leaders in the House, the seat of the Speakership itself has been largely cleansed. A new way forward has been secured that will benefit every American. 

Now let synergy replace dysfunction. Now let Congress’ lampstand repaired so we can again become a “city on a hill and a light to the nations.” No King but Jesus!