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7-22 THE TURNAROUND AT FANEUIL HALL. With Dutch Sheets, Chris Mitchell Jr, Adam Schindler, more, worship by Jamie Fitt. Make plans now! To register for The Turnaround on Eventbrite click link below:

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“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” Ezekiel asked the Lord.
“Get up, go to the plain, and there I will speak to you,” He replied

“What are You saying?” Jon & Jolene asked the Lord.
“Return to Faneuil Hall…”

Sometimes God will direct you to hear His voice in your prayer closet. Other times, He will compel you to gather in a specific place, at a specific time, to receive the full counsel He desires to give.

That said, it’s hard to believe we are only two days away from the Turnaround gathering at Faneuil Hall. Face of God Hall! Our team, including Dutch Sheets, Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler and others, will be sharing the real-time word the Lord is giving for 7-22-22. We want you to experience Holy Spirit’s corporate anointing, and receive personal direction from the Throne that frames your future. If you have not yet signed up, please do so! For those who cannot attend onsite we are working on securing live-streaming. 

A Turnaround Decree Received—After Year of Prayer
As part of the gathering Jolene and I are excited to share both a verdict and directive given by the Lord. It truly is a Daniel 7:22 turnaround decree. 

I’ve actually been standing in faith for the release of this decree for more than a year. On July 4, 2021 a blank scroll resembling the Declaration of Independence appeared before me in a vision, just as I awoke. I immediately knew then that we will either access Heaven’s scrolls, and fill the blank scroll with Christ’s redemptive destiny for the Nation (Esther 8:8), or dark forces would succeed in marginalizing our foundational freedoms and decree Babylon’s plan to prevail.

Our new book Turnaround Decrees was written in response. In the book there’s a chapter on Divorcing Babylon. Originally I wanted to write a decree on divorcing Babylon, and include it as part. But the Lord withheld the full release of the scroll, or at least my perception of it, until just two weeks ago. 

Declaration of Independence from Babylon
The direction finally came immediately after the Supreme Court ruling overturning nationally legalized abortion. And to say the least, it surprised me!

It is now time to divorce Babylon. Therefore, take the Declaration of Independence and apply it to Babylon/ the Deep State.”

In an intensive way we, our prayer team and the broader Lamplighter family have been praying into the wording of the Declaration since the mandate was given. We cannot thank you enough! We will share more on tonight’s call. But here’s just a sampling. And from the beginning it’s good news. 

BY VERDICT FROM HEAVEN’S COURT—Covenants establish thrones of governance. Whereas the covenant with death and hell through nationally legalized abortion has been annulled, redemptive exposure of corruption decreed, and a shift from this covenant with death to Christ’s covenant of Life has been governmentally secured—on this 7th month, 22nd day of 2022, the Ancient of Days hereby grants a New Birth of Freedom to the United States of America. 

A commensurate warning now issues that the United States of America remains in the balance between Babylon and a Covenant Nation… You are summoned to approach the Supreme Judge of the Universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, concerning the rectitude of your intentions…

On Friday, in conjunction with the 7-22 Turnaround at Faneuil Hall, the full Declaration of Independence from Babylon will be released. Please plan on praying through the document, in agreement with us, from city to city and state to state.