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SHAKE THE THRESHOLDS June 6-27. With 21 days of fasting and forerunning prayer for God’s governmental glory to be released. Continuing in daily communion. Isaiah 6. 

KISSED BY THE SON, July 12-14. Northfield MA. With Erik Metaxes, Chuck Pierce, Paul Jehle, more. Hosted in the DL Moody Center, in the very region where the First Great Awakening broke out! More information:

GLORY TRAIN—SCHOOL OF GLORY July 19-20. Valley Shore Church, Old Saybrook CT. More info CLICK HERE.

BEFORE HIS FACE—JULY 22, FANEUIL HALL! With Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, others. Sessions at 1:30 pm, 6:30 pm. Launching the Glory Train 2019-2020. GLORY TRAIN PLYMOUTH with Dutch Sheets, July 23. More info CLICK HERE.


GLORY TRAIN—SCHOOL OF GLORY LANCASTER Aug 2-3. Foxchase Golf Club, Stevens PA. More info CLICK HERE.                                                                                                                                                                                             

REVIVAL SHAKING BEGINS NOW.” Given all that has transpired the past few weeks, this word by Chuck Pierce, given at Pentecost on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, continues to provoke me to trembling. As shared recently, our nation changed from Philadelphia. We are grateful for your forerunning intercession to shake the thresholds in this season! As this project culminates, I am longing to share this prophetic perspective with you. 

America’s Foundations Shake with Glory
“The foundations of the thresholds trembled at the voice of him who cried, and the Temple was filled with smoke” (Isaiah 6:4). 

The vision by Jamie Fitt for worshiping 24-7 through Shavuot, in a tent at Independence Mall where the governmental foundations of our nation were laid, was absolutely inspired. A small crowd ushered in the Jewish feast with awe and celebration. My spirit was literally on fire for the governmental glory of God to come. During the Saturday evening session I began sharing prophetically from Isaiah 6. I want to rehearse a few points with you in a moment. But here’s what actually happened.

Keep in mind these were the opening moments of Pentecost. The feast where the glory of God was restored as a fiery whirlwind blew into Jerusalem, traversed the prophesied pathway through the east gate of the Temple, and consumed the saints praying in the upper room. 

We were believing God for a similar encounter. And He came.

After I shared, prophet Ed Watts stepped up to the microphone. Ed is joining us for the “Before His Face” gathering at Faneuil Hall, and for much of the Glory Train journey. The first words out of his mouth stunned me. It turned out the Lord gave him the exact same scripture and focus for the weekend. Isaiah 6. Shake the gates! Usher in the governmental glory of God. 

Ed prophesied, Jolene prayed, Jamie Fitt resounded Heaven’s thunder in worship. And “Holy” joined heaven and earth. 

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts. Earth be full of His glory! 

Isaiah Undone—Conviction and Cleansing
The spontaneous flow continued, we all moved as one, and the presence of God just grew stronger and stronger. Eventually I shared how Isaiah the prophet saw the Throne of God. He saw the King, the Lord of hosts. And he was undone. 

Keep in mind Isaiah was already the foremost prophetic voice in Israel at the time. But as the realm of God’s holiness encompassed his being, suddenly he became aware of his own uncleannness. “Woe is me, for I am undone!” The prophet exclaimed. “I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips…”

The same statement was true of us all. Soon the whole tent began to repent for the uncleanness of our lips and hearts. Many wept. Somewhere between “Holy” and “I am undone” I looked around and saw that virtually all had fallen on their faces before the Lord. Together seeking cleansing from the defiled communication so pervasive in America at this time, and for the defilement infused into our land and government. 

Foundations Shake
The tent became filled with the governmental glory of God that night, the first night of Pentecost 2019. The Lord swept in and touched us all. And He touched our government from its foundations, from the very place it was framed. Earth be filled with the governmental glory of God! Quite literally the foundations of our nation’s governmental thresholds shook that night, at the voice of him who cried. 

I don’t think any of us anticipated what was about to happen that night. Or the night before, or the night after. It took us all by surprise. For perspective, Ed Watts shared with me it was one of the top ministry experiences of his life. We felt very much the same. So did most everybody I talked to. We experienced together a small taste of His glory. Jolene and I were both shaking on the inside for three days straight. 

Not a coincidence that Chuck Pierce then came and prophesied from Philadelphia that “revival shaking begins now” from Pentecost 2019 through Pentecost 2020. 

Governmental Glory—Israel and the United Kingdom
A similar experience occurred in London just weeks beforehand. Jolene and I had just flown in from Israel, where the Lord began to stir our hearts that the expression of His glory coming in this hour is His governmental glory. It was amazing to bond with Isaiah 6 at Succat Hallel, Rick and Patricia Ridings’ house of prayer overlooking the very Temple Mount where the heavens opened, the thresholds shook, and Isaiah saw the Lord seated on His Throne. 

