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GOD CALLS THE END FROM THE BEGINNING. A week ago, on 08-08-2019, I shared a significant compilation of verdicts I perceived the Lord granting from Heaven’s Court. These verdicts were all declared and released during the Glory Train journey through the northeast. 

And they all centered on the Vindication of the Bride of Christ in America—awakened and delivered from the abuse and accusations intended to keep her wounded, confined, marginalized, bereft of her authority, her offspring and her inheritance. With Haman exposed and restrained, and Esther released into her new season. The text of the verdict is below.

That said, on Saturday it was stunning to see a prototype of a “Haman” personality literally succumb to his own noose. Over decades and across continents Jeffrey Epstein made it his calling to abuse various expressions of God’s covenant bride, and her offspring. A horrendous occult altar on his private island made clear whom he was serving. 

When a hurricane blew the golden dome off of this altar, maybe he should have taken it as a sign. Exposure was decreed. The lid is coming off of his activities! 

Make no mistake, I certainly believe there’s more to the story of Jeffrey Epstein’s death than a highly improbable suicide. As President Trump noted, the highest levels of authority on a global basis, possibly including Bill and Hillary Clinton, were extremely threatened by his knowledge of their complicit, hidden actions in trafficking young girls.   

All of which makes me grateful once more that the Clintons were denied the opportunity to again lead the United States in the presidency. Just imagine the reproach our nation could have suffered. THANK YOU JESUS!

That said, to those who thought that snuffing out Epstein’s life would continue to cover over their injustice, you have succumbed to your own lie. Your covenant with death has been annulled, your pact with hell to cover over your atrocities shall not stand (Isaiah 28). Your true Judge knows everything, and His redemptive exposure has been decreed before your act was committed. God’s covenant prevails.

Return to Court! Susanna’s Justice Turnaround (Feb. 4)
In an astounding way, “Susanna” has emerged as a strong prototype of the Bride of Christ. To better understand this, lets rehearse some background on Susanna and the Bride’s vindication. On February 4, 2019 I wrote a brief posting on a dream the Lord gave me featuring “Susanna.” The posting was written in context with prophetic perceptions on the Patriots winning against the Rams. I saw the victory as a sign that the little horn pictured in Daniel 7:21-22 was again defeated by the Patriots. And the Lord made clear we needed to return to the Womb of the Revolution, Faneuil Hall. It was time to return to court!

From the February 4 posting: 

This morning I had a dream of greeting two “Susannas” with whom Jolene and I are friends—our friend Sue from Frederick, and our friend Shoshona from Jerusalem. I was actually in Jerusalem in the dream. When I awakened, I began to pray about the dream and about the Patriots’ win. Seeking understanding! 

“Daniel 13” was the immediate reply. This was a bit of a stretch for me. I knew my Bible enough to know Daniel only has 12 chapters. But still I checked it out. 

Thank God for Google! Turns out that Daniel 13 is a reality. At least in the Apocrypha, a compilation of sacred writings included as canon by Catholics. I want to make clear that by no means do I hold the books of the Apocrypha to be of the same value as canon of scripture in the Bible. But they do carry significance. Apparently the Apocrypha adds two additional chapters to the Book of Daniel. 

And Daniel 13 is about a beautiful woman named Susanna. The short version of the long story is that two evil justices attempted to abuse Susanna sexually. She screamed and people came running. To protect themselves, the very judges seeking to abuse Susanna accused her falsely and set her up to be killed. In a courtroom hearing where they presided over her verdict!

Thank God a higher Court intervened. Daniel 13 says that Susanna cried out to the Lord. Whereupon the Lord HEARD HER CRY. 

Exact words. Remember Exodus 2:24. The Lord brought their groanings before a Courtroom hearing. And He rendered judgement.

God HEARD Susanna’s cry! That’s when a very young Daniel was provoked to stand up for this representation of God’s bride. Daniel then exclaimed, “Return to court, for these men have given false evidence against her!” 

Return to Court!
Beloved, false accusations have been perpetuated to put many leaders, and even the destiny of our nation, at severe risk. Oftentimes, the very people guilty of abuse are the ones accusing the innocent! I prophesied to you THIS TIME LAST YEAR, almost to the day, that God was unleashing the next phase of His Daniel 7:22 turnaround verdict—judgement in favor of the saints. To read the posting from January 29, 2018 CLICK HERE.

God is now saying to us, RETURN TO HEAVEN’S COURT. We together with many others are being summoned to establish a new way forward for our nation, seeing our Nation’s founding covenants with Christ upheld and established in our day. Even through 2020, the 400th anniversary of our covenant with God in the land of Patriots and Pilgrims through the Mayflower Compact. Without going into detail, this return will even involve a 13 Colonies Glory Train journey similar to the 2014 journey—when we received the Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict.

Daniel is again speaking to us. His Bride shall be vindicated. And the cause of the saints shall be upheld. RETURN TO COURT!

Faneuil Hall—Jacob Nation Becomes Israel
On 7-22, 2019 we obeyed this call. Five years after the original “Turnaround Verdict” was released at Faneuil Hall, in the land of the Patriots, we returned to Court. 

Faneuil Hall—Phanuel Hall—Face of God Hall. From the very beginning our greatest hopes were met. Worship ushered us before the face of God. His verdicts were rendered and decreed, especially regarding the Bride’s vindication. Verdict rendered. Susanna prevails over her accusers! 

