TONIGHT! 8pm EST. Monthly “Call to the Wall” prayer call with Mario Bramnick and key ministries nationwide. Watchman focus on Korea, Iran and prayer for the Trump administration. 605-475-3250, access code 697314#.

CALL REPLAY! Crown & Throne Tour click here. 

This weekend! Crown & Throne—School of Kings! St. Paul MN. with Martin Frankena, Karen Krueger. More info click here.

POWERFUL Call Last Night—Crown & Throne Israel Tour!
FIRST—what a powerful call last night! More than 270 people joined to hear about God’s amazing work during the Crown & Throne Israel Tour. Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, James Nesbit, myself and a host of others shared glory stories and key revelation. 

It’s now time to take your place. Because the kings are being crowned, and the scrolls are being unsealed!

We also shared—somewhat unexpectedly—about next year’s Crown & Throne tour. An adventure you gotta hear to believe. To listen to the recording click above.

Call to the Wall Tonight
Please join tonight for the monthly “Call to the Wall” prayer call. I do believe these monthly calls are important and well-timed. Remember on the last call with Mario Bramnick, Lance Wallnau, Bonnie Chavda and others, news broke about Syria’s airbase being taken out by US missiles. It was a great time to pray. 

Please note that the call is 8pm EST tonight. Jolene and I are on a very tight schedule in St. Paul, meeting with leaders and preparing for this weekend’s School of Kings. However I do have a word to share, and hope to make it on.

School of Kings—Time for Your Birthright to Prevail!
Tomorrow evening we begin a new season, launching the “Crown & Throne School of Kings.” As mentioned last night, a new order is emerging—kings and priests, patterned like Jesus after the order of Melchizedek. Whereas the priestly ministry has been largely emphasized in previous seasons, the Lord is beginning to unseal the scrolls of revelation regarding the kingly anointing. Intimacy and authority. Worship and declaration.  Thrones of glory. Resounding Heaven’s scrolls!

You and I need more than information. You need the Lord to impact the core of our being and fashion His identity deep within. 

Note that true royalty is not something you attain by effort, it’s something you are born into. It’s in your Bloodline. You need unshackled from deep inner bondages which defy Christ’s royal blood and hold your potential in paralysis. It’s time for your Birthright to prevail!

We are so excited that Martin Frankena will be working with us on the school. Martin is a spiritual father to Jolene and me. He is an author and an incredible prophetic teacher for the body of Christ. He is very discerning. Many of you know Martin from his sessions at Revolution as the Lord brought lasting healing and generational deliverance to many. 

This weekend’s school will be a groundbreaking prototype. For more than a decade, Martin has received fresh revelation from the Lord regarding our kingly identity and anointing, even as the Lord was impacting me regarding the Crown & Throne movement. 

And for more than a decade we have talked about facilitating a “School of Kings.” In this “year of the crowned vav,” both Martin and I felt from the Lord it was finally time to launch.

So thank you Karen Kruger for hosting our first school! This will be our primary teaching focus now through August. Please keep us in prayer. Many of you are also expressing an interest in hosting a “School of Kings” in your area. We are working diligently on schedules right now, so please contact us if you haven’t already.

Because the kings are now being crowned, and the scrolls are being unsealed! Covenant blessings to each of you…