May 21-23 GLORY TRAIN PENTECOST WEEKEND! LIVE OR LIVE STREAM from St. Paul, MN. Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night. With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell, hosted by Dave & Julie Carlson, Josiah Center St Paul MN,

WATCH—SECURING AMERICA’S INHERITANCE! Glory Train St Louis. Pursue, overtake, recover all! Learn how covenant with God unlocks both glory and inheritance. Receive a fresh  impartation to possess your inheritance! 

WATCH—SECURING AMERICA’S COVENANT! Glory Train OKC. Breakthrough service with Apostle John Benefiel at the legendary Church on the Rock. Must-see!

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AFTER 18 HOURS ON A TRAIN JOURNEY, tracks on the edge of the Mississippi River ushered us into Saint Paul, Minnesota. It’s been an extraordinary journey. I hope you all are following us on Facebook where we are posting photos and a few videos. 

This train is bound for glory!…

Threshing Floor—From Pentecost to Pentecost
Remember that Minnesota is the “threshing floor state.” During Pentecost 2020, on our nationwide call we together saw how Washington DC was threshed from Minnesota, with riots breaking out that plundered areas on the White House grounds and surrounding streets. 

Even as we prayed for the fire of Pentecost to touch the White House, bursts of flames erupted as cars were torched, a guard shack on the White House grounds was burned, and the “church of the presidents” was briefly set ablaze. 

Beloved it’s no coincidence that on Pentecost 2021 we are in the city and state from which Washington DC and our nation were threshed.

God is moving in St. Paul. And an assignment we began in 2020 is coming to fullness in 2021. This Pentecost, it’s time to see God’s turnaround! And this is what it looks like.

From Threshing Floor to Altar of Encounter
David confronted the challenges of his day, including a plague, at the threshing floor. We’ll get into that more in a following post. But through David’s repentance and prayers, the threshing floor became an altar of encounter for generations to come. And in faith we are putting a stake in the ground.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that on the Glory Train 2016 journey we prophesied that the threshing floor of Minnesota would become a national altar of the Lord. We feel this so strongly for 2021—for this state, for your spheres and for the nation!

Please hear me in this. It’s time for your threshing floor to become an altar to the Lord!

“I Will Not Give the Lord What Costs Me Nothing”
Remember David’s heart cry in these preparations. “I will not give the Lord that which cost me nothing!” As with last year we are opening up the invitation for you to follow David’s sacred pathway. We together are being invited to sow into God’s plan of covenant restoration. And we will see the Lord seal our generational altars as an inheritance for future generations! 

Note I have shifted the window for our Shavuot Firstfruits offering to this coming Wednesday. We are grateful for your generosity. It’s so key for Jolene and me to be back in Washington DC for this, and to connect with you by conference call on Wednesday evening. Not sure quite what this all looks like, but two words come immediately to mind. Teshuvah and Turnaround. We will lead the call from Washington DC to seek the Lord for the fullness of His shift. 

Lets do this together as the Lamplighter family. Please pray into this weekend, and seek the Lord also what He would have you to present to Him. And lets set the tracks of the future for glory and for turnaround! Because it is now time to…

Pursue, Overtake, Recover All!
That was actually the primary word prophesied over the Glory Train, actually by two different leaders, Apostle John Benefiel and Jamie Jackson, with an exclamation point from Chuck Pierce thrown in. 

You remember the context of the verse. A young special ops warrior named David returned from war only to realize his entire town had been plundered by terrorists. David’s family, along with the wives and children of his other soldiers, had been kidnapped. Their possessions had been plundered. Their homes had been burned. In response to the crisis, David’s own soldiers had turned on him.

David encouraged himself in the Lord. He was directed to overtake the terrorists and take them down. Israel’s future king had no idea he was only steps away from his crown when the Lord directed him to confront the brazen marauders head-on. 

And here’s a great point. What looked to be an overwhelming defeat turned on a dime into an overwhelming victory that propelled David to his kingship. Pursue, overtake, recover all!

I’m going to tell you that as of today, this mandate has been activated by God’s Throne on behalf of our nation and our spheres. Remembering that covenant unlocks glory, and also unlocks inheritance. Or, in other words, the right to possess our inheritance.

And Chris, Jolene and I embarked on the Pentecost Tour knowing that somehow in the midst of our journey the Lord would grant keys to unlock both His glory and His ordained inheritance for the United States. We are excited to say He has been totally faithful to lead us in this. The window opened over the three days of Shavuot as we moved through Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and St. Louis. 

With this in mind I want to commend to you two videos from our journey. You will receive both clear teaching and a fresh impartation from Holy Spirit. I’m not making this up, we are hearing from people across the nation who have been touched by the Lord while watching. The door has opened. It’s time to pursue… overtake… and recover all!

Thank you all for covering us in prayer, and again for giving generously into this movement. In every way you will be rewarded! Covenant blessings to each of you…

Jon and Jolene