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Revival is a divine attack upon society—Jonathan Edwards

Late in 2009, the Holy Spirit spoke to me the following. “The Third Great Awakening is a Great Return, where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s Table and return to the Table of the Lord.”

I had been praying specifically for God to release a third great awakening for more than a decade by this time. Really, devoting my life to its fulfillment. Many prophetic voices had already been declaring that this move of God was on, but until the Lord gave this definition I just couldn’t see it.

Entry 2015—Turnaround!
I believe it is the year where this Great Return really takes hold. We’re going to explore dynamics of this movement in a minute. But first, remember how God called 2015 “the year of the turnaround.” We’ve seen elections in America and Israel impacted already. This is just a foretaste to the global movement God is beginning to unleash.

Don’t believe this is the year of the turnaround? Then consider the following note by our friend Lynnie Harlow. Her discovery is astonishing.

WOW…there are just those times in life where you are just completely blow away by God. This morning was one of them. I woke up to a text from my friend Jason Hershey (YWAM DC)…his text read: “Lynnie go look up 2015 (Hebrew) in the Strong Concordance”. I did and was blow away by what I read. 

Most of you probably remember the word God gave me one week before the Revolution Conference in DC. I heard the Lord say,  “this Nation is wearing her Mantle wrong and it’s time to turn it around”.  I also heard Him say, “The hand that has been holding this Nation down has now been lifted and it’s time for a reversal.” 

Back to Jason text…I did what he said and looked up 2015 in the Strong’s Concordance. Here is the meaning of entry 2015, the Hebraic word Haphak: To turn about or over…to change…to overturn…return…turn (again, aside, back, to the contrary, every way).  

To quote a great friend…”YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP”!!!

Thanks Lynnie, and thanks Jason Hershey. They are right—you cannot make this stuff up. Now lets examine the Great Return.

Announcing the Great Return
When I wrote “Crown & Throne,” the Lord gave me prophetic insights that corresponded to the years represented by each chapter. In other words, Chapter 11, Repairing America’s Covenant with God, corresponded with God’s work in 2011. And it wasn’t a coincidence that 2014 brought us to historic Faneuil Hall, the historic Womb of Revolution, to see His story defined on 7-22. Because chapter 14 expounds on “Revolution—God’s Way.”

And it’s awesome that prophetic voices such as Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and others picked up on 2015 as a Turnaround Year. Strong’s Concordance even prophesied God’s plan. And when writing Crown & Throne a few years ago, the Lord spoke to me very clearly that Chapter 15 was to be called “The Great Return.”

What a privilege to hear from Heaven to announce its release.

Defining the Great Return
And doesn’t God’s definition of this new move make sense to you? “This Third Great Awakening is a Great Return, where multitudes disengage from Jezebel’s Table and return to the Table of the Lord.” It puts everything in perspective.

“Jezebel’s Table” was first used by Elijah, as he was laboring with heaven to position his society for a Great Return.

When confronting Ahab, Elijah noted how the prophets of Baal and Asherah eat at Jezebel’s table (1 Kings 18:19). Elijah essentially noted that the prophets of Baal were being sustained by Jezebel in a famine where everyday people were starving. In other words, government funds were being channeled to sustain the prophets of Baal and retain their influence over society. We’ll explore this more in a moment.

But first, imagine the feast offered by Jezebel at her table. Because it’s ultimately where the masses are conditioned to embrace sexual immorality, and feast on idolatry (Rev. 2:20).

California—Jezebel’s Breadbasket?
On last week’s drive up the west coast, I was asking the Lord to speak to me. And I saw how California in many ways mirrors Israel during the days of Elijah. Especially as a drought now overtakes a region known as America’s breadbasket.

My life was changed and my spirit refreshed at the Reagan Library, honoring the legacy of a president who infused my own life with a love for America and a resolve to stand against tyranny and injustice. Peace through strength… Back to the future!

But I also saw how the enemy used California as a ‘Jezebel breadbasket’ for the world. We all know the challenges of Hollywood, and the sexual revolution and embrace of drugs that came through Haight-Ashbury. But most totally miss the spread of the new age movement as part of this same “revolution” in California, with witchcraft and even satanism promoted from its core.

Jezebel’s table. Where the most defiling appetites of the world have been awakened, embraced, and transformed with robotic precision into sustained profitability. Where society’s leaders forcefully imposed a change of culture to align with the enemy’s worst intent for mankind.

It greatly saddens me that California is in a drought right now, much as in the days of Elijah. By no means is it right to attribute this desperate situation to the above factors alone, otherwise the entire nation would by necessity end up in a drought.

But I do believe a core band of California revolutionaries has grasped Heaven’s desire, and is now positioning this extraordinary state in repentance and renewal to experience a Great Return. Included in this movement will be Elijah’s fire and the restoration of rain. Amen!

Heaven’s Declaration of Independence—Table of the Lord
Most who have experienced the food from Jezebel’s table know that it is first presented as a means to make you free. To free your mind, to make you experience more pleasure, more influence, more provision, less pain.

The problem is that these highly addictive substances wreck lives and families, ultimately bringing bondage instead of freedom. And only Jesus can set you free.

Our tyrannical enemy does not give up easy. But Heaven is literally resounding with a Declaration of Independence today. t’s time to for the multitudes to break free from Jezebel’s table, to cut the ungodly ties to deceit, covenant-breaking, idolatry and veiled tyranny that have held us all in bondage.

But what you escape to is as important as what you escape from. And our ultimate refuge is the Table of the Lord.

The Table of the Lord is your Declaration of Independence from Jezebel’s table. It’s where you will find a Judge who gave His life to secure for you this better verdict, a true verdict of freedom. Jesus became wounded for your transgressions, bruised for your iniquities. The punishment that brings you peace, that satisfies Heaven’s demand for justice, was laid upon Him for your sake (Isaiah 53).

So you can go free.

Instead of covenant breaking, you will find covenant restoration. Instead of strife and abuse, you will find an embrace of acceptance and healing love.

Instead of sorcery that manipulates your will, you will find freedom of clarity and a renewal of resolve. Instead of deceit, truth. Instead of plastic facades, true beauty.

And instead of provision tied to compromise on your part, that owns you as a slave, you will find provision that empowers you to become all God created you to be.

Friends, we are in a turnaround year. It’s time to prophesy and proclaim from the rooftops this Holy Spirit revolution. A Great Return, where multitudes disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord!