IT’S TIME—MINNESOTA REVIVAL! Strong move of the Spirit at the Josiah Center brought powerful services last week. Jon and Jolene both ministering. Please watch and enjoy!
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“In the dream I am a part of POTUS security team. POTUS is on the move headed towards the capital. POTUS is riding an extremely fast motorbike. There is a urgency felt among all.  Along the way a group is trying to stop him. At every turn at every intercession they are setting barricades / barriers in an attempt to keep him from getting to his destination. They come very close but POTUS always out-maneuvers them.  Just when they think they have him he find a way to avoid their attempts to entrap him.”

This text came in yesterday morning from Pastor Jamie Jackson of Brunswick GA. The President of the United States bustin’ a “Bourne Supremacy” move on a motorcycle. Hopefully he was wearing a helmet. My first thought was WHAT THE HECK?

Remember I received this text yesterday morning. Later yesterday afternoon it was announced that President Trump was dodging a myriad of pitfalls from opponents of the border wall—by declaring a national emergency. 

At the same time news was breaking that high-ranking officials within the DOJ and FBI had been covertly colluding to remove Trump from office. Meanwhile the Senate Intelligence Committee announced that after two years they could find no Russian collusion. At the same time POTUS was hosting a special conference call declaring his resolve, and the resolve of the administration, to stand for LIFE. 

And at the same time, Vice President Pence was warning against a second holocaust from Iran—during the Warsaw ministerial with Arab nations, Israel, and European nations. 

You get the picture. 

You are God’s “Secret Service” in Prayer!
Jamie’s dream was clearly real-time revelation from God’s heart. As a “security team” in the Spirit, we need to keep pace with this blond-haired 71 year old firebrand weaving through traffic while out-maneuvering sophisticated barricades instantaneously erected by extraordinary opposition, both seen and unseen. 

Have a good day. Explains my life. I need a vacation just thinking about it.

“In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed…” Remember, as Jolene especially has shared, we are in a season defined by Daniel 10. A kairos window to seek understanding! Jamie’s dream is just one example of key, real-time revelation many are receiving right now—connected to breakthrough, even in government. 

That said, we all need to keep watch as God’s “Secret Service Team” in prayer.

Gaining Understanding—Kelsey’s Dream
A recent dream by Missouri leader Kelsey Bohlender highlighted this. On a private prayer call this week, Kelsey shared her dream. Then Pastor Chris Mitchell Jr. of Virginia Beach gave what could only be described as a revelatory interpretation—with extraordinary additions. 

To me these revelatory expressions are among the most important I know of to convey understanding God’s invitation in this season. Note that I do not say this lightly. I am sharing them with you out of deep appreciation and respect for these friends and for each of you as we take this journey together. 

Kelsey’s dream, in her own words:
The night of 2-12-19, I dreamed that I and a group of praying friends were standing with Israel, wearing white lace “eternity scarves” and purple ribbon around our necks. The Lord had shown us that we didn’t understand the meaning of the scarves or the ribbon, and we didn’t have understanding of what it meant to stand with Israel.  We were committed to Israel, and committed to wearing the scarves and ribbon.  But the Lord said we had to get understanding.   We had to go get understanding so we would know why we were standing with Israel. 

The command to get understanding reminds me of when the angel Gabriel implored Daniel to “consider the matter and understand the vision” (Daniel 9:23). Again in Daniel 10:12, Gabriel is sent when Daniel set his heart to GET UNDERSTANDING.  We are in an hour of human history when the body of Christ  must GET UNDERSTANDING. In the coming days, the wise will have understanding (Daniel 12:10) and do great exploits for God (Daniel 11:32).

Israel is close to all of our hearts. And it really struck me (Jon) that we don’t have the fullness of revelatory understanding necessary to stand for Israel or to pray in this hour! Lets all press into this.

On the call we were seeking the Lord about the meaning of the white eternity scarf and the purple ribbon. The Lord quickened to me about the clean turban put on Joshua’s head as recorded in Zechariah 3. A head covering from Holy Spirit both to protect our minds and infuse the mind of Christ into our human spirits. Fresh vision!

That’s when I heard a chuckle on the call, which I recognized immediately. Chris Mitchell, you got something on this?

Revelation Declassified!
Here’s a synopsis written by Chris Mitchell from what he shared:
A few weeks ago as I sat down to spend time in His word, The Lord spoke to me and said “You know too much”.  He then instructed me to put away my Bible, which I have used for the past 12 years and take out a new one I had recently purchased.  The older one was filled with notes, and rich revelation accumulated over many seasons.  He then said to me, I cannot teach you because you take what I am saying now and try to fit it into the framework of what you “know”.  Until you set aside what you know now, you cannot know what is now being made known! I HAVE DECLASSIFIED HIDDEN THINGS FOR THIS SEASON THAT HAVE BEEN SEALED UNTIL NOW.  

As I shared this on a recent call, my friend Kelsey Bohlender connected this to Daniel 12:9-10:

And he said, “Go [your way], Daniel, for the words [are] closed up and sealed till the time of the end. “Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.

Jon recently prophesied at the Josiah Center in St. Paul, MN that the Lord is now releasing a “Tribal Blend” of New Wine that encompasses both Judah and Issachar. The prerequisite for new wine is A NEW WINESKIN. As the Lord pours out this new vintage that includes the Issachar anointing for this hour, we must make room to receive it.  Revelation specific to this time in History HAS BEEN DECLASSIFIED. Heaven has authorized the download of these previously hidden things. Lets posture ourselves to receive it! 

Jon here again. Do you understand the weight of what has just been shared? Trust me, you don’t. Lets ask Jesus to help us strip off the darkened garments of all we thought we knew. Put on that clean, sparkling mantle and GAIN FRESH UNDERSTANDING!