DECEMBER 6-8, 2018, Museum of the Bible DC.

SPECIAL GUESTS Chuck Pierce, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Faisal Malick, more. WORSHIP by the Remnant Band with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson.

REGISTRATION on EventBrite: TWO DAY SPECIAL $70, after Nov. 27 $95 regular rate returns. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

SPECIAL HOTEL RATE: Hyatt Place National Mall, steps from Museum of the Bible. To make a reservation CLICK HERE. 

We hope your Thanksgiving weekend was full of love, feasting and fantastic memories. L’CHAIM! And may you continue to experience Christ’s commanded blessing as we move into the Hanukkah season. With great rewards to those who keep His watch! 

Today Jolene and I want to bless you with a very special opportunity. Now through tomorrow, we are offering Revolution 2018 registration for our early bird rate of only $70! This includes not only our conference but also free admission to tour the Museum of the Bible. A place we consider sacred—America’s Ark of the Covenant in our nation’s Capitol.

Lamplighter family, our hearts are bursting to experience Revolution together. We hope this makes the opportunity a little easier. No empty seats at the family table!

Just for accountability, until now we have only offered a discounted conference rate to a few leaders who overseer state prayer networks. These leaders give their all as a labor of love for very little financial gain. A lower rate was requested, and we were glad to make it available. 

All that said— We know Washington DC is expensive. Hopefully this will serve as a confirmation of God’s full provision for you as you step out to join us. You will be coming to impact Washington DC at such a strategic time! 

Revolution Update and Prayer Points
Please also keep Revolution 2018 in constant prayer. That is the greatest investment you can make for this gathering. Here are some prayer points.

1. Heaven’s Counsel from Heaven’s Council. Please pray for clear corporate direction that establishes a new way forward through 2020 for all in attendance! Note that when we felt to secure the Museum of the Bible again this fall, it was because we sensed the Lord desired to release His counsel in a very specific way over Hanukkah. A new way forward! It has been amazing how our invited speakers—Chuck Pierce, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Faisal Malick decided to join us for this very reason. Each of them felt compelled to come because the Lord had given them clear prophetic revelation specifically for this gathering. 

What is God up to? Honestly I don’t know. But I know this gathering seems more important than we might understand. For all of us!

2. Holy Fire over Hanukkah. We also strongly sense that the Lord desires to commission His “Freedom Movement” with holy fire. Most of you have heard by now about our extraordinary visitation on 8-18-18. Heaven’s fire broke out at a private prayer meeting with Jolene’s friends. Isaiah 6 was literally imparted. At the very same time, the Lord visited me at home in an unusual way, granting a commissioning into His freedom movement. 

He will light our lamps at Revolution! It’s time to complete the turnaround and secure the freedoms entrusted to us by our forefathers. Pray for holy fire bringing a fresh commissioning to everyone who comes.

3. River of Fire Flow! And remember God’s river of fire flows from His throne of justice. Lets pray for Heaven’s justice movement to bring a full turnaround for the Supreme Court and all our thrones of governance. Our time together is pivotal. He is overcoming the Deficit of Justice in our land!

4. Throne Room Worship. Our times with the Remnant Band have always ushered us into personal, tangible encounters with the Lord. Our hearts become unlocked in a way we’ve rarely experienced. And we want you to have this experience as well! Pray for the Lord to visit and rest on the throne of worship established at Revolution! And please pray Da’Neil Sharpe and the worship team. 

5. Onsite Prayer. Please cover our onsite prayer expression which will be built into Revolution this year. More on this tomorrow. But we want to make sure our three branches of government are prayed for to be fully released into this new way forward. I prophesied earlier that either that the eagle of this nation will either soar or become crippled as the eagle’s left wing and right wing war against each other. May we choose to soar!  

6. Cover our Speakers! Cover our Team. Please pray for free course for our speakers and for our team in Washington DC. Pray for Holy Spirit synergy. And for the word of the Lord to flow freely, clearly, and with His breaker anointing which immediately establishes the pathway forward He desires. Keep Jolene & myself, Lynnie Harlow, Ed & Lynn Alderson, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, and our incredible team of volunteers in prayer as well. Grateful!

7. Covenant Provision! Remember prophetic experiences on 8-18. Deut. 8:18 conveys how God grants power to gain wealth to establish the covenant He swore to our forefathers. As we move towards 2018 and 2020, this is our primary focus! Please pray for abundant provision for this gathering. And especially for streams of provision be unlocked for each person who registers, and who sows during the gathering.  

Thanks to everyone for praying. Covenant blessings to each of you. NO KING BUT JESUS!