REVOLUTION 2017—THE MIDNIGHT CRY, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC. December 14-16, 2017—over Hanukkah! With Cindy Jacobs, Faisal Malick, Dutch Sheets. Limited seating so make plans now to join us. REGISTER NOW—CLICK HERE!

We are just two weeks away from Revolution 2017—over Hanukkah, at the newly-opened Museum of the Bible! What a key time to honor and celebrate God’s covenant. More and more the theme God emphasized for this year’s gathering makes sense to me. The midnight cry is a summons to a wedding! 

Friends, we hope you are answering this summons and taking your place. Our Revolution team had an incredible meeting last week at the Museum of the Bible with conference staff. The venue is spectacular—and the Museum is simply beyond words. I felt like a kid in a candy store. 

And if you’re needing a few special Christmas gifts, the Museum Store features wonderful, Bible-centered gifts. From Bibles (of course) to menorahs and necklaces, diamond pendants, books, shofars and anointing oil, the store has just about everything you could possibly want. 

I know—kid in a candy store. 

Registration and Schedule Updates
During the meeting a few last-minute details were made clear. Here are a few important updates and action points for you as a result of our meeting.

  1. Register now—registration closes December 12! Due to the high level of security at the conference we must submit the names of all conference attendees to security a day before we start.
  2. Coming for just a few sessions? Still need to register. Even if you want to come to just a few sessions, you must still register for the conference and ahead of time and pay the conference fee so that your name will be included on the security list. 
  3. Museum of the Bible Tour included with your registration! You can tour the entire museum at your own leisure Friday and Saturday as part of your registration. 
  4. Early registration closes Tuesday, December 6. Conference registration for the final week will be $50 per person.
  5. Morning sessions will now begin at 9:30 am. Conference attendees will be let into the Museum beginning at 8:30 am to avoid the crowds going through security when the Museum opens to the public at 10:00 am. Plan to beat the crowds!
  6. Cafe and Restaurant. There’s a great cafe as well as a top floor restaurant for your dining pleasure. Feel free to come early and grab coffee or breakfast at one of the Museum’s cafes before the conference starts.
  7. Remember—come as a representative of your state! As a Continental Congress, we are engaging in a special ceremony of marriage, dedicating each state to the Lord. Cindy Jacobs will be officiating. So far more than 30 states are already directly represented by attendees. Pray for God to quicken leaders for the remaining states to join for the gathering.  


Thursday Evening
7:00 pm Faisal Malick speaking

Friday Morning
9:30 am Faisal Malick speaking

Friday Afternoon Sessions
1:30 pm Jamie Fitt speaking
3:00 pm Abby Abildness speaking

Friday Evening—Museum Special Dedication
7:00 Cindy Jacobs speaking

Saturday Morning
9:30 am Jon & Jolene Hamill speaking

Saturday Afternoon—Renewal of Vows
1:30 Renewal of Vows Ceremony, officiated by Cindy Jacobs
3:00 Covenant Affirmation Ceremony, State by State!

Saturday Evening—Commissioning
7:00 Dutch Sheets speaking
National Covenant Affirmation
Special Commissioning

About Revolution 2017
In 2007, Jill Austin prophesied to Jon and Jolene about a “Second Continental Congress,” a gathering of revolutionary leaders who will direct the nation into God’s intended destiny. Our yearly Revolution gatherings carry this focus. 

Revolution 2017 is the fifth yearly gathering flowing from a collaboration between ministry leaders Jon and Jolene Hamill, Abby Abildness and Jamie Fitt towards this end. And it has been astonishing to see Washington DC and the nation shift in concert with these gatherings of Christ’s ekklesia. We anticipate the same as we join together this Hanukkah!

We are so excited to host Revolution this year at the new Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. This institution in many ways represents America’s “Ark of the Covenant,” and we are honored to be invited to hold a conference here within a month of its opening.

Hanukkah is also known as the Feast of Dedication. Lets come to Washington DC first to dedicate ourselves to Jesus Christ! Lets celebrate the Museum’s dedication to Him. Finally, lets celebrate America’s covenantal consecration to the Lord! 

Because a midnight cry is now being issued. Behold the Bridegroom. Awaken to His voice. Rise up, light your lamps, and lets meet Him under His bridal canopy! 

Partnering Ministries—Information
Abby Abildness, Healing Tree International, Hershey PA

Jamie Fitt, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, Philadelphia PA.

Jon and Jolene Hamill, Lamplighter Ministries, Washington DC. | |