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REVOLUTION 2022! With focus on the Spirit of Elijah
With Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene, more. Location: Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. 

Note: Live-stream will be available, details TBA.

To register click below. Note seating is limited and registration fees are non-refundable.

Location: Remnant Church Brunswick GA, 4429 New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick GA 31520

April 19-May 1, 2023 with Ed Watts, James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene. Focused on the forerunner call. Includes two-day summit on Mt. Carmel! For more information

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, BTW. AND HAPPY HANUKKAH! Jolene and are blessing you this holiday season. May your gatherings with family and friends be Presence-saturated and full of delight. The stuff of memories! And may Holy Spirit bring clear revelation that directs your course into 2023 and beyond. 

Revolution 2022—Why Come?
SPEAKING OF WHICH—ONLY NINE DAYS TIL REVOLUTION! Hard to believe it’s coming up so quickly. Note we are celebrating our TENTH CONSECUTIVE Revolution this year. An entire decade! Hard to believe. And the gatherings keep getting better and better.

Why should you come? Here are just a few reasons. 

Major Focus—the Mantle of Elijah. In the remaining weeks of 2022, Holy Spirit has dramatically directed our focus towards the forerunner anointing—the Mantle of Elijah. Really this is the “turnaround anointing.” The function is to prepare the way of the Lord! Restoring the hearts of the fathers and mothers to the children, and the hearts of the children first to Father God—and to their mothers and fathers. 

Again, this is the essence of the “turnaround anointing” the Lord is releasing at this time. Get ready to become a burning lamp. With signs following, the Lord is resetting the lamp stands of our lives and regions and relighting the flame. Your life in Christ will be greatly impacted. And as in the days of Elijah, in time we will even see a nation turn to the Lord. Jolene and I believe we the forerunning expression of this move begins now.

Refreshing, equipping, sending. The Lord desires to refresh you, equip you and propel you into 2023 with clear revelation to direct your path. Encountering God in the midst of the worship movement alone will lift you higher. And our speakers are so much more than speakers. They bring clear, cutting-edge apostolic directives and cutting-edge revelation that help you gain a renewal of vision, purpose and strength. The Lord wants to grant a commissioning, ushering us all into a double portion of His Spirit. 

Celebrating legacy, connecting in love! This year especially we have taken an incredible journey together that is worthy of extreme gratitude and celebration. Jolene and I, along with the Lamplighter family, love you and look forward to connecting with you. 

Holy visitation. Best of all, because at a certain point in the gathering the Lord Himself always visits. There is literally no better reason. It is for this reason that, though we are diligent in scheduling, we also keep the “wineskin” flexible so that when He moves we can respond. 

Baptism Revival. Oh—did I mention that Remnant Church Brunswick is still in the midst of a baptism revival? Holy Spirit is brooding on the waters! And there’s no better way to cross the threshold into 2023 than with a fresh baptism. A double portion awaits. Seriously.

Friday evening 7pm—Launch. 

Saturday morning 9:30am.

Saturday afternoon 2:00pm

New Years Eve—Saturday evening 7pm
Worship & Message
Baptism Revival
(refreshments and light snacks)
New Years Eve celebration

Sunday morning 10:30am—New Years Day—final session

About our SpeakersChris Mitchell Jr is has been described as one of the clearest forerunning voices now emerging in the corporate body of Christ. He is extremely accurate prophetically and carries a governmental anointing for both the ekklesia and for the nation. Chris and his wife Aletia lead a flourishing church and apostolic ministry based in Virginia Beach.

Jon & Jolene Hamill, hosts of Revolution for a decade, serve the body of Christ as apostolic and prophetic leaders based in Washington DC. They have authored four books, including the most recent release “Turnaround Decrees.” Since February 2022 they have hosted “Turnaround Tuesday” broadcasts and national prayer along with Chris Mitchell Jr and Adam Schindler. In addition, Jon & Jolene host a powerful home group in their DC “watchman’s perch.” They have served the national Lamplighter family and the nation in full-time ministry since 2007. 

Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, co-hosts and host pastors of Revolution since 2020, are uniquely gifted to impart God’s heart in a way that brings you into His fullness of intimacy and destiny for your life. Devoted to God’s dream regionally, nationally and for Israel, they have stewarded a “Firewater Baptism Revival” in Brunswick GA since 2019. 

Worship Compelling, Spirit-directed Throne Room worship has become a hallmark of each Revolution gathering. Da’Niel Sharpe and the Remnant Band are uniquely gifted to unlock the heavens and unlock your heart to genuinely encounter the Lord. Much of the ministry given and gained occurs in the midst of these times of encounter with the Lord. 

Where to stay?
Hotels in the Brunswick area are offering great deals. You may also want to consider staying on either St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island and enjoy some beach-time. Great restaurants are easily accessible from the church. 

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