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Thanks to all who have been engaged with us in fasting & consecration with us through tonight! We have been in such a strategic season defined by two dramatic currents that run through the year. A conflict of thrones, as recent political upheavals convey, and a season where Heaven is literally at your gates.

You don’t want to miss tomorrow night. David Bradshaw of the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace is joining again, as are regional leaders from across Virginia and the nation. Key prophetic insights and strategies are going to be shared, especially related to the 222 INHERITANCE CONFERENCE and onsite prayer in DC.

OK. As you know, Dutch Sheets and Rick Ridings were in DC this past weekend. On Saturday evening, Rick shared four keys to securing our gates and catalyzing the turnaround we have all been longing for. He geared these four keys specifically for Washington DC, but the principles apply to every region. My notes are below.

1. Renew covenant with the God of Israel, revoke covenant with the gods of Egypt. 

Satan tried to steal the covenantal foundations of America, especially through Freemasonry in our foundations. This is really important. Freemasonry accepts all major religions. But the bottom line is that Masonry is founded upon the ancient gods of Egypt. And these false foundations are set in place to challenge the true covenantal foundations of the United States.

After the Revolution, the founders debated whether to establish America’s capitol in Philadelphia or build a city from scratch along the Potomac River. Philadelphia seems the obvious choice. After all, the the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were framed and signed in Philadelphia!

I believe that because of the righteous covenantal foundations of William Penn and others, Masons could not “break through” the godly spiritual legacy. So they decided to move the Capitol to Washington DC, laying out the entire city according to Masonic design.

In nearby Alexandria, the George Washington Masonic Memorial broadcasts the masonic legacy of Washington. Even though Washington rarely attended the lodge, and even warned against factions developing such as the Illuminati. The Alexandria Memorial was patterned precisely after the legendary lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt. At the time this lighthouse was known as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Isaiah 28 conveys a covenant with death made between the rulers of the capitol city of Jerusalem and demonic powers. Egyptian gods are literally gods of death, of the grave. But God says, covenant with death annulled! I lay a stone in Zion, a tried stone, a tested cornerstone, for the foundation, firmly placed! I will make righteousness the and justice the plumbline. Waters will overflow the secret place, your covenant with death annulled! Your agreement with the grave shall not stand.

The pattern of Isaiah 28 is an invitation for us. We can stand before the Lord in the courts of heaven, and see these covenants with death and hell, with the gods of Egypt, annulled! In fact, recently, movements such as the HAPN initiative to divorce Baal have shown the power of this. Remember how the Washington Monument cracked in the earthquake after this promise was acted upon.

We can re-establish covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. Renew covenant with the God of Israel, and revoke covenant with the gods of Egypt!

2. Renew covenant with the land of Israel. 

Over the past few years, the past seven years especially, America has not carried through the same relationship with Israel as you have since the nation was founded. Maybe America is not being blessed to the extent that you were historically because you are violating this covenant!

God forgive America for Iranian nuclear deal, which only empowers even more horrible terrorism! America is bringing even more money into Iran so that the terrorism against Israel can continue.

I feel like God is saying, I didn’t mean for hunger for power and money to be the foundation of this nation, but righteousness and justice and covenant with Me and covenant with Israel. And remember judgement is promised for those who divide up My land!

We need to pursue the Lord continually to raise up leaders who will governmentally restore covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ, and covenant with Israel!

3. Group of spiritual elders in Washington DC region must come together to hear from the Lord as elders in gates.

God wants to secure the gates of Washington DC. To restore the gate-keeping capacities of Washington DC by the Christian leaders of Washington DC in prayerful obedience to Him. To open and shut the gates, as Dutch Sheets shared so wonderfully in the morning session. To decree, this one is welcome, this one tied to terrorism is no longer welcome!

In working with leaders in Jerusalem, elders in gates of our city, we found the Lord directing us to command, to take authority in the city and close the door to ungodliness in His Name! We have seen amazing results.

4. Press in for uprooting of unrighteousness and injustice, the planting of righteousness and justice in God in Washington DC.

Remember Jeremiah 1:10. God set Jeremiah over nations and kingdoms, to root out, tear down, throw down, destroy, build and plant. All of us, even children, are called to this. God told Jeremiah, “Do not say I am only a youth!”

One time the word of the Lord came, “I want you to declare I am sending an earthquake into the politics of Israel. To bring exposure to all parties and to root out Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.”

Not praying political opinion, we were hearing from God. And it’s important to note we were seeking godly counsel and a witness from trusted leaders before praying. In this higher level, need counsel and confirmation before proclamation. Resonance of counsel of 2-3 witnesses.

When the word was confirmed, we held a prayer session. “We proclaim an earthquake into the politics of Israel that will root out corruption from every political party and from PM Olmert!”

Literally only 20 minutes after releasing this proclamation, an earthquake shook Jerusalem! A 5.0 earthquake in Jerusalem!

The earthquake was quite a confirmation. You just cannot make this stuff up! But the Lord also made clear that the earthquake was not the end of the matter. He clearly spoke to us, you are going to need to keep pursuing and proclaiming this exposure for many months. Through corruption scandal after corruption scandal. Keep proclaiming God’s verdict!

One last corruption scandal brought Prime Minister Olmert’s resignation. He is actually in prison to this day. And when the courts of Israel ruled, the headline afterward was telling. A thunderous ruling shakes the country! 

Rick compelled all attending to continue pursuing godly exposure of corruption and the healing of breaches caused by unrighteousness. Session ended with a plumbline being dropped by Rick and regional leaders.