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Jolene and I wanted to share with you just a few intersections of light and life we’ve been privileged to experience during our seminar at Yad Vashem.

We came expecting a week of sorrow. Yet the deliberate emphasis of this Holocaust Museum is exactly light and life. “They can break your body, they can’t break your spirit without your cooperation,” wrote musician and Holocaust victim Joss Karas. “After all, the logical way to fight death is to live, isn’t it?”

Hannah Pik, first picture below, is a Holocaust survivor. At 87, this vibrant woman was just a child when Nazis overtook Holland and began to deport Jews to ghettoes and concentration camps. For years she was best friends with renown diarist Anne Frank before being taken away.

We were later told about the emotional toll so many experience in sharing. Because Holocaust survivors don’t just tell their stories; they literally go back into their experiences.

Second picture is director Ephraim Kaye with our class. Third picture is a sculpture of Janusz Korczak, a famed protector of children during the Holocaust. If you see tears in eyes or cheeks, just know it was raining. The last picture is of Dr. Avrahim Rosen connecting with students after his discourse.

Let me leave you with a final quote from an anonymous French Resistance fighter during WWII. “A terrible darkness has fallen upon us, but we must not surrender to it. We shall lift lamps of courage and find our way through to the morning.”

Holy defiance—a time to shine.

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