Mentioning the CIA, NSA, or Homeland Security in some circles today is a risky venture. The exposure of warrantless surveillance, wrong agendas, collaboration with tech giants, and speeding tickets from traffic cams all have cultivated an assumption that the freedoms inherent to the American dream are now not only jeopardized, but actually lost.

For this reason, many have stopped praying for our intelligence communities. Which could actually yield them to the supernatural forces many fear are working behind the scenes.

Towards 9/11—The Imperative of Prayer
Friends, this principle is the same across the spectrum of our governmental institutions. Light conquers darkness. Shining the light—releasing God’s love and virtue through prayer—restrains the forces of hatred, greed, paranoia, prejudice, corruption and dictatorial tendencies so many have learned to fear.

And yielding to fear—through accusation, suspicion, isolation and slander—can actually empower the very forces Jesus seeks to overthrow.

We are days away from September 11. We are potentially days or weeks away from war in Syria, with a real potential that this conflict could spill over to Israel, provoke retaliatory terrorist strikes on our own homeland, and even spark another world war.

Decision-makers from the President down depend upon accurate intel to make decisions and develop strategies for victory and the preservation of lives. That said, if there is any “kairos” time to pray for our intelligence community, it is NOW.

Intelligence—a Biblical Perspective
Ever wonder how God feels about intelligence agencies? Biblically, the prophetic community often served government officials by providing accurate intelligence by the Spirit of God. Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Samuel, the list goes on. Note that these prophets were not in the employ of government, but God. Empowered by God’s grace, they both preserved the nation and held its leaders accountable!

Joshua was one of 12 ‘special ops’ intelligence assets assigned by Moses to both spy out the land and analyze the intelligence that was gathered. Paranoia among the analysts prevailed over Joshua’s interpretation of the intelligence. As a result of this agenda-driven evaluation, God’s word to them was invalidated, resulting in 40 years of wilderness journeys!

Have you ever seen how these 40 years in the wilderness was actually the result of a failure in intelligence analysis? The same holds true today. Internal agendas that intentionally misrepresent accurate intelligence can absolutely put America at great risk. Further, these internal agendas can actually prevent God’s directives and virtue from bringing the redemptive benefits He has ordained for a nation.

Ever notice that God promoted an intelligence analyst to lead His people to possess their Promised Land? And this intelligence analyst had a heart for God that propelled Him far beyond his colleagues. Nobody else dared come close to the Tent of Meeting, where Moses met with God. Joshua couldn’t stay away from God’s presence, even at the risk of his life.

My guess is that there are many Joshuas and Calebs in this same field today. They are analysts, agents, and assets in faraway lands. They often put their lives at risk to protect and defend the very values they are accused of subverting. Please lets advance God’s kingdom in their lives, and in our nation by praying for them!

Prayer Points
Pray by agency for our intelligence communities! Pray for the leaders. Pray for the Joshuas and Calebs in our intelligence communities.

Pray for The Lord to grant accurate, nonbiased intelligence to analysts and decision-makers. Ask The Lord to disentangle accurate intelligence from political agendas.

Pray for ungodly agendas to be exposed, and for godly agendas to be validated and advanced.

As we move towards September 11, the risk of strikes here and abroad is increased. Ask the Lord to immediately expose terrorist cells and plots in our homeland. Prophets have warned about planned strikes in metro DC, Annapolis, and Norfolk. Seek The Lord also for protection for our consulates and embassies worldwide, especially in Iraq and the Mideast.

We have access to pray into “secret intel” by the Spirit of God. Pray in the Holy Spirit! The Spirit of God knows what’s needed, and can cover challenges far beyond our knowledge and understanding. Again—pray in the Spirit!