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America is in great turmoil today over executive orders made by President Donald Trump. I want to make two things clear. First, Donald Trump has a mandate from the Lord Himself to restore homeland security to our nation. This was shown to me by the Lord in a prophetic dream below.

Secondly, our 45th President needs your continued vigilance in intercession. Standing for Trump, and all the while standing for America’s freedom to be preserved and perpetuated through this season. Refusing to tolerate either prejudice or lawlessness.

“Making America great again” truly depends on restoring our gatekeeping authority as a means to counter both of these threats. Shutting the gates of sabotage while protecting the Constitutional liberties that define us as Americans.

Rebuild the Walls! Nehemiah 2:17 for 2017
Before I share the prophetic dream, lets draw from a biblical example of the restoration of homeland security. You remember Nehemiah’s quest. Extraordinary controversy surrounded the prophet as he pursued rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah walked the city by night, diligently evaluating the breaches in the wall and the gates that needed restored. What he discovered grieved him to the core. The city of God dwelt in ceaseless instability, vulnerable to attack from without and sabotage from within.

“You see the distress we are in,” declared Nehemiah. “Jerusalem is desolate and its gates are burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem that we may no longer be a reproach” (Nehemiah 2:17).

Controversy and Conspiracy
Just as with today, the efforts of Nehemiah to restore homeland security were met with ceaseless resistance. Tobias and Sanballat attempted to stir all the people of the region against him. “Now it came about when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites heard that the repair of the walls of Jerusalem went on, and that the breaches began to be closed, they were very angry. And all of them conspired together to come and FIGHT AGAINST JERUSALEM AND CAUSE A DISTURBANCE IN IT” (Nehemiah 4:8).

But their resistance did not deter Nehemiah. As God was speaking then, He is speaking in His kindness now to America. It’s time to rebuild your walls! Nehemiah 2:17 is a clear mandate from the Lord beginning in 2017.

Violated Boundaries
Through a relentless pursuit of a borderless globalism this past decade, lawlessness has eroded the very boundaries meant to protect our freedoms. The moral boundaries of our Judeo-Christian foundations have been intentionally marginalized. And the laws governing the geographic boundaries of our land have remained unenforced.

On an international level, these same leaders allowed Iraq and Syria to succumb to the ravages of violence and atrocity not seen in the earth since the days of Hitler. As a result, more than 90,000 Christians were martyred this past year, primarily in the Mideast. The targeted “ethnic cleansing” of Christians from the Mideast has  been perhaps the greatest travesty. Yet sadly, until Trump’s presidency, Christians have been largely denied the opportunity to emigrate to the United States, with immigration policy allegedly favoring Muslims.

The simple fact remains that our borders have been compromised by men and women who seek not only our destruction, but the destruction of the western world. Think Paris, Brussels, or Berlin. They are by far the minority. But many immigrants from Syria, Iraq, etc. are shouting the loudest warnings. Why? They chose to emigrate here specifically escape the living hell that came from this violent extremism. They are compelling us to take the threats of radical Islamist jihadism seriously!

I have to emphasize again we must resolve never give in to prejudice. But this same resolve must carry through regarding those who embrace lawlessness as their law. Very simply, our violated boundaries internally and externally must be rebuilt.

2017—2020: A Time to Watch and Build
When Sanballat and Tobiah resisted the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls, Nehemiah’s response was hauntingly firm. “The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we His servants will arise and build. But you have no portion, right or memorial in Jerusalem!” (Nehemiah 2:20).

It’s important to understand Nehemiah received a mandate not only from God, but from the governing authority of the region to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls. He was an envoy of the King. He was operating lawfully within his jurisdiction. Nehemiah’s rebuke directly countered the lawless response to the King’s own mandate for Jerusalem.

That’s when Sanballat and Tobiah recruited an international confederation to resist him—even through war.

In Nehemiah’s day, the first to respond to rebuilding the walls were the priests. As kings and priests of the Lord today, we must do the same. We must continue watching with the Lord, protecting and defending our spheres through prayer. But it is now time to give ourselves to the next phase of this move. It’s time to build while keeping watch.

