HANUKKAH PRAYER CALL REPLAY—Receive holy fire! To listen on your phone, please call the Playback number: (641) 715-3598 access code 552-690. Or to listen on your computer or device to an mp3 download, please CLICK HERE. 

REVOLUTION 2018! December 6-8, 2018, Museum of the Bible. With Chuck Pierce, Faisal Malick, Rick & Patricia Ridings

REGISTRATION on EventBrite: $95 regular rate. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. LIVE STREAM now available at $25 for conference. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

EIGHT DAYS OF GIVING THR0UGH HANUKKAH! Please believe God with us for a miracle through this time. Lets see the devourer rebuked and fresh oil flowing. It’s time for your lamps to shine! To make a contribution CLICK HERE.

FIRST—thank you for your generosity from the launch of our eight days of giving! Remember that by the Spirit we are securing a harvest through 2020. May the Lord grant a double portion of His provision to you. With the oil of His Spirit and a perpetual flow of finances to keep your lamp shining through the journey!

Many are wondering if we have a specific financial goal in mind. Yes we do. But that is NOT why we are asking you to give at this time. 

This is so important. Over many years Jolene and I have initiated these invitations to give only at the Lord’s direct leading. When the window opens, we desire for all of us to sow to the Spirit, and of the Spirit reap a perpetual flow. 

The Lord is faithful! And testimonies have been extraordinary. I don’t share a lot on this, because the last thing we want to do is to compromise this exchange by commercializing it. Just know that when the window opens, we desire for you to see the maximum benefit of your giving. 

And for sure a window has opened—to complete the turnaround the Lord called us to for 2018. As He clarified our corporate obedience over these eight days, He asked us as a family to “seek, sow, and secure.” We are giving our all to access this window. We are confident you are as well!

So thank you again. A torch of revolution, a torch of freedom, is now being passed to us all. And the provision for this lamp to shine through 2020 is ours to possess. 

To make a contribution CLICK HERE.

We are so excited to launch Revolution this Thursday! And we are so looking forward to seeing many of you. 

Both prophetic words and current events have made clear we are in a revolutionary window of history. It is a key moment to seek God’s face and hear from leaders. Chuck Pierce, Faisal Malick, Rick and Patricia Ridings all have key directives for you. Lets encounter the Lord, receive His fire, and set a new course for our future!

Below is our schedule. All sessions will begin promptly at the stated time.

For live-stream viewers: you will receive an email link for viewing within half an hour of the start of each session. 

For those attending live: As we are at the Museum of the Bible, not a church, security and protocol are both important. The doors to the Museum will close promptly by 7:45 pm each night. Please be on time and ready to participate at the time each session begins. Also shofars or banners cannot be accommodated as per Museum guidelines. 

We want to emphasize as well your opportunity to tour the museum free of charge. You will be greatly inspired!

Thank you all, and welcome to the Revolution. 

Thursday December 6
2pm-4pm REVOLUTION LAUNCH—Send Your Fire!
Corporate flow with worship, prayer, message by Jon. 

4pm-7pm REGISTRATION | Doors to Museum will close at 7:30 pm nightly so please come on time!

7pm-10pm CHUCK PIERCE will be ministering.

Friday December 7
9am-12pm JON & JOLENE will be ministering.

2pm-4pm HEAVEN’S COURT—Commissioning the Freedom Movement. Corporate flow with Rick & Patricia Ridings, more.

7:00 pm RICK AND PATRICIA RIDINGS will be ministering.

Saturday December 8
9am-12pm FAISAL MALICK will be ministering.

2pm-4pm HEAVEN’S COURT—Completing the Turnaround!
Corporate flow with Gideon Group, more

7:00 pm FAISAL MALICK will be ministering!