REVOLUTION 2019-2020, December 29-31, Trump International Hotel. Lets gather in Washington DC to dedicate a new year and a new decade! With Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Gideon Group, more. Worship by Da’Neil Sharpe and the Remnant Band, more.  

REGISTRATION: $120 before Oct. 16, $150 after Oct. 16. To register on Eventbrite CLICK HERE. 

PRAYER CALL REPLAY— REVOLUTION 2019-2020! Including our invitation, conference vision, key information and important revelation on Revolution 2019-2020 through New Years Eve. Call playback: (605) 313-5155 code 552690#.

HELP US MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE! We can do this together. If you would like to make a contribution to Lamplighter PLEASE CLICK HERE.  

FIRST—PLEASE PRAY FOR ISRAEL’S ELECTIONS TUESDAY. Remembering that Israel is seven hours ahead. The key hours when voters will cast their ballots are from midnight tonight through noon Tuesday Eastern Time. Pray for God’s overarching protection. Declare His choice for governance upon all seats of authority, from the Prime Minister to the Knesset, to be released. On earth as it is in Heaven! 

And lets always remember that Zion or Jerusalem is the only geographic location on the entire planet God claims as His very throne. 

Revolution—Thanks for Your Overwhelming YES!
As we shared the vision of Revolution 2019-2020, the witness of God’s Spirit immediately resounded from you on last night’s call. Believe me, taking on this adventure is a step of faith for you and us both. Yet New Years Eve 2020 marks a moment in history where Revolution converges with Hanukkah which converges with our entry into the new year, one of the most important and pivotal years in our nation’s history. Not to mention a new decade!

We are gathering for Revolution 2019-2020 over the Feast of Dedication to dedicate a new day—to dedicate a new year—to dedicate a new decade—to lay the tracks for the future. Jolene and I are so honored to host this key gathering in the Trump International Hotel—perhaps Washington’s most coveted destination for New Years Eve! 

And I have full confidence our ballroom gathering will be even more exhilarating than the party in the nearby atrium. Please make plans now to join us! 

Dream Come True
Jolene and I are resolute that this incredible opportunity should be as affordable as possible for all the Lamplighter family. We have priced the conference accordingly, especially in light of the opportunity given to us at this time, and the expenses of hosting the conference here. Note that colleagues in ministry have charged as much as 10 times this amount for their gatherings at Trump Int’l. But we felt to step out in faith in a way that would allow this promise to be possessed by all of us!

With this in mind, would you consider helping us make this dream come true—for all of us? The budget is bigger than what we’ve ever committed to, but the opportunity for blessing far outweighs any challenge. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!

Thank you for your hearts of generosity as we work together for this moment. We will keep the opportunity open through the fall feasts. If you would like to make a donation to Lamplighter please use the link below.

To make a contribution PLEASE CLICK HERE.  

Covenant blessings to each of you. And thank you for your continued generosity. 

With love,

Jon & Jolene