Breaking—Cindy Jacobs joining us tonight as well!

JAMES GOLL ON PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9-10pm EST. 9-10 pm EST. Please make plans now! Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Labor Day Miracle… More than $800 donated by Lamplighter Family for Israel trip YESTERDAY! You are the best! And we are so honored to walk together with each of you in this historic season. Thank you. In Jesus, we will all share in the rewards!

Tonight’s prayer call has become even more significant than I perceived. I will explain the back story in a moment. But in addition to James Goll, Cindy Jacobs and many from the Reformation Prayer Network and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network will be joining us tonight briefly as well.

Promises to be an insightful call!

Immediate Prophetic Warnings
James Goll briefed me last night about two prophetic experiences he has had within about a week—a dream last week and a prophetic encounter Sunday morning—with warnings about Syria, the Mideast and America. In Sunday’s experience, the clear message was that we must NOW be on the alert—even in America.

James will share these warnings on the call. Remember that a year ago September, he shared with the Lamplighter family a warning about chemical and biological weapons from Syria being targeted for Israel. It was on this call the cry from James gripped us all. “Shields up!”

The travesty of 1500 being exterminated in Syria by these weapons makes this potential very clear. That said, please pray for us as and our Israel trip!

So here’s some late-breaking news about tonight’s call. The only window of time James had to share with us this week is tonight. And today and tonight we are with Cindy Jacobs and the Reformation Prayer Network annual meeting. So I called Cindy yesterday just to mention the call, and it turns out she too has had a significant warning related to Syria and America. We are going to join together tonight—James from Nashville, Cindy, Mike and the RPN from Prayer Mountain in metro Dallas, and leaders and intercessors across the nation.

Please note that key prophets are receiving warnings not just about Syria and Israel, but about specific geographic locations in America as well. Some of these warnings are about Washington DC and the geographic east gate. Jolene had a similar warning in a dream recently, in which the Chesapeake bay region was targeted and the Bay Bridge literally wasn’t there anymore. Thank you Robert and Annette Stagmer, HAPN/RPN coordinators for Maryland, for raising up a prayer shield for this!!!

Shields Up!
That said, SHIELDS UP is an absolute mandate at this time. Obviously we are in a volatile hour, especially as we move towards September 11. Please note that Rosh Hashanah begins tomorrow, commencing the Days of Awe through Yom Kippur on September 14. Lets keep vigilance in prayer for your communities, for DC and the nation, for Israel and the Mideast!!! And we look forward to joining with many of you on the call tonight.