Then in the evening Chuck Pierce spoke about Jacob prevailing at Phanuel. Dutch Sheets reminded us that it was at Phanuel, as a reward for prevailing, Jacob became Israel. A nation in covenant with God!  In an astounding way, Jacob or Israel emerged as a prototype of our Nation. 

Confirmation—A Little Story About Jake and Sue
Jacob and Susanna. God has been using the imagery of these two biblical characters to convey the potential for our nation as we realign with God’s heart and covenant. 

And in an astonishing way, He used Jacob and Susanna to bring extraordinary confirmation to us. I cannot go into detail on this right now due to the personal nature of what I am about to share. But while in Lancaster PA, a beautiful young couple approached us and asked to renew their wedding vows. In a mikveh baptism service. 

This was a first. In a place God clearly spoke of His intentions to marry the land! If that weren’t enough, their names were Jake and Sue. Jacob and Susanna. 

Jake and Sue’s renewal vows were so tender that we all got baptized. Our eyes at least. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And the presence and power of God was so strong! 

Since their baptism renewal Jake and Sue have been very kind to us, telling us how much this time meant to them personally. But they had no idea how much this moment meant to us. Through Jake and Sue—Jacob and Susanna—God confirmed to us as only He can that He is summoning our nation to cleansing and covenant renewal to secure His blessing, and His bride’s vindication. 

Very simply, you can’t make this stuff up!

Verdict from Heaven’s Court
Again, today I felt it important to rehearse this background with you to give both context and confirmation to the verdict below. We released the verdict one week ago, on 08-08-2019. I believe it also gives context to our continuing Glory Train journey.

08-08 Verdict—The Bride’s Vindication
As of 08-08-08 the seal of the Bride is establishing the verdict from Heaven’s Court for this hour. Here are eight aspects of the verdict for our time.

  1. It has been decided that God’s marriage covenant with the land and people, initiated on 11-11-1620 and upheld through many generations, repaired and validated in 2011 through the National Divorcement of Baal and Declaration of Covenant as required by Heaven’s Court, remains in right standing before the Throne. The restraining order originally issued shall also continue to be enforced. As of 7-22, 2019, grace and authority has hereby been granted to complete the turnaround initiated by this Court on 7-22, 2014.

  2. According to the promise of this Court, and the ceaseless pleas of a faithful remnant of believers in this nation, the governmental Glory of God is hereby restored. A Third Great Awakening is hereby covenantally and governmentally released (ref: John 11:11).

  3. All Covenants with death and hell, intended to hold the Bride of Christ in spiritual slumber, confinement, subjugation and disrespect, have been rendered annulled by verdict of Heaven’s Court. By decree of Heaven’s Court, the spiritual and natural boundaries established by the enemy shall no longer restrict or restrain the people of God from the LIFE and influence ordained for them by their Father in this land. The Bride is hereby ushered across the threshold into her promised season of “intimacy with God, abundance from His hand, and the best wine saved for last.”

  4. Both the Bride and her offspring are entitled to a full reconstitution of life, liberty, influence, prosperity, and of covenant destiny, now and generationally, joined to the Bridegroom. You shall no longer be termed forsaken, nor shall your land any more be termed desolate. But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah, for the Lord delights in you, and to Him your land shall be married (ref: Isaiah 62).

  5. The Court of Heaven has decided in favor of the Bride of Christ in America and against the judges and elders who have relentlessly accused her. Upon reviewing the Bride’s petition, the Court cites as precedent its verdict in favor of Susanna or Shoshana as recorded in Daniel 13 from the Apocrypha version of the Bible. The Court finds that the judges and elders who sought to discredit her faithfulness to the Bridegroom were themselves seeking to violate both her and her offspring, leveraging their accusations against her to force her to comply with their abuse and acquiesce to the plunder of her life and property. The exposure of these corrupt judges and elders across the spectrum of American life, government and culture has thus been decreed. Justice, including punishment for the guilty and restitution to the Bride regarding her life, offspring, property, reputation, destiny and inheritance, has thus been decreed.

  6. This Court notes that since its inception, the nation of America has borne a striking resemblance to the Biblical forefather Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. As with Jacob at Phanuel, both discipline and blessing have served as training for the nation to recover its promised stature before God and man, and perpetuate generationally the promised covenant with God. The Court notes that the people of God responded wholeheartedly to the Father’s invitation to cross this threshold at Faneuil Hall on 7-22 as a final step to become transformed as a new Israel, a Nation in covenant with God. Verdict granted!

  7. Judgement is thus rendered in favor of the covenant people of God, restraining the enemy, the saints to possess the Kingdom (Daniel 7:22). The Angelic hosts of the Lord Jesus Christ stand ready to partner with the people of God for the enforcement of the completion of His turnaround verdict.

  8. As with Esther, to perpetuate this verdict to complete the turnaround, as of 08-08-2019 a new level governmental authority has hereby been bestowed upon the Bride of Christ in America, granting the King’s authority against the “Haman-like” accusers who have sought to defraud her of her inheritance, sabotage her influence, and eradicate her posterity. From Esther 8:8—Now you write the decree as you see fit, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king’s signet ring may not be revoked. NO KING BUT JESUS.