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Take time to pray for your sons and daughters. Lets see a generation return to Jesus. LET MY CHILDREN GO!

with Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, Jon & Jolene
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DEAR TURNAROUND CATALYSTS,FIRST—take time now to pray for your sons and daughters. Together we are laying the foundations for a generation to return to Jesus… even as campus revivals are now beginning to break out! Be sure to join us for the Turnaround Tuesday broadcast.

Many of you have heard about Bob Jones’ prophesy from the early 1980s. A Super Bowl win for the KC Chiefs will be a signpost that revival is now at hand. 

During Sid Roth’s program “It’s Supernatural,” I prophesied about a move of awakening and revival coming in this season. I shared that a key aspect of this new move would be the restoration of holy conviction. THIS WAS ALL IN CONTEXT WITH OUR CHILDREN COMING TO JESUS.

From the reports I’m hearing, IT’S HAPPENING! This past week brought Holy Spirit breakouts at Asbury College and other campuses. With a 40 year-old prophecy about revival coming when the KC Chiefs Super Bowl.

Ooooh there is so much to this! But what does it all mean? How can you engage? What’s in it for you?

Good questions. Join us tomorrow for answers… and lets experience revival fire together even as we contend for our sons and daughters. NO KING BUT JESUS!