Fifty people have died after a radical Islamist terror strike at a gay bar in Orlando FL. Known jihadist Omar Mateen, an American son of Afghan parents, called police to pledge allegiance to ISIS while carrying out the largest mass shooting in modern US history.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the massacre and their families.

President Obama has so far refused to address the radical Islamist component of this terror strike, choosing instead to call for more strident measures in gun control.

Jolene’s Warning
Lamplighter family, we warned Thursday about potential attacks in a posting after Jolene had received a prophetic warning from the Lord Tuesday about potential attacks in America. Dallas especially was highlighted. From the posting:

The Islamic fast of Ramadan began Monday. Jolene awoke with a warning from the Lord Tuesday—a prophetic “knowing” that terror strikes were being planned against the US during this time, and that they were potentially imminent. Her warning was both specific to the metro Dallas area and broader to the nation…

Lets seek the Lord to rebuke the devouring force and expose terror plots before they come to pass. This is especially important over Ramadan as both Hamas and ISIS have encouraged attacks to continue.

Tsunami Warning
I had a chilling conversation with a significant prayer leader yesterday who warned to pray against a coming “tsunami” in Washington DC and other areas of the nation. Remember last summer the Lord showed me a similar vision, and after much prayer I felt the Lord was warning us about a tsunami of terror both in Israel and America.

Lets heed these warnings and exercise all vigilance in watchman intercession for plots of terror to be exposed in your respective communities. Pray for your local police, pray for Homeland Security, the FBI and the intelligence communities. But above all else, especially if you feel a warning please pray in the Spirit until you see and sense breakthrough.

Finally, remember this is Pentecost. Our best and greatest protection remains the faithful watch of the Lord Jesus Christ over our land. It is our earnest desire for the covenant with Jesus Christ in America to be honored and empowered. Only by this are our blessings secured, and the devourer rebuked. “You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man; You keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues” (Psalm 31:20).

Covenant blessings to each of you as you stand vigil in this hour.