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This threat, from a BLM rally we attended, describes the extraordinary leveraging supported by one political party to remove the other from office. Manufactured deception by former intelligence officials, unyielding criticism by the media, and even two impeachment trials had all failed to accomplish this goal. So the attempt was again made to brand the President and his party as prejudiced. Extraordinary given that decades before, President Trump had been hailed as a civil rights hero.

But that said, clearly the message behind last summer’s riots, the burning of our cities, the defunding of our police, and even physical assaults on police and leaders last summer went far beyond efforts to overcome racism. The message was clear. America, your cities will continue to burn unless you vote our way. 

With the 2020 elections their wish was seemingly granted. We today are seven months and 11 days into the departure of President Trump and the inauguration of Joe Biden. And we are are eleven days from the 20th anniversary of 9-11. A question must now be considered. What has happened to America?

Enduring Freedom Ends. Remember 2001. The towers fell. The western wall of the Pentagon was decimated. Almost 3,000 Americans died. In response America engaged in a 20 year war on terror, initially called Operation Enduring Freedom. We took down the Taliban. Now, as of September 2021, America has officially surrendered to the same Taliban we overthrew in 2001, ceding Afghanistan to their governance. Enduring freedom has ended.

The historically abusive Taliban now hovers over broken cities in American helicopters, while door to door efforts are resulting in the brutal killing of foreigners, international aid workers, and fellow citizens who supported American efforts towards freedom. Apparently with a kill list provided by the Biden Administration. 

Meanwhile amidst the botched exit from Kabul, the White House and State Department apparently continued to block a certain classification of refugees—Christians—from leaving, and having their lives spared. 

Terror Threats Increase. Some of you might remember a call almost a month ago, when I asked for prayer to thwart any terror attack on San Diego. Holy Spirit brought a clear warning to me while in the city. This past weekend, to my horror I discovered that most of the 13 Marines killed in the terrorist attack in Kabul were based out of Camp Pendleton, next to San Diego. 

Was that the strike the Lord warned of? Or, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9-11, are more strikes planned? Where? Please continue to pray! 

Experts are warning that ceding Afghanistan back to the Taliban could spark a resurgence of terrorism against the west. Radicalized men and women are now streaming to the nation with this hope. 

Perhaps the radicals won’t lack in weapons. An estimated 85 billion dollars worth of America’s top weapons and high-tech equipment have been confiscated by the Taliban to sell to our enemies, or utilize themselves.

Respect, Diplomatic Standing Compromised. Our NATO allies stand aghast at the debacle of Afghanistan. The UK Parliament has taken the highly unusual step to hold the Biden Administration IN CONTEMPT for its actions. 

And from Russia to China to Iran, at the perceptions of America’s newfound weakness our strongest adversaries have only become emboldened

On the Homefront, many American voters once adamantly against former President Trump have fiercely protested the incompetence, weakness and detachment demonstrated by this administration. Even staunch Democrats are now decrying Biden. A common shared sentiment is that there is NO WAY former President Donald Trump would have allowed this to happen. 

Aftermath of Riots. Lets return to aftermath of the riots. In major cities across America, the movement to defund the police has catalyzed the highest rise in homicides and crime in decades. Not coincidentally, it has also led to the highest recorded rise in police officers retiring. 

Homeless camps are still growing, in many cases taking over entire city blocks. Antifa continues to rise. Criminal activity continues to increase across the nation, including in our nation’s Capitol.

Economy: Gas Prices, Inflation Soar. America’s short season of decreasing reliance on foreign oil has changed. Gas shortages in various parts of the United States are now being predicted, along with vegetables, toilet paper etc. With Canadian oil now moving to Russia and China instead of the US due to the Keystone XL pipeline shutdown, our supplies are severely compromised. And prices are rising. 

How about the price of everything else? This cannot be overstated. Inflation, a clear signal of a compromised economy, is increasing to levels not seen for 30 years.

Immigration Crisis.During the Trump Administration, major efforts were made to mitigate the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our borders. At the same time, one of the largest humanitarian efforts in history was mobilized to meet their immediate needs.

What’s happening now? The volume of immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border are now at a 21 year high. Our borders are once again porous—and perhaps more vulnerable than ever to penetration by cartels and terrorists. 

As a Nation—Are We Under Judgment?
I could go on. Remember that in 2020, it was deemed unpatriotic to “make America great again.” As we warned prophetically, our greatness has now greatly diminished. It is extraordinary how quickly this has occurred. 

From the exposure of corrupt leaders to unstoppable fires devouring lands and cities, from sustained covid perplexities to economic shaking, nothing seems stable. And I don’t even know how to interpret the fact that a category-four hurricane has devastated entire states on the very moment of our final exit from Afghanistan. On the very same date Hurricane Katrina hit 16 years ago.

The argument could even be made that we as a nation are under God’s judgment. If that is true, it is certainly deserved. Just look at how we as a nation have scorned the Lord. Look at how our leaders have openly defied His heart and law. Drop the plumbline and see the collateral damage of their defiance, and ours. 

We have to remember that the strongest expression of judgment the Lord can make is to simply turn us over to our own choices, and their consequences. This marked His final dealings with Israel before extreme calamity. 

Yet even in the midst of Israel’s downward spiral the Lord initiated a plan for recovery. As of 08-08, a turnaround window has been opened for America as well. The covenant with death and hell has been annulled. Covenant restoration can now forge a new beginning.

No coincidence that 08-08 marked the first day of Elul, initiating 40 days of teshuvah prayer til Yom Kippur. Lets humble ourselves. Lets repent. Lets return to covenant. Lets return to the wall.

And lets together pray that God spare us the full consequences of our misguided choices. No King but Jesus…