CALL REPLAY—THE GENERATIONAL ALTAR. With Chris Mitchell, Jamie Jackson, Jamie Fitt, more. This Shavuot 2020 is going to be historic. Some of the most substantive and timely revelation we have heard. “I will not give the Lord that which costs me nothing!” Conference Replay: (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690.

CALL REPLAY! TONGUES OF FIRE—DR. YOLANDA MCCUNE. Wednesday evening Yolanda McCune shared profound revelation on the potential released through praying in the Spirit. We are deepening our consecration, and receiving tongues of fire! (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690.

Awaken Pentecost Promise, hosts Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene.
With opportunities to bless God’s covenant Threshing Floor.

2-4PM Wednesday May 27—Briskilla Zananiri with communion
2-4pm Thursday May 28— Prophetic Statesman James Goll, Eran Salamon from Israel.
2-4pm Friday May 29—Rick & Patricia Ridings, Succat Hallel, Chris Mitchell, VA Beach.


JAMES GOLL JOINS CALL SUNDAY MAY 31 9pm ET. Pentecost. Fire on the altar!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY as we launch the second week of preparation towards Pentecost! Sunday night’s call was simply amazing. Fresh revelation and breakthrough flowed from all. The synergy was palpable. Been around awhile, yet some things I had never perceived before! If you want to learn about the new season the Lord is moving us into, enjoy the messages from Jamie Fitt, Chris Mitchell, Jamie Jackson, and Jolene and me. 

And remember to tend your altar to the Lord, presenting your costly offering before Him. To make a contribution to Lamplighter CLICK HERE.

As longtime Lamplighter readers know, Jolene and I do not initiate invitations to contribute except at the direct leading from the Lord. With His blessing therefore secured. And that is what this offering to the Lord is all about—securing God’s blessing not only on our homes and family, but on our nation, even generationally—at His invitation.

And as you will see, this invitation is perhaps far greater than any of us have perceived.  

Generational Altar, Generational Blessing
Today and throughout the week you have a great opportunity to give. Not only are you blessing Lamplighter but also ministries participating with us in this initiative both here and in Israel. Most importantly, as we join together for this initiative you are building a generational altar for your family and your sphere! 

Remember that God called us to position ourselves as David before the threshing floor. A pandemic had already taken 70,000 people—in three days! Now the angel of the Lord was hovering over this threshing floor, now known as the Temple Mount, in the sight of all Jerusalem. His sword was outstretched to slay.

The Consecration
In the midst of this existential threat, David came face to face with his own sin. He repented for his defiance of the Lord and consecrated himself to Him again. He held a spontaneous “national day of prayer” similar to what President Trump called for back in March. Many prophetic words, including Chris Mitchell’s message, were submitted as encouragement for this. 

The prophet then told David to build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor. Imagine approaching this angel, who had just slain so many of David’s fellow warriors, whose sword was now pointed directly at the King and his people! But David knew that restoring an altar of covenant, an altar of mercy, was his best opportunity to preserve people from the plague. 

Costly Offering and Kavod
Ornan, who owned the threshing floor, saw the king coming. He immediately offered his threshing floor and cattle at no charge. David responded with immediacy. “I will not give the Lord that which cost me nothing!”

Under the edge of the sword, King David then joined his plea before the Throne with his costly offering to the Lord on behalf of the nation. God responded with mercy. The plague stopped at the threshing floor. Not only did the angel put his sword in his sheath, but GOD RESPONDED WITH FIRE ON THE ALTAR.

Remember God’s fire always comes as a sign of either His covenant or covenant restoration. 

Consecration. Costly offering. Kavod. That’s what the Lord called us to embrace together in these three weeks through Shavuot. With Throne Room revelation, the Sunday evening call brings each of these interdependent dimensions to life. It is so rich. Even if you were on the call, I encourage you to listen to the replay!

Here’s something you may not have seen. Because I did not see the correlation until praying just a few hours before our Sunday call. 

Mercy—Establishing God’s Covenant Generationally!
King David worshiped the Lord by presenting his costly offering. Most likely all he could think of was realigning his nation covenantally and stopping the plague. But the Lord had so much more in mind—mercy and blessing for all of the covenant land that would endure generationally! 

I have been prophesying since last fall about 2020 as the year where our decisions will either propel us towards global subjugation generationally or establish our freedom and blessing generationally. Because 2020 is very simply the point of decision. I knew the elections would play a big part in this.

But until Sunday what I missed is how our decisions this week play a major role in this decision! And it is why I am unabashed in compelling you to heed the invitation.

Because by positioning ourselves as David did, by the Spirit of the Lord we are also positioning ourselves to receive what David received!

Very clearly God opened the heavens in response to David’s heartfelt plea and genuine offering. Jerusalem was preserved. Then David decided that the threshing floor which became an altar of preservation should become the foundation of the Temple he dreamed of building. Bearing witness generationally to the dramatic turnaround which the mercy of God alone granted His people as they interacted with Him.

God received David’s offering—and responded with His blessing! In other words, with the divine multiplication of what was presented on the altar to Him. By the time David passed his torch to Solomon, the equivalent of billions of dollars had been accumulated and set aside to build the Temple. Billions! 

Not only that. Most importantly, then Solomon had completed the dream his father David had initiated, the fire of God fell again on that very same altar! The glory so encompassed the mountain that the priests could not stand to minister. The Temple became the national and global seat of the very government of God. 

Then God appeared to Solomon in a dream. “Solomon, as with your father David, if I again send a plague, and My people humble themselves as David did, if they pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways and give themselves wholeheartedly to Me, then I will hear from Heaven. I will forgive their sins. I will heal their land!” (Paraphrase of 2 Chronicles 7:12-14). 

At the Core of the Government of God is… Mercy
What does this mean? At the very core of the government of God is an altar of mercy, and a covenant of mercy. This expression would later be forever sealed by the costly sacrifice of another King from David’s lineage, with the heart to redeem us all from a plague that stretched even to eternity. 


New Years Eve 2020—Altar of Mercy, Covenant of Mercy
Please remember we began this journey on New Years Eve by presenting to the Lord an altar of mercy. This was done at His direction, according to the dream given by my friend Clay Nash, who saw an angel of the Lord outside the Trump International Hotel declaring mercy a seventh time over our nation. Mercy that secures God’s covenant!

In the opening moments of 2020, as we built an altar and then consecrated our second stones as the cornerstones of His altar in our spheres across all 50 states, nobody knew how much we would need God’s mercy to overcome the trials ahead. Nobody knew how much our respective altars of covenant would be needed on the threshing floors of our states. 

Nobody knew then that on New Years Eve, China had finally disclosed to the WHO that a pandemic had broken out with the potential to touch the globe. 

Thank God for God’s mercy. Mercy that establishes His covenant with our nation!

That’s exactly how God responded to David. From the ashes of the crisis an altar was built that came to express God’s heart and actions towards all mankind—for generations! With full provision secured not only to build this expression through the Temple, but to restore to Israel the pioneering greatness that they entered into in their economy, in their military, in their culture. 

The Destiny of Your Altar—So Much Bigger than You Know
So let me leave you with this question. What is the destiny of your altar to the Lord? Or the costly offering purposefully laid upon it, given to the Lord? 

Yes, securing mercy for the moment is paramount. But God sees beyond. Your offering at this time moves His heart. It secures not only mercy for our desperate hour, but a magnitude of blessing which becomes a force that defines and directs your future—even for generations to come.

This Shavuot, present Him with your costly offering on your altar of covenant. See His fire come. And see His covenant mercy secured generationally! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.