with Emma Stark, Jon & Jolene Hamill. hosted by the Gate DC & Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA. 

Join us as we launch the next phase of the Glory Train movement September 7-8 in Northern Virginia! EMMA STARK from Scotland is one of the most powerful prophetic voices we are privileged to know. She will be joining us, teaching and prophesying. Make plans now! 

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Jolene and I are honored to invite you to the “Tracks to Your Future” prophetic gathering, September 7-8 in Oakton VA. Prophet Emma Stark of Scotland will be joining us. The director of the Glasgow Prophetic Centre, Emma is one of the most revolutionary and accurate prophetic voices we know—seriously. We met her while ministering together at the Global Prophetic Summit, held each year in Dallas Texas, and were deeply impacted by her ministry. Emma is genuine—and genuinely hilarious. 

To get to know Emma more, please check out her messages on YouTube. Below are a few suggestions.
“Growing in the Prophetic” CLICK HERE.
“Extreme Visitations of Holy Spirit” CLICK HERE.

Glory Train 2019
This summer’s northeast Glory Train journey has been profoundly impacting. It’s as though the Lord chose this year to put the “glory” in the Glory Train! From our time at Faneuil Hall til now, we have seen Holy Spirit break forth tangibly in awakening and fresh fire. This year a mobile baptismal accompanied us all along the way. The “baptism revival” sessions have been so powerful!

Jon released a word prophesying the baptism revival back in 2006. To review the Elijah List word CLICK HERE.

Laying the Tracks to Your Future
While praying about this season I sensed that from now through September 11 the Lord is giving us a limited opportunity to “lay the tracks to our future.” Accurate, real-time prophetic revelation is absolutely necessary to propel us beyond the obstacles in our path. The Breaker breaks open! And our alignment with Heaven’s directives will set the course for our future. 

I also sensed an incredible urgency to pray for our nation’s protection against sabotage and terrorist attacks in many realms. 

All that said, Jolene and I believe this gathering will be vital for your future personally, and our future together! Come hear God’s voice, receive clear direction, connect with friends, and lets experience a new level of God’s glory in our midst. NO KING BUT JESUS!