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More Warnings to Pray
I just received a call from Anne Tate, prayer leader for Chuck Pierce, who relayed to me a disconcerting warning. A prophetic intercessor was warned in a dream of a severe attack from ISIS, possibly targeting the Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC.

Last week, another prophetic intercessor contacted me directly with a warning to pray against potential ISIS attacks against the Pentagon. Is an attack imminent?

On ISIS’ part, that would obviously be a big mistake. Americans have already watched in horror as the Iraqi cities our soldiers freed and defended are succumbing to their brutality. With an attack on our homeland, any remaining hesitancy on America’s part would immediately give way to a united, unwavering response to fully defeat this evil.

Why we don’t have this resolve already is honestly beyond me. But even the idea of attacking our veterans as they march on Memorial Day…

All this said, SHIELDS UP! Please pray for our intelligence community and law enforcement folks as they work to secure Washington DC from any attack. Lets continue to pray for hidden plots to be exposed before they can be hatched!

Spider Vision—Continue to Pray!
Remember the warning vision of the spider hatching eggs over DC last week. This vision from our friend Lynnie Harlow directly parallels Isaiah 59—

“They hatch the adders egg and weave the spiders web… An act of violence is in their hands… Their feet run to evil, and they hasten to shed innocent blood… Devastation and destruction are in their highways” (Isaiah 59:5-7).

Both Lynnie’s vision and the prophetic reference by Isaiah clearly warn of hidden plots of terrorism and violence. In reading this, I felt the Lord emphasize “highways” related to Memorial Day. Pray for the Memorial Day Parade on Constitution Avenue. Pray for protection from attacks along the highways of our metro DC region this weekend, especially as patriotic bikers converge from across the nation as part of “Operation Rolling Thunder.”

Lets keep alert and vigilant. Pray again for exposure. Pray for hidden webs or connections, even within the worldwide web or internet, to be exposed and dismantled.

Spiders in the Headlines
Speaking of spiders…. is it any coincidence that within a day of the “spider” warning for DC, spiders began to make global headlines? Millions of spiders literally descended from the skies over Australia, their webs making entire fields look as though covered with snow. Further, Prince Charles made headlines when his “Black Spider Memos” were released to the public last Wednesday.

You just cannot make this stuff up. Not that you’d really want to… but it does seem to confirm an urgent need to pray.

Turnaround Prayer—Crack the Whip from Texas!
As we’re praying for protection against ISIS attacks, lets also continue to pray for God to redirect the Iranian nuclear deal from wrong to right. Just today, news reported that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameni has now ruled out giving nuclear inspectors access to any nuclear scientists or military sites.

Last week I shared a prophetic perception of how the Lord wanted to redirect the Iranian nuclear deal. I saw a vision of horses, mostly white, pulling some kind of carriage. The horses were running very fast under duress. I felt immediately that the horses represented delegates who were driving the nuclear deal with Iran.

As the vision continued, I saw and heard the Lord “crack the whip.” This whip didn’t come from any driver, but from the Lord Himself! The horses immediately and intuitively galloped to the right. In other words, redirecting the course of the negotiations into a right direction from Heaven’s perspective.

A turnaround.

I then heard the Lord say, “I am releasing My whip from Texas!” I knew we had to pray especially for Texas leaders and intercessors to rise up and “crack the whip” by praying and taking a righteous stand. Though there was a specific mandate for Texas, this is something we all need to continue to engage with the Lord in.

Praying for Washington DC this Week
Anne Tate reminded me that Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion will be praying specifically for Washington DC tomorrow as part of a project leading to Pentecost. You can watch and pray through the webcast tomorrow evening, 10 pm EST at http://gloryofzion.org

Here are a few key points I suggested to Anne for prayer, in addition to what we’ve just shared.

Breaking News—Dick Eastman has secured a House of Prayer near the US Supreme Court! The renown director of Every Home for Christ is working with veteran DC intercessor Dick Simmons to ramp up a 24-7 prayer house that contends for DC and the nation. Pray that the Lord establish many houses of presence, prayer and apostolic authority to turn the battle at the gate!

Supreme Court now writing gay marriage verdict. The majority and minority decisions regarding gay marriage are being drafted at this time. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg roused speculation about the Court’s decision Sunday, when she emphasized her “constitutional right” to perform a gay marriage.

Legally redefining marriage apart from the plumbline of biblical morality has the potential to radically challenge the boundaries of other sexual practices currently prohibited by law. Nothing is set in stone, though, until the verdict is publicly announced—as evidenced by Chief Justice Roberts’ last minute shift regarding Obamacare. Please pray!

Redeem the State Department! With the unpopularity of Secretary John Kerry’s Iranian nuclear deal, and accusations of injustice involving former Secretary Hillary Clinton, the US Department of State is really taking a beating. Yet praying for this institution has never been more vital!

Some of the greatest work of the Department never makes the news—working to protect religious minorities, refugees, the vulnerable and disenfranchised; stemming the tide of human trafficking; promoting freedom and democracy globally, etc. Pray for the protection of ambassadors and staff, embassies and consulates globally. Pray for wisdom and direction for all employees, especially the “Daniels” in this sphere who are dedicated to discipling nations towards freedom.

Prayer for the Pentagon and Intelligence Communities. Accurate intelligence detached from pre-determined agendas is so needed as we confront current challenges, both within our nation and without. Pray for fresh vision and strength to the Joshuas and Calebs, to the watchmen in the natural who influence and direct our military policy from Washington DC.

The Rise of Prophetic Journalism. Pray for the media correspondents covering our government etc. It’s time for prejudice and biases to turn. And just as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John covered the greatest breaking news in history, so God wants to grace journalists today with a prophetic mantle to cover the news from His vantage point, expose corruption, and help hold government accountable to “we the people.” Many news stories need to break, and they are literally waiting on “the Breaker.”

Continued Favor for Israel in DC. Throughout much of the previous decade, a  sentiment has been promoted that denigrates Israel’s right to sovereign governance as a nation. Threats have even been articulated that the US may no longer stand in defense of Israel at the UN. Please pray for continued favor for Israel, and for the covenant alliance between the US and Israel to be fully preserved. Blessing Israel helps secure the blessing of America and the nations. Amen!

Crown & Throne Movement. Pray for continued strength and maturity for the emerging apostolic, prophetic and prayer communities in DC. Pray for God’s “Crown & Throne movement” to continue advancing!

The prophetic promise articulated by Rick Ridings in 2012 remains at the forefront of our hearts and actions. “God is riding on a swift cloud, and the gods of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt are toppling… There shall be one throne after another that was set in the gates that shall crumble before My presence, says the Lord… And in these next ten years, as I have restored the harp and the bowl, I am going to further restore now the walking with the throne and the crown. I’m going to restore to My people walking in governmental intercessory, kingly authority. That what you proclaim on earth shall be that which you have already heard proclaimed in heaven!”