Prayer Call Wednesday! Remaining Vigilant

As many as three gunmen opened fire in the historic Naval Yards in Washington DC, approximately 1.5 miles from the US Capitol. Please pray immediately for victims whose lives remain in the balance at this time. Please also pray immediately for the capture of two possible gunmen who currently remain at large.

Many DC schools are now on lockdown.

Remarkable how this shooting occurred the very day after our prayer watch culminated this Sunday. God personally gave us a clear mandate for vigilant intercession, specifically for Washington DC and Annapolis with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, from September 1-15.

Then James Goll shared with us clear warnings remain alert and pray. Cindy Jacobs warned of potential terrorist attacks in Washington DC, as well as Naval facilities in Annapolis and Norfolk.

Clearly the impression she shared regarding Washington DC and a Naval facility proved hauntingly accurate.

Jolene and I returned last night to our Capitol after a powerful and moving weekend with friends in Albany NY. Thanks to all who prayed for the Crown and Throne gathering!

Remain Vigilant! Prayer Call Wednesday!
We leave tomorrow for Israel. Speaking of which—our friend Rosie Phillips from WA will be hosting our weekly prayer calls while we are in Israel. We will continue interceding for Davids Tent, for the protection of our nation, and for Syria and Israel. We beg your prayers for us over the next 18 days, especially given the remarkable accuracy of prophetic warnings. We have all felt Holy Spirit compel us to fervent prayer regarding Syria and Israel related to chemical weapons. Please pray!

Davids Tent
On Wednesday, September 25, we will join you from Israel on the prayer call to celebrate the beginning of Davids Tent DC on the White House Ellipse! As we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles! Literally connecting Washington to Washington to Jerusalem in prayer!

Can’t make this up.

Remember to cover Jason Hershey and team as they make final preparations and then launch the 40 days of 24/7 worship again this year. We have actually felt more spiritual intensity over this season than last year. And I personally believe, with all that is transpiring in the nation and the Mideast, this year’s worship vigil is even more important.

Pray for President Obama & Team
Finally—we clearly need to remain vigilant for our nation. Yesterday I had a tangible, Holy Spirit prayer burden for President Obama, and I urge you to pray diligently and immediately for a fresh breakthrough of God’s grace and direction for him. Pray for his Cabinet and advisors as well.

Please also continue praying for our military and intelligence communities, especially as the investigation into the Naval Yards shooting begins. Thank you for your stand on the wall. Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene