REVOLUTION 2018—ARCHIVED VIDEO SESSIONS. With Chuck Pierce, Faisal Malick, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Jamie Jackson, Jon & Jolene Hamill, more. Eight sessions total including worship with Da’Neil Sharpe and the Remnant band. 

Watch or listen on all your devices! 

Cost: $25 for access to all. ARCHIVED SESSIONS CLICK HERE. 

Jolene and I are so excited to present to you the video archives of Revolution 2018. So many have commented that the gathering changed their lives. We feel the same. The Lord drew us together at the Trump International Hotel for an unforgettable moment which clearly defined our future. The worship experience was incredible. And Heaven’s counsel was absolutely released from Heaven’s Council.

You don’t want to miss this. Seriously. Watch or listen on all your devices!

You can purchase access to the Revolution 2018 video archives by visiting our webstore at Choose Revolution archives and follow payment instructions. You will receive a PDF with links to each video session. These links are for you personally, and the sessions are copyrighted by law.

Note that if you purchased tickets either to attend the conference live or to watch it live-stream, you should receive an email with links to each video session for free. Again, these links are for you personally, and the sessions are copyrighted by law. 

So please enjoy the conference. Take the messages deep into your spirit. And receive your commissioning into God’s freedom movement!

Special note to the Lamplighter family & Prayer Storm family—I want to encourage each of you to please take in these messages as fuel for our combined intercession over the next few months. So much is at stake. I feel these are vital to moving forward with the commonality of purpose necessary to secure future breakthroughs.  

Cost: $25 for access to all. ARCHIVED SESSIONS CLICK HERE.


Thursday December 6
Afternoon Session 1 (2PM): REVOLUTION LAUNCH—Send Your Fire! Corporate flow with worship, prayer, message by Jon. 

Evening Session 2 (7PM): CHUCK PIERCE teaching and prophetic words. 

Friday December 7
Morning Session 3 (9AM): JON HAMILL shares on the Freedom Movement. Note that December 7 marked the 77th anniversary of our entry into World War II. Understand the new way forward the Lord is opening for His people! Includes Glory Train prophecy. 

Afternoon Session 4 (12PM): JON HAMILL, RICK & PATRICIA RIDINGS share and commission the Freedom Movement. Includes key prophetic revelation including Rick’s dream of sharks in the Mediterranean, Patricia’s vision of Christ over the East Coast, more.

Evening Session 5 (7PM): RICK AND PATRICIA RIDINGS on the foundations of God’s Throne. Amazing revelation and real-life examples of divine intervention! Includes a brief prophetic message by FAISAL MALICK on the “wild ox anointing.”

Saturday December 8
Morning Session 6 (9AM): FAISAL MALICK shares on taking your seat of authority and receiving His mantle for your life. Includes key revelation on US political world. Begins with weighty introduction by Pastor CHRIS MITCHELL on the King taking His seat in Washington DC. Culminates with powerful call by JOLENE HAMILL to respond in repentance. 

Afternoon Session 7 (4PM): JAMIE JACKSON brings a powerful prophetic message on the state of the church from an overnight dream. Hear Heaven’s counsel. Teshuvah! 

Evening Session 8 (7PM): FAISAL MALICK shares mind-expanding revelation on the Melchizedek priesthood. Close.

$25 for access to all. ARCHIVED SESSIONS CLICK HERE.