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DEAR FRIENDS,SO THE BLOOD MOON appeared in fullness Sunday night across the nation. Clearly it was a big deal. Especially as it fell on the date known to the Jewish people as the “Second Passover.” But was its appearance really a sign from the Lord? And if so, are there any specific directives regarding our sons and daughters? 

For Jolene and me personally, the answer is a very quick YES. I will remember the date forever because of the blood moon over DC, because of the double rainbow in the late afternoon which directly preceded it, and above all because of the birth of our second grand baby early this morning! 

But wait. There’s more! Actually scriptures convey a strong correlation between the appearance of a blood moon and a Holy Spirit outpouring upon our sons and daughters. It’s not a given. But it’s certainly an invitation to prayer. 

Join us tomorrow at 1pm and lets contend for this miracle to come to pass. Because IT’S NOW TIME!