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AS PROPHESIED, WE HAVE CROSSED OVER into a new season. There is no turning back. In fact, the turnaround anointing that seemed to be stopped up over the past two years is moving again. The Breaker is breaking open. THE LID COMES OFF!

We also warned that the time period between Passover and Pentecost would be volatile. The word of the Lord was literally “firestorm.” We are grateful for all who, through intercession, are countering unholy fire with Heaven’s stream of fiery justice! Judgement has indeed been rendered in favor of the saints (Dan. 7:22).

Much of our Turnaround Tuesday efforts are focused around mobilizing prayer for the destinies of our sons and daughters. You may recall how God gave us the passage from Isaiah 49:25. “I will contend with the one who contends with you, and I will save your children!” 

Lets take another look at this passage related to the unborn children, whose sacred destinies are in the balance at this time. Thank God for the majority opinion of Supreme Court Justices  as they aligned with Heaven’s Court to overthrow Roe v Wade, and restore the Constitution as the Plumbline for evaluating law. 

It is absolutely abhorrent that these same Justices are essentially holed up in safe houses in order to be protected from violent threats from opponents who resent their decision. This is the United States, not a third world dictatorship. 

And now Senator Chuck Schumer has threatened to do away with the filibuster to try and force Congress to legalize abortion nationally. 

Big mistake, friend. Those who seek this remain in open defiance of their own Creator.  And no matter what they may achieve, in the end it will boomerang against them. COVENANT WITH DEATH AND HELL ANNULLED! (Isaiah 28). 

In 2019 the Lord gave me a prophetic experience regarding this while touring the US Capitol.

HANDWRITING ON THE WALL! Gavel Falls On Capitol Hill (adapted from our book White House Watchmen)
A small group of leaders took a prayer tour through the three branches of government on Tuesday November 5, 2019, a year to the day of the 2020 elections. We were closing our time at the US Capitol when the Lord arrested me with a momentary prophetic experience. Its brevity betrayed its true importance.

Before us was the actual cornerstone of the US Capitol, laid by President George Washington. Many consider it symbolic of the cornerstone of American democracy, faults and all. In the laying of the cornerstone, a Masonic ceremony committed both the stone and the institution built upon it to a deceptive mixture of God and idols.

As we were praying, I turned and saw something that in the natural simply wasn’t there. Much like Daniel’s vision of the handwriting on the wall, a Judge’s gavel appeared from a wall and struck with fierce intentionality. The sheer magnitude of authority expressed in the vision made me tremble. I heard the words “covenant with death and hell annulled” (Isaiah 28).

We had just made some potent declarations. Covenant with God divorced from idolatry secured. Restraining order against demonic powers issued and enforced. Forces empowering deception overthrown. Turnaround. Let Jesus now be seated as the cornerstone of our national governance—in all three branches of government.

And the gavel fell as if in response, sealing Heaven’s verdict of turnaround.

When Parties Openly Defy the Lord, the Gavel FallsWhat does the turnaround look like? I’m not seeking to be political here, or tell anyone how to vote. Both parties have severe faults. Also, there are aspects of God’s intended turnaround conditional and dependent on the obedience of leaders entrusted to the office. 

But many aspects are not… (White House Watchmen, p. 78).

There’s more to this story. For now I just want to say that I felt very prompted by the Lord to release again this vision of the gavel falling, related to the declaration recently given that THE LID COMES OFF.

In White House Watchmen I wrote that “I also sensed one particular party had so openly defied the Lord, in word and in deed, that He was ready to bring the gavel fully down… But if that’s true, how much of this is conditional? How will it happen? Given the current state of conflict in Washington DC, I cannot but wonder what lies before us that would so infuriate Americans that the masses would vote to completely eradicate the influence of a particular party. I also have to wonder if things would be different if leaders were to truly repent and realign with the Lord”
(White House Watchmen, pp. 78-80).

Friends the last thing we need is more division thrust upon our nation by our highest leaders. Like an old record, that song has played. Instead lets all pray for Democrats and Republicans together for a supernatural, Holy Spirit conviction and realignment with God’s heart, His word and covenant. Lord may we become united under You instead of in defiance against You!

A time gate has opened to complete the turnaround the Lord has entrusted to us, in a way that blesses and benefits all. Please continue to keep watch. NO KING BUT JESUS!