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WATCH PENTECOST TOUR LAUNCH! HOUSTON TX. With Chris Mitchell, Jon & Jolene. 

Overview of the Glory Train vision and journey. Freedom movement. Miracles of Exodus and Acts—Passover and Pentecost!

Chris Mitchell Jr on accessing the ‘time gate’ opened through Pentecost. 

Temple Mount riots. Shakings in Israel, the UK, and the US. Isaiah 6 and the Unshakeable Throne. Governmentally releasing the promised visitation. Before His face!

UNPRECEDENTED EVENTS ARE NOW TRANSPIRING. Just as we launched the Glory Train Houston, the Colonial Gas oil pipeline from Houston to DC and New York City suffered a horrific cyberattack, shutting down operations and causing a sudden gas shortage along the east coast. 

AND AT THE SAME TIME ISRAEL EXPLODED with riots and rockets as Ramadan culminated and Jerusalem Day began. 

Jerusalem Day. Amazingly, the date celebrated 54 years of rule under restored Israeli sovereignty. Isaiah 54. And just as with America, the Isaiah 54 journey prophesied by Isaiah has begun against the backdrop of horrific circumstances. Including riots.

SHAVUOT 2021, or the season of Shavuot at least, has been marked by riots, fires and rockets in Jerusalem and the covenant land of Israel. More than a thousand fired in just the last 24 hours. Riots actually sparked a fire, and the Temple Mount was briefly engulfed in flames. 

SHAVUOT 2020 was marked by riots and fires by the White House. Our entire Lamplighter community had connected on a special conference call to welcome Pentecost into DC and our nation. James Goll shared and prayed. Chris Mitchell shared and prayed. I prayed for holy fire, Pentecost fire, to be released to the White House.

Upon praying, from our perch I immediately saw what appeared to be fireworks over the White House. Wow, God, I thought. You are answering quickly!

The fire was immediately followed by billows of smoke. And I realized we were actually watching an attack.  News soon reported how rioters catalyzed by BLM and Antifa had burned a guard house on the White House grounds. They torched two cars right nearby. The looted the entire area. They even tried to set the “church of the presidents” on fire, but a basement sprinkler system extinguished it before the flames could penetrate the altar.

“CAPITALISM IS MURDER.” These words were spray-painted next to smashed-in windows on one of the buildings on White House grounds. Looking over the post-riot devastation, it struck me how so much of the graffiti had nothing to do with the pure justice cause associated with George Floyd’s death. There was so much more going on. We later discovered that the founders of the movement were actually marxists, and had been trained in steps to take down a nation. Line by line, this was going on before our eyes in Washington DC, with at least one political party not just in agreement but fully encouraging the violence, rage, plunder and lawlessness. Right in the middle of a national and global pandemic.

As we moved on through 2020 it became all too evident that the goal of this false justice movement was not justice for George Floyd, or Ahmaud Aubrey, Breanna Taylor or countless others who had died unjustly at the hands of officers. That was a part. But the primary emphasis—the true goal—seemed to be to take down a president and administration. By any means necessary. This was completely contrary to the justice movements forged by Dr. Martin Luther King and others who had leaned into the name of the Lord for deliverance—and saw justice roll in a way that turned our nation.

Instead this movement was marked by open defiance of God—of His will and His ways—as a driving force. And America acquiesced to their goal. 

From media and politicians to big business and high tech, violence and plunder were essentially validated. The re-traumatization of the American people was essentially validated. Corporations celebrated it. We became “woke.” But in reality we had only succumbed further to the slumber of our own inverted realities. 

And now as of this Shavuot 2021, explosive riots, perhaps inspired and validated by America’s seeming acquiescence to the violent riots and lawlessness pushing regime change in 2020, have now overtaken Israel. 

WHERE AMERICA LEADS, THE WORLD FOLLOWS. Remember we are not defined by our aspirations as much as by what we tolerate. For this reason I fear that, from a Throne Room perspective, the blood of Israel—Jews, Arabs and Palestinians—may be at least partially on our hands. Where we have tolerated the co-opting of genuine justice causes simply to force compliance or allegiance to a political party, we need to repent. Where we have glorified riots and looting, where we have empowered agendas of subversion, intoleration and lawlessness, we need to repent. 

MAY 11-13 GLORY TRAIN ABILENE TX—with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell, hosted by Amy and David Black. JAMIE & REDONNIA JACKSON JOINING FOR BAPTISM REVIVAL!

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MAY 16 10am CHURCH ON THE ROCK OKC—hosted Apostle John Benefiel & Pastor Rhett Benefiel. With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell. Covenant meets glory at Pentecost!

MAY 17-18 Kansas and Kansas City! TBA. With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell

MAY 19 May 19 with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell, hosted by Kingsley and Glenda Walker. LifeGate St Louis MO,

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