This is going to take a while. Prophetically, I feel that Nehemiah 2:17 through 2:20 is an assignment from 2017 through 2020. Again, it’s a time to build while keeping watch. Competently. This is a primary assignment as we move forward in seeing the freedoms entrusted to our land secured.

The Dream—Donald Trump Restoring Homeland Security
That said, here’s the dream. Note that I received this dream just over a year ago, the morning of January 5, 2016. It’s fascinating in retrospect, because there are details in the dream that make much more sense today. I have kept it verbatim from the original posting.

In the dream I was working at my former job as a contractor at the National Emergency Training Center. For five years, I served as a graphic designer and photographer there for the Department of Homeland Security/ FEMA.

And in the dream, it was Christmas-time, and Donald Trump had just won the contract for the center.

Trump came into the office with a few of his colleagues and looked around. The senior employees, including me, were acknowledged but not spoken to. I honestly felt insulted.

Insulted by Donald Trump. Imagine that. This dream does have some authenticity.

Donald Trump, the new contract manager, then took my son Jonathan and went to another wing of the building. Jonathan never worked at the training center, but in the dream he was a newcomer to the contract. The next generation.

I watched through a window as Trump and my son worked to renovate offices that were once occupied by great employees, but now were held by very lazy people. One of them was even tied to the occult.

When Trump came back through, he again spoke nothing. I reached out to him and said, “You must restore Christmas!” He just looked at me, almost amused, and nodded. My son, following behind, replied “Dad, that’s just what we’ve been doing over there.”

As we were talking, former colleagues began to come back through the doors. One was a bright, big-spirited African American woman. All the other employees greeted her with a sign by raising their elbows in the air. She raised hers in response, then stretched out her arms and locked her hands together as if in prayer. She was beaming as she was welcomed back to the job she was forced out of!

As she and others began to come back through the doors, I realized in the dream that Donald Trump was actually cleaning out government offices and re-hiring excellent former employees that had been unfairly treated in previous seasons, primarily for their faith.

Then I woke up. Let me share a few brief points, then I’ll leave the interpretation up to you.

Homeland Security Top Priority
The dream by no means openly conveyed that Donald Trump had become President. Specifically in the dream, Trump had won a contract for the Department of Homeland Security.

What is God saying? I believe a firm stand regarding the security of our homeland is essential to appeal to America’s voters, whatever the party. The security of our homeland is top priority.

Is this good or bad? Both. I do believe it was prophetic that the location for the contract was the “National Emergency Training Center.” Because we are in a season of training, where competencies and strategies are being refined to better answer the real-life challenges ahead.

Storms are brewing that threaten not only our nation but the entire western world. And previous training has uncovered a terrible potential. If we’re not careful, the quest for the security of our homeland could become the primary force that pushes us into dictatorship.

As Benjamin Franklin noted, “He who sacrifices freedom for security DESERVES NEITHER.” It’s time to find the balance.

You’re HIRED!
The dream also conveyed how many capable and industrious workers have been treated wrongfully, recently especially, for their embrace of Jesus Christ. The majority of believers I connected with during my time in government contracting were African American. They were very simply the strongest intercessors in their spheres.

I believe we’re going to see a resurgence of devoted believers, competent above their peers like Daniel, returning to government offices. They’re going to pass the tests that even the Donald Trumps of this world demand. Promotions that have been withheld will be released. YOU’RE HIRED!

You Must Restore Christmas
“You Must Restore Christmas!” There are many meanings within this simple statement. First in my heart is a statement from the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. When leaders become gateways for the enemy, the result is that it’s “always winter, and never Christmas.” In this respect especially, beloved it’s time for Christmas to be restored!

I also believe God is compelling all Christians to actually give themselves to restoring Christmas as a celebration that again attracts the world to Jesus. From Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!

Pray Through the Coming Shift
The final point I want to make is that by Christmas next year, a new President will have been elected. A new President will be focused on building a new team for a new government.

And it’s our job to pray NOW for this coming shift. First that it will fully occur. Secondly that the seats of authority from the President down will be filled with men and women of great capability and unyielding faith. Because that’s exactly what it will take to access the opportunities and overcome the challenges we are faced with.

Re-constitution. Turnaround. No King but Jesus!