911 Call for World War Watch, Crown and Throne Authority

NEGIEL BIGPOND ON PRAYER CALL WEDNESDAY! 9-10pm EST. 9-10 pm EST. Negiel is a dear friend who stewards tangible apostolic authority for our nation. As you will see below, we will engage in a World War Watch. Please make plans now! Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Breakthrough came this morning! In Washington DC no less. Thank you Jesus! The Lord gave me a very important dream for the hour, which I will try to convey to you. I want to say at the outset, this is one of the most important postings I have ever penned.

There were two parts to this dream—first the invitation, then the prayer meeting. Most of you now reading today’s posting are being compelled by the Spirit of God to receive and respond to this world-changing invitation from the Throne. Therefore please consider this posting your summons.

Invitation in Black and White
In the dream, Jolene and I both received an elegant, hand-written white scroll with an invitation to two correlated experiences—a World War Watch, and Crown and Throne prayer. From a key aspect later in the dream, I knew it was an “11th Hour Invitation.” Each one was formatted horizontally, like many wedding invitations, with hand-crafted black letters melding regular print with the flair of cursive.

I noted that Jolene’s invitation took up most of the page. Mine did too, but only the first paragraph was written in black. The rest of the scroll was “penciled in” with white type. I knew that key resolutions were being required by me for the pencilled-in areas to be filled in—in other words, to be sealed by heaven and made black and white.

Seek Him NOW for a Better Verdict
I did not understand this until Holy Spirit reminded me about the convocation of Heaven’s Court during these Days of Awe. According to Hebrew tradition, God renders judgment for each person during Rosh Hashanah. He writes on a scroll the destiny of each person for the coming year. During the Days of Awe, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Jews especially engage in fasting, prayer, reconciliation, restitution and giving alms. They literally petition the Lord for a more favorable verdict to frame the coming year—literally an 11th hour rescue of their destinies.

At the close of Yom Kippur, the “penciled-in verdict” becomes sealed, whether or not it has been changed by The Lord over the course of the previous ten days. In other words, the course of our destinies becomes sealed and established.

Remember that Yom Kippur is the date where the blood of the Lamb is presented in the Holy of Holies to atone for the sins of the people and nation. It is literally the highest holy day of the year—for all heirs of God’s promise who have been grafted into His sacred covenant. This means you!

Friends, please take this dream as your own. For many of you, the time is NOW to obtain a better verdict. What God is conveying here should really propel you into the fear of The Lord. Seek Him now, in repentance and humility, for a better verdict and a rescued destiny. Seek until you find. I know I am! “Repent and return, so that your sins may be washed away, and (kairos) times of refreshing may come from the Presence of The Lord” (Acts 3:19).

On a national level, lets also seek God in repentance for a rescued destiny for America. Clearly, our nation is being weighed in the balance at this very hour. Lets pray the same for Syria, Egypt and Israel.

It is no coincidence our nation is deciding on war with Syria during these Days of Awe. At the same time, we have chronicled how key prophets have given sober warnings about clear and present danger if we proceed in arrogance. The resulting turmoil could not only ignite the Mideast in war, but could also bring terrorism to our own soil.

I am not saying we should go to war; neither am I admonishing restraint. Instead, I am admonishing COVENANT ALIGNMENT WITH GOD’S THRONE! Let us repent and return. Only then will the scrolls of our directives become black and white to us.

We have sinned, we have fallen short of God’s glory. Lord give us clean hands and a pure heart! Wash the sin and unjust bloodshed from our own hands. Forgive us where we have OPENLY DEFIED YOUR WORD, thereby opening gates of sabotage instead of shutting them. Rescue our own destiny, Lord! And by Your grace alone, may we remain a catalyst to help others rescue theirs. Align us with Your Throne, and with Your covenant dream for Israel—as well as Syria and Egypt. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

9-11: Eleventh Hour Invitation
This brings us to the second part of the dream. In this phase I was seeing the invitation I had responded to, as well as the timing. At 10:45pm, or quarter til eleven, I walked through a door on to the stage of a large, bright auditorium. A worship and prayer team, dressed in white t-shirts and pants, was leading the crowd. A song ended, and the prayer leader began to pray a simple prayer for the people of Syria. He was lying face-down on the stage as he prayed. I shouted an enthusiastic amen, and then the crowd responded with continual shouts of AMEN. Wave after wave of AMEN, with Holy Spirit glory growing with each spontaneous resounding!

I noticed then that the entire auditorium was also dressed in white and fully engaged. That’s when the dream ended.

9-11: Alignment, Agreement, Authority
For brevity’s sake, here are a few key points. First, the timing. At quarter til eleven, the big hand is on the nine, the little hand on the eleven. I literally stepped into an 11th hour invitation. Obviously The Lord was also indicating 9-11 is very important again this year. Today is 9-9, and Wednesday is 9-11. We are clearly being warned by God to pray. SHIELDS UP!

Second, the meeting. I literally entered through the open door into a World War Watch. Crown & Throne authority was being released in the midst of Harp and Bowl worship and prayer.

Each one in the hall had washed their clothes white in the blood of Jesus. The leaders were demonstrating humility from their hearts. They had aligned with God’s Throne! As I watched the prayer meeting, it suddenly turned from half-hearted participation to full engagement in a moment! As the room became engaged, great power was released. God’s Glory came.

And the key was the amen! In this dream, the power and authority wasn’t released so much through worship or prayer and proclamation. INSTEAD, IT WAS RELEASED THROUGH AGREEMENT!

To summarize: You too have an eleventh hour invitation. Alignment, agreement, and authority. You can access this invitation by responding through alignment and agreement with God’s Throne. As you align through repentance, and engage in prayer and agreement, you will see God’s glory and His authority increase in your own lives and in corporate meetings. The hour is short, and it is now time to respond. AMEN!

God is clearly directing us to 9/11. Why not a prayer meeting in your area! Call friends together and seek The Lord in your churches and in your homes. Please use this posting as a guide and a reference.