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Dec. 9-12, Brunswick GA. With Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. Hanukkah is a season of visitation. It’s time for a midnight turnaround! Come join us under a revival tent in Brunswick GA as we experience the glory of God. Featuring baptism revival, more. 

Host hotel is the new Hilton Garden Inn, for a fantastic rate of only $114. 

For host hotel, new Hilton Garden Inn,

GREETINGS FROM THE ACPE 2021, hosted by Mike and Cindy Jacobs. Such an honor to connect with prophets nationally and globally! In the spirit of this prophetic council I want to share with you a key prophetic word for 2022. It is unabashedly Revolution-centric. Why? Because ever since 2013 we have seen the Lord move powerfully to set HIS COURSE for each new year.

That’s imperative to understand. The Lord’s course is the only direction we want, and the only directive we want to give ourselves to. 

Lets start with the prophetic word Lynnie Harlow gave a few weeks ago. BTW Lynnie will be joining us for Revolution 2021!

As I was praying asking God if He had anything He wanted me to release prophetically on the Lamplighter call, I saw a vision. What I saw was the month of December on a calendar and what was highlighted were the dates 9,10,11,12. These are the dates of Revolution 2021. 

I then saw a fist coming out of heaven with a signet ring on it. I saw blood drip on each one of those dates and then was sealed by the signet ring. The blood turned to a red wax sealing each date. 

I also heard in my spirit “Battle Mantles” and “Perimeter Angels” being released. 

Jesus sealing and sanctifying each date on the calendar with His own blood—this is staggering. I believe there are key directives from the Lord that will be sealed over these four days. The Lord is releasing THRONE ROOM DECREES that catalyze His turnaround, personally and nationally. Just the fact that they are of such importance that He is sealing them with His own blood—this causes me to tremble. 

I see these decrees as movements being released each day by the Lord as sovereign orchestrations of His Spirit. And they will frame our future. 

What about the perimeter angels? Battle mantles? Lets keep in mind Revelation 19:11. In a movement which brings Heaven to earth, the Lord judges. He then makes war. The mandate continues to align with the Lord of hosts, the God of Heaven’s armies. “The Lord marches forth like a warrior, He rouses His zeal like a man of war. He will shout, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies!” (Isaiah 42:13). 

That’s a promise for this season, my friend. We saw a first fruit already. A revolutionary uprising of PARENTS against abuse, which even shifted the 2021 elections. Now it’s time to move with His movement!

Let the Lord Summon You
It’s for this reason that I am asking you to consider joining us for Revolution 2021—in the stature of authority the Lord has entrusted to you. Years before we began, Jill Austin prophesied the Revolution movement as a “continental congress,” with representational expressions of spiritual governance that impact the nation. Obviously the need is great. So is the potential. Our question—how is the Lord summoning you to participate? 

Note that every Revolution gathering is centered around experiencing Jesus and releasing His real-time work in our midst. Prophetic words and impartations will be released. As you can see, war mantles from the Lord will be released. Invariably what is birthed at Revolution frames the coming year. Our team has been chosen specifically because of their love to follow Holy Spirit’s lead. 

Note that the gathering this year will be held in a heated tent! You will have the opportunity to personally experience the “baptism revival” and also participate in prayer journeys. But the greatest opportunity is simply joining with the Lord and with each other to see the Lord in His glory. Please don’t miss your opportunity, sign up now. In this revolutionary time, be His revolutionary!