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Last night the worship at Women on the Frontlines literally brought us before the Throne. Thank you Lord! And great job, Heather Clark. Many times I’ve felt the weight of God’s presence coming down in our midst. But I don’t recall ever having the sense that the entire room ascended!

It was as though we were together summoned before God to receive a verdict resounding within His heart. And I heard the phrase, “Jesus riots.”

As I prayed over this, I felt like the Lord spoke to me, “Riots are coming to cities in America this summer! Which will you choose—race riots, or Jesus riots?”

Of course we together chose Jesus riots! But I believe this verdict for our land was largely already sealed, by the mouths of family members who had suffered this sudden, violent loss of loved ones. So simple yet so extraordinary, even President Obama noted its power.

“I forgive you.” As with Stephen of old, this simple phrase turned a travesty of justice into a martyr’s harvest.

Last summer during the Glory Procession the Lord highlighted Charleston SC to us in an incredible way. We have long been aware of an occult structure in the city, tied to slavery and subjugation, that wielded strong influence even over Washington DC. As we sought the Lord on this in the city, the Lord thundered His verdict.  “The scepter of the wicked must no longer remain from the land allotted to the righteous!” (Ps. 125:3).

The nation immediately pivoted from Charleston. Even electing the first black Senator since the days of reconstruction! We saw by the Spirit how Charleston was now positioned by God to lead the nation in freedom.

And with the vicious attack at a black Charleston church this week, I was very aware that the enemy was seeking to stop this freedom move. Yes this murder was racially motivated—the perpetrator even told authorities he was seeking to provoke race riots. But there’s more to it.

I don’t believe it was any coincidence that just the weekend before, Governor Nikki Haley helped lead a statewide prayer meeting in Charleston to repent of root strongholds and ask God to save their state and nation. Darkness was losing its hold. Whether the killer even knows, the senseless murder—during another prayer meeting—was first a retaliation triggered by the occult.

By this sacrifice, the enemy sought to re-empower the idolatrous structure in the city tied to hatred and subjugation. As Charleston is a gate to the nation, the sacrifice at this gate was meant even to provoke race riots throughout the land.

But here’s Heaven’s verdict. These precious saints belong to Jesus Christ. Like their Savior, in their dying moments they literally breathed out prayer. And like Stephen in Acts, as they followed their Savior to the grave, the Lord stood to receive them and reward them a martyrs crown. And He vows to them and to us a Martyr’s harvest for a martyr’s seed.

Suddenly the Court of Heaven rules, and the covenant with death is annulled! And the enemy is restrained from accessing the unjust bloodshed to empower his evil reign.

And as the verdict is conveyed, riots have indeed been mandated for America. Whole cities will be caught on fire! But it’s not the fire of hatred, nor is it the sword of division and destruction. Instead we’ll see the manifestation of the fire of God, the love of God, sweeping through our communities.

Body of Christ, light your lamps and take your stand! It’s time for open defiance of our common enemy in the spirit realm. Time to declare your freedom from his claims of ownership over your family, your church, your city. Let every tongue and tribe get out of your homes and take to the streets! Stand with your brothers and sisters in prayer and revival. Because the Lord is indeed opening the gates for a summer of riots—JESUS RIOTS!

And you just watch how Charleston leaders move our nation into freedom. Like the move of God in Acts, it’s time once again to turn the world upside down.