We touched on this while ministering at Succat Hallel, and then Rick and Patricia commissioned us from Zion for the Glory Train journey. A day later we were in the air, flying to the UK for the very first time. 

In England were honored to participate in a prophetic roundtable hosted by Apostle Betty King. Betty spontaneously invited Jolene and me to minister for her Sunday service. And the Lord breathed life into a revelation which began to form at Succat Hallel, overlooking the Temple Mount. There was suddenly a new governmental weight on the governmental revelation of Isaiah 6. When we ministered, it ceased being a message. Instead it became a gateway to personal and corporate experience with the majesty of God. I pray the same for you today!

What the Lord showed us that morning was extraordinary. Isaiah 6 begins with a sobering phrase. “In the year king Uzziah died I saw the Lord, seated on a throne…” Though circumstances were different, I saw that in England, Israel and America the highest thrones of government were also shaking. UK Prime Minister Theresa May had just announced she was resigning from her office. At the same time in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu had just announced he was unable to form a coalition government, with new elections being called. Meanwhile in America, Franklin Graham had just called for a national day of prayer for President Trump. 

I prophesied then that, just as in Isaiah’s day, within a year of Theresa May yielding her throne, God’s unshakeable Throne will be unveiled, and the governmental glory of God will be ushered through the gates. England exudes royalty. This nation established by covenant with God was called to display the majesty of the Sovereign King, Jesus Christ. I saw and prophesied how the same glory which framed the nation centuries ago is now being restored to breathe fresh revelation into the soul of the land. The majesty of God, unveiled. Holy, Holy, Holy! Earth be filled with His glory. London be filled with His governmental glory! 

There was unusual weight on these prophetic declarations that morning. The declarations were met with immediate manifestations, as the Lord in His grace granted us a foretaste of what we are longing for. The holiness of His governmental glory swept in and filled this upper room in Wembly, London, presided over by Betty King. A holy awe fell upon us all. Conviction with many tears. Once again Jolene and I were trembling, our spirits shaking in His governmental glory. I cannot convey my gratitude enough for an apostle determined to give Holy Spirit free course, and a congregation mentored in moving in this freedom. It turns out they had been fasting and praying, contending for this visitation. It was such an honor just to be amidst a people welcoming Him through the gates. 

The Governmental Glory—A Holy Progression
Remember that Ezekiel saw God’s glory coming in by way of the gate facing east. In other words, He moved from east to west to fill the house with His glory. I want you to see a progression here, even embodied by our own journey. 

First the Lord brought us to Zion, to the Temple Mount, to the epicenter of His covenantal foundations for Israel and the nations. Zion is the sacred ground where His covenant was forever established by Jesus as he gave His life for His people and rose again, presenting His own body and blood to redeem us all. It is the sacred ground where His governmental glory was restored at Pentecost. And Zion is the sacred ground where He is returning to establish His unshakeable throne on earth as in Heaven. It’s His throne, established by an unbreakable covenant!

And it’s there that the Lord first began to touch us with the real-time revelation that His governmental glory is being restored through our gates. 

From Zion we moved west to England and Wales, to an ancient land established by covenant with God. This is the land from which sons of covenant from England, known as Pilgrims, embarked almost 400 years ago to establish America in covenant with God. In London and then Wales we shook under the weight of just a brief experience with His governmental glory. 

Soon our westward journey brought us home to Washington DC. Our first place of ministry was in Philadelphia with Jamie Fitt, where the foundations of our government were established. The Lord visited us with His governmental glory in the midst of the corporate flow. And then sealed His work with one of the highest-level prophets in the world prophesying the very expression that had just been birthed.

Shake the Thresholds! Ushering in the Governmental Glory
Commissioned from Zion, the Glory Train is already moving. Remember this movement simply bears witness to the restoration of God’s glory and freedom in the earth. We are no longer in a time where this is “going to happen.” It is happening already. His governmental glory is already moving by way of the gate facing east, shaking the thresholds of the geographic east gate of our nation. 

I know in my spirit our time at Faneuil Hall is a summons before His face. And from His presence those attending are going to receive a significant commissioning for America. I know also that through 2019-2020 He is not only coming in by way of the gate facing east, but He is going to fill the house of this nation! The majesty of God is going to be unveiled and restored. An anointing of holy conviction will again awaken us from slumber. Where we have succumbed to defilement, a glorious, fire-saturated baptism is now flowing to cleanse us all. Christ’s marriage covenant with our land is being restored, affirmed, honored and established in a whole new way by Holy Spirit. And you’re going to see how the Midnight Cry is a summons to a wedding! 

Because the Lord is now moving across our thresholds to dwell with us. The thresholds are shaking at the voices of pioneering watchmen, seated with Him in heavenly places, as a united cry resounds through Heaven and earth.  

HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord of hosts. EARTH BE FILLED with the governmental glory of God!