BLOOD MOON AT MIDNIGHT: The Challenges and Glory of America’s Midnight Hour. Is American exceptionalism right before God—or wrong? If right, why? And why should you pray for Donald Trump? Most importantly, how do we move through this midnight hour for America? These questions are explored in a vital new FB live session of White House Watchmen. Many of the answers may surprise you. With Jon & Jolene and special guest Briskilla Zananiri. To view CLICK LINK BELOW:


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THE RIOTS CONTINUE in Washington DC. On Thursday night, attendees of President Trump’s acceptance speech at the White House found themselves in extreme danger as they left the grounds. And they included leaders in law enforcement, the faith community, senators, congressional leaders and diplomats, and many civil rights pioneers. Mobs of protesters surrounded many of them, harassing them, abusing them verbally and threatening physical violence. 

Even Senator Rand Paul, sponsor of the 3-month old “Justice for Breonna Taylor” Senate bill, was surrounded, harassed and threatened. He attributed intervention by the DC police for saving his life.  

Friends, the battle looming over America is not right vs left, but right vs wrong.

Unfortunately last night the riots and threats continued here in Washington DC. Please remain in prayer. And remember—our wrestling is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. In the spirit realm, a totalitarian force is seeking to hold America hostage and forcefully repossess ground that was lost with the divorcement of historic idolatry and restoration of covenant with Christ. 

We are seriously in a midnight hour. Last night’s video (link above) will strengthen your faith and bring clarity on this season. Covenant blessings to each of you!