Above: Illustration of dream framing next 100 days, with Jezreel Valley and Washington DC juxtaposed together. Photos of shofar sounding, crowd climbing both from Tel Megiddo, Crown & Throne tour. Lets keep watch from Passover to Pentecost!   


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Vigilant Revolutionaries,
Let My people go! Covenant blessings to each of you these final few days of Passover. Hope your Resurrection Day celebration was full of answered prayer. Worthy is the Lamb!

Shields up on Korea!
“A dangerous situation where thermonuclear war may break out at any minute.” That was the warning today from North Korea as  tensions continue to mount following the rogue state’s failed missile launch this weekend. They have also threatened weekly missile tests.

Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence made clear that US foreign policy regarding North Korea has changed. “The era of strategic patience is over,” Pence declared. “President Trump has made it clear that the patience of the United States and our allies in this region has run out and we want to see change. We want to see North Korea abandon its reckless path of the development of nuclear weapons, and also its continual use and testing of ballistic missiles is unacceptable.” 

Vice President Mike Pence visited the Korean demilitarized zone today, a mere 100 feet from North Korean soldiers. 

As we continue to pray, please link your intercession with the decades of 24-7 prayer from South Korea on behalf of this nation. Remind God of the cries of the North Koreans in the midst of such trauma and injustice. Their prayers have been before Heaven’s Court! 

And please pray for wisdom for President Trump and his team. Cover the National Security Council and its leader, HR McMaster. News is reporting that a plan is in place to take out North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. 

Please pray also for Chinese President Xi Jinping, for Japan’s President Shinzo Abe, and for Hwang Kyo-ahn, South Korea’s prime minister and acting president. May a corporate strategy emerge to ensure safety and bring a desperately-needed turnaround within the government of North Korea. 

OK. Small wonder the Lord called us to a 100 day watch!

“Resounding Scrolls” Dream
Speaking of which, today I really want to encourage you to become invested and engaged in this “Resounding Scrolls Prayer Project” from Passover to Pentecost. Consider fasting at least a day each week. Take extra time to pray. Make God’s word your first priority in the morning, and the last thing you read at night.

The Lord called us to this watch in a dream in which He made clear He was calling us to “take the land.” I wrote pretty extensively about the project’s commissioning dream this Friday. To review the dream, click here. For review, in the dream I was overlooking Washington DC, with the Jezreel valley in Israel juxtaposed on the scene. Both perspectives were from a high vantage point—Tel Megiddo in Israel, and our prayer perch in DC. Both views conveyed the “Promised Land” we were called to take at this time.

By the way, Jezreel means “God sows” and represents the harvest. It’s interesting that the harvest field has also been a battlefield over thousands of years. The Apostle John prophesied it would be the site of “Armageddon.”

100 Day Timetable
In the dream, the Lord conveyed that He was calling us to a 100 day project to take the land. I could look over the whole battlefield with a wide view or a close view at my discretion.

The dream conveys a significant timetable. Please note that Passover marks the time Israel was freed from Pharaoh’s grasp. They crossed over the Red Sea with a glory cloud leading them. They were positioned to move very rapidly into the Promised Land—actually within a hundred days.

At the fifty day mark, a time we call Pentecost, the Law was released from this cloud of glory. Moses was summoned up the mountain to visit God. He came back down with the 10 Commandments, God’s covenant with His people. 

Then God called them to take the land. Unfortunately, fear, sin and disobedience caused their 100 day window to close for 40 years. Perhaps a reason the Lord is calling us to this watch is to help ensure we don’t make the same mistake. I know that’s your prayer.

The Obstacle in the Middle
Now here’s the part of the dream I haven’t yet shared until now. Right in the middle of the battlefield was a woman dressed in a flowing white gown. She seemed to represent the primary obstacle to taking the land. By length and width, she was positioned in the exact middle of the ground.  

This woman saw me, smiled warmly, and motioned to me almost seductively. I immediately turned to Jolene by my side, pointed, and warned her this woman was tied to the occult. 

That’s actually how the dream ended.

Overcoming Occult Resistance
So I want to say, from this dream it is clear that in the middle of the “Promised Land” there’s likely some kind of occult resistance that must be exposed, repudiated and disempowered. Many of you have probably already encountered some resistance. But it’s important to note. 

Remember how Moses led his people into battle against Amalek. A time came where the spiritual warfare mandated he intercede from a high vantage point. When Moses raised his staff, Judah prevailed. When his arms grew weary, Amalek prevailed. Lets keep our governmental leaders in prayer. Please also pray for Jolene and me!

Daniel found himself in a similar situation. It took three weeks of ardent fasting and prayer for breakthrough. That’s when the angelic host came with key revelation which framed even the end of days. We’re in that season now, where scrolls of end-time revelation are beginning to be released from the Lord.

Joshua found supernatural resistance after conquering Jericho. Victory turned quickly to defeat—something we cannot afford right now. 

During his battle against Ai, a small group overpowered the mighty army. A “familiar object” had been taken in direct disobedience to the Lord, provoking their defeat. It was actually a “mantle from Shinar”—Shinar, where the Tower of Babylon was built. And the clear implication is that this mantle was used for practicing the occult. 

You want to prevail, right? So right now is probably a good time to rid yourself and your home of any objects that may be tied to the occult. Also, make sure you have released everything the Lord claims for Himself—including your tithes and offerings.

That said, please pray for President Trump and his administration to be shielded and protected from all occult influence. Amen!

Further, the Lord is emphasizing to me a fasted lifestyle over the course of these next 100 days. Jesus Himself declared that “this kind does not come out but by prayer and fasting.” I know I personally need to prevail here. Again, please pray!

What’s Your Promised Land?
Lets close with a few questions to help you focus through this prayer project. Take a moment to write the answers. 

  1. What portion of your “Promised Land” is the Lord calling you to take these next 100 days? What is your view?
  2. What is God’s strategy? His timetable?
  3. What sphere of your life is the Lord calling you to further cultivate? What is your “Throne of glory” for Him?
  4. Who are you aligned with? Who is collaborating with you? 
  5. What are the obstacles? Where are they positioned? Note that the Lord has a strategy to overcome each challenge in your path.

Again, covenant blessings to you!