Kris Vallotton this Friday! Fan the Flame DC, 7pm, Embassy Church

Jon & Jolene at the Gate DC this Saturday! Prophetic swirl continues. 7:30 pm Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA. Key teaching on the Court of Heaven!

Thanks to all who interceded for the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday. It was interesting. So great to pray on the call with key warriors across the nation, and then join a team to pray through the hall. I can say with full assurance that a current of occult defilement was swept out of the building. Because the shift was tangible.

Today I want to continue with the prophetic swirl that we’ve been chronicling recently. Lynnie Harlow shared yesterday about the “Yes Scepter.” Jolene shared last week on God’s call to Moses, who was told to pick up a snake by its tail. The snake then became a rod of authority.

When Lynnie shared her vision at the Gate DC last week, I began to prophesy, “the SNAKE-EATERS ARE BEING RELEASED!” I saw and prophesied how God’s scepter of authority was being sent like a snake into inaccessible corridors of power to devour occult defilement.

Ok before you begin to check out on me, remember how Moses’ rod was used to confront Pharaoh. He threw it down, and it transformed into a snake!

Then all of Pharaoh’s sorcerers and magicians did the same—and their scepters transformed into snakes as well. Hate when that happens…

But then Moses’ rod then began to devour all the other serpents. By the end of the power encounter, all the occultic snakes had been completely cleared out. And Pharaoh’s sorcerers were left with no remaining rods of authority!

Special Ops—Cutting Power Lines
Now this is really important. The Exodus power encounters began with a commission from God to Moses to negate the power of occult authority within Pharaoh’s own seat of authority.

Imagine Moses and Aaron as a “special ops guys,” sent on a mission to rescue kidnapped kids. Just before storming the gates, one of the first things the “special ops” guys do is to cut lines of power and lines of communication. Their power source is cut—and they can no longer see.

That’s what’s going on here, folks. And that’s the coming power now being harnessed for delivery by the chariots of heaven.

Executing Judgment Against Pharaoh’s Gods
You cannot understand the progressive magnitude of this event without understanding God’s justice and the courts of heaven. Remember how Exodus 2 chronicles God’s judgment against both Pharaoh’s gods and Pharaoh’s government. This power encounter, where Moses’ rod devoured the sorcerers’ rods, is the first step in executing God’s judgment against Pharaoh’s gods and Pharaoh’s government. The process of executing the judgment begins by cutting off the demonic power source to Pharaoh’s seat of authority.

This cannot be emphasized enough, so I think I’ll say it again. The process of executing the judgment begins by cutting off the demonic power source to Pharaoh’s seat of authority. It culminates, of course, with Passover, where the blood of the Lamb is applied and a nation within a nation is set free.

That’s the message of the snake-eaters, folks. Lets bring this forward to today. We have entered a new phase in God’s progressive deliverance:

  • He has rendered judgement and divorced us from Baal, granting us a restoration of covenant with Jesus Christ.
  • He has granted us a Daniel 7:22 judgment in favor of the saints, granting us a turnaround. He has released His turnaround mantle—and we’ve seen everything from recent elections to the Super Bowl turn at the very last minute!
  • As part of this Daniel 7:22 judgement, He has decreed that “the scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous” (Psalm 125:3).
  • He has released His “YES Scepter” to counter the scepter of the wicked—the scepter of unrighteous governance. This is how He has signaled the next phase of progression in His deliverance. Judgment has been rendered, and now judgment has begun to be executed.
  • And the Scepter of the Lord is now released to devour the scepters of the wicked, negating their occult power over seats of governance.

Beloved, given this recent prophetic swirl, it’s no coincidence that we are culminating this Turnaround Prayer Project on March 4. Because March 4 just happens to be Purim—where the king’s scepter was extended to Esther, resulting in the deliverance of her people.

God’s making a point here for sure. Until a week ago, I had no idea it was actually Purim. I only know March 4 as my birthday.

So friends, as we “march forth” though this progression, the Lord has a gift for each of you. HE IS EXTENDING TO YOU HIS “YES SCEPTER” OF COVENANT AUTHORITY.

Take it—it’s yours. Now take out the snakes!