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TIME FOR RAPID DOMINANCE! On last night’s call we shared about the “Shock and Awe” movement and the prayer project being facilitated today by Lynn Alderson and team. Georgia, and the nation, will never be the same! I want to encourage you to listen to last night’s call, and participate in targeted declarations for breakthrough today. More information is at:  

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Please understand that when we release a word, we are in faith for its immediate activation and fulfillment. That said, I’ve been waiting for the Lord’s signal to release this word for a while now. Our accumulated prayers are finally catching up to God’s intentions. Not saying this lightly. I believe the Angel of the Lord for breakthrough and turnaround has been dispatched! You can see his handiwork in Exodus 12 and Acts 12, as well as other passages. THE BREAKER BREAKS OPEN!

Note that I shared this post originally on July 7, 2019 and incorporated it into our newest book White House Watchmen. I had received a very significant dream from the Lord while on vacation in the Brunswick Georgia area—actually Saint Simons Island. I knew it was for the present, but even more for a time ahead. 

In the dream a woman representing Jezebel finally signed over to me and handed over to me a car, and keys to the car, and lands and inheritances Heaven’s Court had ruled were mine. It was a long time coming. But was clear Jezebel had finally been restrained to the extent that her minions became compliant with the Court’s orders. 

I asked why the sudden change. “The Breaker breaks open” was her unexpected reply to me! Then the Holy Spirit literally flooded my being with the entire scripture from Micah 2.

“The Breaker goes up before them;
They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it.
So their king goes on before them,
And the Lord at their head.”
(Micah 2:13).

Friends, the Breaker breaks open! He is moving through our gates. The turnaround decreed is being enforced. Our God is marching on!

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!” Confirmation, July 4
A major confirmation of this pivot came July 4 during President Trump’s “Salute to America.” Given our prophetic history with the Lincoln Memorial, with covenant restoration, and even the recent dream of the Breaker breaking open, confirmations of God’s amazing work July 4 literally became overwhelming.

President Trump addressed our nation from the very steps where we presented our Declaration of Covenant exactly eight years beforehand. He thundered the bedrock principle from the Declaration of Independence that  “All men are created equal.”  He referenced Lincoln’s plea for a “new birth of freedom,” honoring the victory of freedom over prejudice and hatred as a defining legacy of American exceptionalism. 

Then came the finale. “God bless you,” Trump intoned. “God bless the military. And God bless America. Happy Fourth of July.” A military band began the first notes of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” 

As a hundred thousand sang the chorus, “Mine eyes have seen the glory…” the Blue Angels soared over the Lincoln Memorial. Then we sang the final stanza. “As He died to make men holy, let us live to make them free—OUR GOD IS MARCHING ON!” At this very moment, the Blue Angels suddenly reappeared and thundered over the Lincoln Memorial. 

And I knew the Lord was speaking as only He can. Hear me in this. Our God is marching on. He is moving to secure our freedom for the future. And maybe even this Hanukkah, our eyes will begin to see His glory!