San Diego, 7pm WEDNESDAY Oct. 31, Skyline Church Chapel with Judy and Keat Wade. If you’re in Southern California please make plans to join us!

Washington DC, RISE UP GATHERING, 9am-10pm Nov. 5, 2018, with Mario Bramnick, Cindy Jacobs, Lance Wallnau, Ramiro Pena, Michele Bachmann, others. Hosted by Bishop Harry Jackson and Hope Christian Church in metro DC. More information CLICK HERE. 

December 6-8, 2018, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC.

Hosted by Jon & Jolene with special guests Chuck Pierce, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Faisal Malick, many more.
Worship by the Remnant Band with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson

Registration on EventBrite: $70 early bird through Nov. 11 | $95 regular rate after Nov. 11 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Capitol, steps from Museum of the Bible. To make a reservation CLICK HERE.

FIRST—Our hearts and prayers remain with the congregants and families of Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue as they begin to process and heal from the horrific shooting this Shabbat. Lord overshadow the hearts of all affected by Your Ruach haKodesh. Shine the light of your love, your strength, your comfort. Bring healing from the trauma inflicted on not only the victims but the entire community. 

Bring this same healing to Jewish people in our nation and throughout the world. We stand together! And Lord we thank you for protecting the baby whose name—and therefore destiny—was being released in the ceremony. As you did with Moshe, we ask that You inspire through this child the protection and deliverance of Your covenant people from the pharaohs of this world. 

RISE UP—Week from Today!
We have begun a year where we must fully awaken to possess the portion allotted to us. This is no more true than right now. In a week the destiny of our own nation will be determined. It is largely for this reason we have embarked on this Rome to Jerusalem tour, continuing now in California and then Washington DC as we stand for God’s turnaround from coast to coast!

With this, we want to invite you to the upcoming RISE UP gathering at Bishop Harry Jackson’s Hope Christian Church in Beltsville. Jolene and I are joining Mario Bramnick, Cindy Jacobs, Ramiro Pena, Lance Wallnau, Michele Bachmann, Matt Lockett and many more for a strategic time of intercession, equipping and prophetic release. 

On the night before the election, Jolene and I will be completing our full assignment in partnership with the Lord to see the Daniel 7:22 turnaround staked in from Rome to Jerusalem and coast to coast, culminating in Washington DC. 

Especially if you are in the mid-Atlantic region, please make plans to join us. And together lets complete the turnaround!

With that, let me refresh your memory of the mandate the Lord gave us all towards this end. 

Saturday was my son’s wedding day. So the 2018 elections were absolute last thing I was focused on. Our family and friends had gathered in upstate Vermont for a beautiful ceremony on a farm with a red barn, surrounded by fall foliage. And the union of Jonathan and Eleanor, bridegroom and bride, was my sole focus. 

And that’s when the Lord awakened me with His mandate. “Completing the turnaround IS A MUST for the 2018 elections!” 

I saw by the Spirit how one political party in particular had chosen to align with Jezebel even that Saturday through occult targeting, the bloodshed of abortion, and the vitriol of unjust accusations and even encouragement of violence against counterparts. 

Again, we all probably know this already. But it’s different when the Spirit of God Himself shows it to you. 

I actually felt the Lord’s grief over the unholy alignments made by the political party in question. So much good has come from this party through previous decades. Many leaders were strong Christians who carried into the political arena fierce convictions and moral clarity borne of the Spirit of God. The nation shifted for good as a result. Now the primary narrative of this same party reflects a platform of abject rebellion against God’s heart and boundaries. 

I’ve got a word for this party. “The Lord says, RETURN TO ME! Dive into the cleansing water of My blue wave. Let My revelation cleanse you. Let the current of My river redirect you from the sewer your platform is spiraling headlong into. Open your eyes underwater and let me wash all defilement from your vision. Let Me release My waters and birth you anew. For I desire a left wing and right wing for My eagle of this nation, pure and strong, so that I may thrust this nation higher. But know that I have already rendered My judgement against the evil intentions and immorality you have propagated even to my children in this land. Therefore I will not allow your defiled waters to redirect the course of this nation any more.”

Sunday the Holy Spirit spoke to me that the “blue wave” is being drained, even as the current of His river of fire is being released. He is releasing His fire—and separating light from darkness! The fog of confusion will lift. Truth will overcome extraordinary deception. And the current of His river will shift each state towards God’s intended turnaround. 

Don’t resist God’s current! Remember that fourteen days from now is election day. The Lord desires that each of us RISE UP at this time—in prayer and action, in synergy with Him—to complete the turnaround He has begun. This is His verdict in action, from Washington DC to Sacramento, from Alaska to Hawaii. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Again, this mandate came with a level of urgency hard to convey in writing. I can remember only one instance where the prophet of God called for an immediate, urgent response that even interrupted a wedding. Lets position our hearts accordingly. NO KING BUT JESUS!

“Blow a trumpet in Zion, consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly… Let the bridegroom come out of his room, and the bride out of her bridal chamber. Let the priests, the Lord’s ministers, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, “Spare Your people, O Lord, and do not make Your inheritance a reproach, a byword among the nations. Why should they among the peoples say,‘Where is their God?’” (Joel 2:15-17).