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God’s artistry is breathtaking. I woke up early this morning to write a post on July 22 and turnaround for the Reformation Prayer Network. Daniel 7:22 for 7-22! By dawn’s early light, a literal sign formed before me in the skies above Washington DC. A cloud became an arrow, pointing right. Can’t make this up! 

Friends it is turnaround time.

As of 7-22, a window is opening for our nation to complete the turnaround. We are so grateful for the Reformation Prayer Network’s “turnaround project” and encourage you to participate. From Washington DC on 7-22 to each of your regions lets secure and perpetuate our covenantal inheritance!

I shared in the article on three prayer points towards this end, and wanted to share them with you as well. Friends it truly is turnaround time!

  1. Complete the turnaround! 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact, covenanting this land to Christ. Last year Holy Spirit showed us that 2020 is a literal point of no return. One way or another, decisions we make this year shift us generationally at a magnitude we now barely perceive. God is holding out an unprecedented opportunity for us to align with His covenant and complete the unfinished task before us. We must secure LIFE. Covenant with death and hell annulled! We must move beyond the reproach of prejudice within our justice system and our culture. We must disempower dark forces within our nation, which some call the deep state, which seek to co-opt our freedom governance for their own means.

  2. Turnaround is teshuvah. Profoundly, the Hebrew word for turnaround also means repentance! God is calling us to a higher standard personally and nationally. Joel 2 is key. Lets pray for an anointing of holy conviction to grip the church and once again!
  3. Conquer propaganda with truth. Currently deceptive propaganda is being generated at a magnitude perhaps not seen since the Nazis. WE NEED A TURNAROUND from the lies and deception holding our nation captive. The only antidote—strategic breakthrough prayer and clarion voices willing to risk speaking the truth in love.
  4. Turnaround for Israel and America together. Did you know that a blood moon appeared over Jerusalem on the very night Donald Trump was born? The Jewish Haganah or freedom fighters actually took it as a sign God was bringing the rebirth of Israel. It’s interesting a blood moon also marked the third year of President Trump’s inauguration. We must now stand for God’s intended turnaround to be completed. Pray for President Trump and this Cyrus mandate he was literally born to fulfill. As we stand for Israel’s inheritance to be secured, the window opens to secure our covenant inheritance for generations to come. It’s worth every effort!
  5. 7-22 is Av 1. The word “Av” in Hebrew means “father” or “dad.” Declare a release of the Father’s anointing to father and mother this nation into the His identity and destiny. The need is evident for the nation, for our culture, and for the generations. This is one of the most important aspects of the turnaround He longs to bring! 

Lamplighter family, I want to emphasize this last point especially. We are culminating our Eliakim project on 7-22 because I knew we needed to align with a greater expression of fathering and mothering before we could legitimately stand for national turnaround. Remember Shebnas are being deposed. Eliakims are being summoned by God to rule. In the pattern of Eliakim, they are considered by God to be fathers and mothers to their respective spheres.  And they are being given the keys of stewardship to perpetuate His covenantal legacy. 

Much of our book White House Watchmen is centered on this mission for turnaround. And beginning on 7-22 through 8-18 we are full throttle to COMPLETE THE TURNAROUND the Lord has begun. Covenantally and governmentally. 

What an amazing time to stand with Jesus to release His dream for America, Israel, for the nations. No King but Jesus!