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TWENTY YEARS AGO THIS SEPTEMBER 11, TERRORISTS based in Afghanistan hijacked planes and flew them into the epicenters of America’s commerce, military and government. NYC’s World Trade Center collapsed. The western wall of the Pentagon exploded. Almost 3,000 Americans died. And the world forever changed. 

As we race towards the 20th anniversary of September 11, we again face extraordinary challenges to America’s freedom. In His kindness the Lord is alerting us to the overcoming posture He desires for us as we enter this new season. 

America’s Western Wall
Jolene and I returned last night to our nation’s Capitol right as a powerful thunderstorm began to strike. After sitting on the runway for almost an hour, we finally arrived home to our watchman’s perch just after 2am. 

Maybe not coincidentally, I awoke this morning with a sense of urgency. An unusual word from the Lord was on my lips. Holy Spirit “flashed” to me how the western wall of the Pentagon, hit by the 9-11 terrorists, was akin to America’s “Western Wall.” I further saw how, just as the east coast represents the geographic “east gate” of our nation, the entire west coast can also represent America’s “western wall.” 

This revelation was accompanied by an unsettling sense that our enemies are targeting America’s western walls to strike the nation once again. At the same time the Lord is calling you and me to return to your watch on the wall. It’s time to RETURN, WATCH AND ENGAGE!

Back in 2012, Jolene prophesied a warning about a “second 9-11”  being planned. The warning proved true with the raid on Benghazi on 9-11-12. This clearly showed us how America’s enemies seek to perpetuate their sabotage on or around this very date. 

In the natural, threats abound. For instance, the window to prevent Iran, the world’s most ruthless terror nation, from gaining a nuclear weapon is now estimated to be less than 10 weeks. And in Afghanistan, the nation from which the 9-11 terrorists launched, city after city is succumbing to the Taliban. America will either continue withdrawing and fully cede the land or become re-engaged in a full-on war. 

A Window has Opened for Covenantal Turnaround
Here’s some good news. As of 08-08, the first day of Elul, a clear window has opened for covenantal turnaround. Not a coincidence that 08-08 marked the beginning of 40 days of “teshuvah” prayer.

The Lord began to speak to me about this watch while Jolene and I were in San Diego. The city is the west coast headquarters for both the Navy’s Pacific fleet as well as the Navy Seals. During our stay I began to sense that San Diego was being targeted for an attack. 

The Lord emphasized the necessity of covenant restoration to see His hand move in both protection and deliverance during a coming season of conflict. Together we received this gift of covenant restoration, coast to coast. Now He is aligning us for victory! 

A Time of War—Yesterday’s prophecy by Chuck Pierce
Just yesterday, Chuck Pierce shared a very similar warning regarding a coming war. He actually prophesied that we are at the “Crossroad of crossroads,” and what we do in this season sets the course for our nation’s future. “In the next 40 days I have to have my armies reconnected, the armies of heaven with the armies of the earth.” 

Chuck went on to call for renewed strength for the intercessors. We echo this call. Please consider this as confirmation. Return, watch and engage!

Next Phase of Glory Train—He Judges and Makes War
This watch actually transitions us into the next phase of the Glory Train movement. Remember we began with a clear directive to align with Jesus in His warrior stance over the nation. 

“The Lord is marching forth like a warrior, He is rousing His zeal like a man of war! And he will utterly prevail against His enemies…” (Isaiah 42:13). The same God who renders a verdict of justice in our favor is now making war to uphold and enforce His verdict! (Rev. 19:11).

Restore the Watch, Restore Your Vision
For many, challenging circumstances through the past year have quenched our vision for the future. Even friends within the Lamplighter family have stepped away from their watch. We understand. As Gideon inquired before the angel of the Lord, “If the Lord is really with us then why is all this happening?”

That’s a good question. And as with Gideon it might take time for the answer to become clear. But your resolve is needed now. 

Let the word of the Lord to Gideon resound to you. The Lord is with you, mighty warrior! Jesus has initiated a pathway of recovery, including the release of the angelic hosts to take their place by your side. He is summoning you. Please take this time to enter into your watch again. RETURN, WATCH AND ENGAGE!