TONIGHT—REVOLUTION 2015! With Chuck Pierce, James Goll, others. Receive fresh fire this Hanukkah! To register click here. 


While we’ve been in Israel, Abby Abildness and her team has been doing a fantastic job making preparations for the conference. These gatherings are so key. Below is our final schedule. Join us if you can, and please keep these gatherings in prayer!

Jolene and I start things off tonight. Time to light the fire! Chuck Pierce joins Thursday evening. James Goll ministers Friday evening and Saturday during the day.

All evening meetings and the Saturday meeting are at Life Center Harrisburg. Day sessions are at Grace UMC Harrisburg, right across from the Pennsylvania Capitol.

Why there? We are standing for governmental breakthrough in the revolutionary state where our government was first framed. There is no better place to convene a “Second Continental Congress” than the Capitol of PA. Yes!

Love it when a plan comes together…

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE—Subject to Holy Spirit’s leading!

Wed Dec 9

7 PM  Jon & Jolene Hamill @ Life Center


Thurs Dec 10

10 AM-12 PM   Morning Session-Grace United Methodist

Philadelphia Tabernacle of David (PTOD)
with Jamie Fitt, Fire & Fragrance

9 AM           * Sacred Capitol Tour

Meet Abby in the Capitol Rotunda

10 AM            *Sacred Capitol Tour

Meet Abby in the Capitol Rotunda

11 AM            *Sacred Capitol Tour

Meet Abby in the Capitol Rotunda

12-2 PM      Lunch Break

2-4 PM        Afternoon Session-Grace United Methodist

Philadelphia Tabernacle of David/Jamie Fitt &
PA Prayer Network

4-7 PM       Dinner Break

7 PM          Chuck Pierce @ Life Center



Fri Dec 11

10 AM-12   Morning Session-Grace United Methodist

PTOD/Jamie Fitt

Abby Abildness: PAPN Keystone Prayer Leaders

12-2 PM     Lunch Break

2-4 PM      Afternoon Session-Grace United Methodist

Revolution Team: 13 Colonies Reformation

4-7 PM      Dinner Break

7 PM         James Goll @ Life Center


Sat Dec 12

9 AM-12  Morning Session-Life Center

Charles Stock, James Goll

12-1 PM    Lunch Break

1-3 PM      Afternoon Session-Life Center

Jon Hamill

3-6 PM      Dinner Break

6 PM         Festival of Lights Open House-Londonderry Inn

Featuring James Goll


*Sacred Capitol Tour

Abby Abildness will share about the Biblical quotations & artwork on the walls of the Pennsylvania Capitol building depicting William Penn’s historical vision for the destiny of Pennsylvania to be a  Holy Seed of a Nation and a precedent to the nations for world peace and unity.

Life Center  411 S. 40th Street  Harrisburg
Grace United Methodist  216 State Street  Harrisburg
Londonderry Inn  2764 Horseshoe Pike  Campbelltown/Palmyra


Thursday & Friday

Leaving Life Center @ 9:15 AM

Drop off at Grace United Methodist

Returning to Life Center at the end of the Afternoon Sessions

$3/person per day