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WHITE HOUSE. ROSE GARDEN. National Day of Prayer. Attending the ceremony was a great honor. It was hard hitting yet poignant, relevant and extremely revelatory. And from beginning to end, the ceremony resounded God’s vast capacities for breakthrough. Today I’d like to share a few observations from the gathering, in context with our journey.

VP Mike Pence broke things open with a thunderous plea for America’s freedom to be preserved, and Venezuela’s freedom to break forth. Jonathan Cain, balladeer from Journey who wrote “Don’t Stop Believing,” led worship. First Lady Melania Trump sought for God’s face to shine on our nation continually. President Trump announced amazing new policies protecting our freedom to worship in word and deed. He then told how his faith in God saw him through the barrage of lies and accusation surrounding the Mueller investigation. He then introduced many guests, a few of whom I will share about in a moment. 

Holy Ground—Decree by Paula White
The ceremony which opened with thunder was sealed with lightning. Paula White-Cain closed the ceremony with an historic apostolic-prophetic decree, perhaps the first to ever resound from the Rose Garden on the National Day of Prayer. “I declare and decree that the White House is HOLY GROUND… we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities, wickedness and darkness, so we declare every demonic network is scattered right now! We declare right now that there is a hedge of protection over our president, first lady, every assignment, the purpose they carry and the mantle!”

The mantle. Remember that phrase, ok?

All we have labored for in prayer these past few years, from God’s mandate to “overcome the Deficit of Justice at the DOJ” to countless calls and prayer journeys to see these networks broken, to the Yom Kippur Verdict releasing God’s justice against the lies and accusations of Jezebel’s confederation, were summed up and sealed by this Rose Garden decree. 

And every fiber of my being trembled.

Pray the Decree!
An observation: this decree was not random, it was purposeful. Please come into agreement with the substance of Paula White’s decree in your prayers. Make them a continual prayer focus. Pray for God’s continual covering over President Trump and the administration. Pray for breakthrough wisdom and revelation. Decree the White House is HOLY GROUND! Decree the Lord continues to scatter all demonic confederations against the President. Pray the Lord recharge President Trump by His Spirit, and recharge the mantle that he has received to lead this nation. More on this in a moment. 

New Season of Prayer
As Lamplighter readers know, I sensed my invitation to this National Day of Prayer ceremony demarcated a threshold into a greater season of prayer for the President. This demarcation was conveyed by a dream from back in May 2016. In the dream, then-candidate Donald Trump was leading his team in baseball practice. He was the owner of the team, the manager, coach and star player. The team was growing in effectiveness together. The players were being refined. 

Suddenly dark storm clouds appeared. They swept in out of nowhere. Trump led his team off the practice field, ahead of everybody. Practice was over. It was time to implement the lessons learned from the former season, and now play ball. 

In the dream, Trump walked alone. Blue blazer, white shirt, tan pants and a red Make America Great Again hat. I was walking parallel with him. 

All at once, two white horses appeared through the storm clouds. I knew they were catalysts of God’s turnaround. Both came racing towards me, and one thrust his head into my chest. Then Trump walked by, pointed at me, looked me in the eyes and said simply, “You’ve got to keep praying for me.” 

This 2016 dream marked my commissioning from the Lord into intercession for now-president Donald Trump. In this season it marks a vital recommissioning. Intercession for a new thrust of victory that counters the storms now upon us. The training which brought us here has been difficult. But prophetically, the reason for the training will now become clear.

If you follow our postings, you know that two weeks ago my wife Jolene and our friend Lynnie Harlow received back to back prophetic experiences warning of storms now at hand. We’ve been praying ever since. At the ceremony I was looking for the “white horses,” in other words the catalysts of God’s turnaround. Maybe it’s no coincidence that Paula WHITE Cain closed the ceremony with her historic decree.

Overcoming the Synagogue Shooter
Remember Thursday marked the convergence of the National Day of Prayer with Holocaust Remembrance Day. During the ceremony President Trump introduced the heroes from the Poway Synagogue shooting a week ago Saturday. The military veteran who charged the shooter unarmed. The Customs and Border Protection agent who was armed, and returned fire. And the rabbi who, in his own words, made a terrifying decision to protect his flock at the risk of his own life. 

Rabbi Goldstein shared. He then lifted his arms, noting that bullets had taken out fingers on both of his hands. “By all odds I should be dead,” he intoned. He thanked God for his protection.

And he brought tears to the crowd in expressing his gratitude to President Trump. His personal concern and care had a profound effect. “When I got home, President Trump was the first call which brought me healing,” he said. 

The Maccabee Mantle
The Rabbi, the Veteran, the CBP Agent all took a stand against all odds to protect their people and their synagogue. I was immediately reminded of the Maccabees. They risked everything to secure their Temple as well, after a vicious and relentless assault.

And when the President returned to talk, I saw a vision. It was as clear as anything I have seen prophetically. Donald Trump was wearing a plain white mantle with a menorah over his chest. I heard the Lord say, “The Maccabee Mantle.”

It’s interesting that Jolene and I are now ministering in the state where a literal mantle was imparted to the President. In 2016 an inner city pastor named Wayne T. Jackson spontaneously placed upon Donald Trump a mantle, anointed him with oil, and commissioned him to office. He gave a Jewish bible. He then compelled now-President Donald Trump to stand for the Jewish people. As I wrote then, we should never forget that Donald Trump was mantled for the presidency by a black pastor from Detroit!

History has since recorded the validity of this prophetic action. And the Lord wants us all to know that through extraordinary challenges, the mantle on our President remains secure. 

Further, the Lord is re-empowering your mantle for this new season. I feel that the Maccabee mantle is now available by the Spirit for you to receive. A double portion! It’s the turnaround mantle. It’s literally the Lamplighter mantle. It was extraordinary to covenantally release this mantle corporately with Ed Watts last night in our Michigan meeting. Again, the very state where Trump was mantled and commissioned. 

Important point about the Maccabees. They won! And in our battle for freedom in this hour, you’re being anointed for victory as well. Secure your mantle for this new season. It’s turnaround time. No King but Jesus!


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