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Dear Glory Vav-ers,

First—Jesus is risen! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic Resurrection Day. When you ponder the imagery of “Heaven vav earth” in this “year of the vav,” you need look no farther than the cross. Just a glimpse of His agony on our behalf transforms our hearts forever. Jesus we are honored to be yours… eternally!

My apologies for not communicating more these past few days, and let me say we are grateful for your prayers. Unexpected spiritual intensity actually met us at the gate of Washington DC as we rolled into town on Purim. My first night home brought a very threatening dream. This was immediately followed by sudden, intense cold that has lasted five long days—a sore throat coupled with a cough, fever and pink eye.

At least this gave me a chance to rest. Very grateful Jesus has already judged the Hamans behind these challenges, spiritual and physical. Thank you Lord for Your body and blood! Restraining and subduing a level of spiritual warfare we have not experienced in a decade.

Pray for DC Believers
That said, I’m a little behind here. And while my heart yearns to share on the Glory Train tour today, I feel compelled to sound an alarm for breakthrough prayer for Washington DC, and for frontline believers in DC. Because we are not by any means alone in our experience.

The atmosphere in the spirit is very intense—far more than usual. You might deduce it’s because the Capitol has been shut down for two days straight, with a shooting yesterday and a suspicious package today.

But there’s more. Behind the scenes the “conflict of thrones” is clear and tangibly intense.

Further, many of the precious friends we run with here seem to be going through crazy testings right now too. Vastly different categorically, strikingly similar in magnitude. They’re half way through, and your prayers will help them prevail.

All are leaders with whom we’re friends. One powerful, devoted believer is in the hospital with symptoms eluding diagnosis. Another is gaining freedom from cancer after a sudden diagnosis. Another is in unexpected transition from a job after refusing to cave to unrighteousness. Two other leaders are facing significant housing crises. All are continuing to lead their respective spheres.

Take 15 NOW!
Something is going on. Please take at least fifteen minutes RIGHT NOW to pray in the Spirit for Washington DC, and for believers on the frontlines in Washington DC. Please continue to press in for breakthrough until their particular Hamans are vanquished, and they run free.

We are appealing to you personally as a friend. And in the spirit we are standing in the covenantal authority entrusted to us as generals in the body of Christ. Prevailing prayer is needed right now as a weapon of war against the enemy, both for Washington DC and for believers in our Capitol. Lets together engage and tip the scales!

Fuel for Your Fire—Amazing Breakthrough
Want some fuel for your fire? Pastor Pitts Evans of Whole Word Fellowship in metro DC recently received strong warnings to increase his prayer shield. You might remember Pitts and Mary because of our collaboration here in the region, and in Sierra Leone, West Africa when I was privileged to accompany him just before the Ebola crisis.

So the warnings for Pitts came all at once over a few consecutive days. Jolene and I interceded, of course. Also put him in touch with other gifted believers. But my point is that Pitts took the warnings very seriously. And it’s a good thing he did.

After a month in Sierra Leone, Pitts Evans saw at least 3,000 people come to Christ. His trip ended without major incident, and his flight out of Freetown back to Europe went smoothly.

I remember the flight. After some challenges at the Freetown airport, I remember distinctly the overwhelming emotions of experiencing western culture and efficiency again. And never in my life was I so happy to see a Starbucks than at the airport in Brussels, Belgium.

Pitts Evans was at the Brussels airport—Starbucks, if you please—when the world changed. Terrorist bombings took out 35 people, including 4 Americans, and wounded over 300. While Pitts was sipping his coffee.

Pitts emerged from the turmoil without a scratch, huddling with at least a thousand displaced travelers for days after the bombing. Had a great time ministering to them. He never felt a bit of fear. Grace of God, Pitts will tell you.

Also the power of forerunning prayer.

I’m sharing this because just like with Pitts, your prayers can help us all get to the other side in breakthrough! And breakthrough prayer for Washington DC and for DC believers is needed at this time.

Conflict of Thrones—Points for Prayer
As we’ve shared already, the tension I’ve sensed here is undoubtedly related to the “conflict of thrones” that defines 2016. Here are two final points for prayer this week.

The Nuclear Safety Summit begins in Washington DC this Thursday, with leaders from more than 50 nations participating. As a backdrop, experts have explicitly warned that ISIS is now strongly focused on pursuing nuclear materials. Please pray over these strategic meetings, and especially over the security of Washington DC at this time.

Erdogan Attends, Turkey in the Balance. The President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, flew into town yesterday for this meeting and others. Especially after recent bombings in Ankara, ISIS is now heavily challenging this historic bridge between east and west. Several reports have even warned of the potential destabilization of his government and a societal shift towards radical Islam. Joel Rosenberg just wrote a revealing posting on this. “Darkness falling over Turkey. Israel tells its citizens to leave Turkey immediately as ISIS threat to Jews & Christians grows”

Turkish Mosque Opens in Metro DC—Largest in US. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s trip culminates Saturday with the “inauguration” of the Diyanet Center, a $100 million mega-mosque and Turkish cultural center in Lanham Maryland, metro Washington DC. Many reports call this metro DC mosque the largest in America, featuring two minarets and seating for more than 3,000.

President Obama has been invited, though it now looks like he won’t attend the opening, apparently due to strained diplomatic relationships with Turkey and the potential “optics” in light of bombings in Brussels and Pakistan.

This mosque and cultural center has an obvious goal of becoming a regional and international hub for the promotion of Islam. In reading the press reports, the consistent use of the word “inauguration” really stood out. “Inauguration” means the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period. A ceremony to mark the beginning of something. It also means the formal admission of someone to office.