You say you want a revolution? Well, you know…

Schedule is below. Every Revolution session will be live-streamed. To receive live-streaming go to

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Covenant blessings to each of you!
Jon & Jolene

Revolution 2014 Schedule
Note: As always, the conference schedule is subject to the leading of Holy Spirit. 

7:30 pm—Dutch Sheets
Worship with the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David

Friday—Consecration Day—Two Tracks 9am-4pm
Evening 7:30 pm Rick & Patti Ridings
Worship with the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David

9:00 am—Gary Beaton, Jon & Jolene

11:45 am Burning Lamp Awards

12:15-1:45 Lunch Break

2:00 pm—Rick Ridings, Abby Abildness

Evening 7:30 pm at the Gate—Gary Beaton
Worship with the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, the Gate

Sunday Morning at Whole Word Fellowship
10:30 am Rick and Patti Ridings

Note on Revolution 2014
Revolution 2014 is hosted by three ministries united in a common goal of catalyzing a new movement of prayer and awakening in the east coast and the nation. We gather yearly for Revolution with ministry leaders, marketplace and government leaders, worship leaders, 247 directors, prophetic voices, revivalists with the intention of setting a new course for the east coast and nation.

Abby Abildness is the director of Healing Tree International

Jamie Fitt is the director of the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David

Jon & Jolene are the directors of Lamplighter Ministries